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  1. Well. 1000 posts. I consider that quite a large achievement :P
    Also kind of fitting that I hit it EXACTLY 6 months after I registered on Doomworld.

    I have to say, when I registered on Doomworld, I didn't think I'd be standing in as a project leader for a highly anticipated [citation needed] megawad. Hopefully I can get my next 2 maps for that project done before my 2000th post :P

    I wonder what the next 6 months will bring...I'd like to think I can get a few standalone Erismaps released. I don't think they are THAT bad :P

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    2. Netherstorm


      Pretty nice man, I joined a few months before you and I have -897 posts of yours...heh.

    3. Chopkinsca


      Soon you'll have more posts than me, and I joined long ago.

    4. Danarchy


      Post counts are for faggots.