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  1. 6½ hours of the usual boring stuff, 6½ of fun that involves mostly pissing around doing sod all.

    My school are holding their annual spring concert. This is the first performance to a large audience since June last year. Myself and two others will be playing an instrumental version of Dragonforce's "Seasons". I played this on bass for part of my GCSE exam actually, which I'm still yet to receive the results for.

    The original plan was that we were going to play and improved (based on Jimmy's feedback) version ofAcross the Lands of Hope, a piano and acoustic guitar duet.

    I have to say, after practising the piano part which I overhauled a fair bit all of last week, I am slightly irked by the fact that they've changed our song 48 hours in advance. Ah well, I've been through more irritating things with playing at the school.

    A better band name would've been appreciated too. Tristan Clark and his Band sounds a bit too jazzy to me.

    1. DoomUK
    2. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      Went ok. Hopefully I can get hold of the footage.

      What didn't go OK is that this morning I was told 10 minutes in advance we were doing it again to a different audience. Didn't have my bass with me, and had never practised the song on a 4-string bass. Because of the drop D tuning needed for 4-string and the complexity of the song, it makes a hell of a lot of difference.

      Turns out this wasn't the problem. I didn't have my lead with me either, so I had to borrow one. It was dying throughout the performance. When it got to the bass solo in the middle, I started playing, lost the sound, and stopped trying. I felt a huge facepalm at the end was in order :P
      Still..beats outdoor PE in freezing temperatures.

    3. DoomUK


      Eris Falling said:

      Still..beats outdoor PE in freezing temperatures.

      History's cruelest methods of torture pale in comparison to the abject suffering inflicted with outdoor PE - nay, PE in any sense of the term. My feelings on this haven't dissolved since leaving school 15 years ago.

      Anyway, sounds like it wasn't your fault that it didn't go remarkably well. Better luck next time.