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  1. Dunno why, but there's something about this that amuses me. Perhaps it's because the initial message is (comparatively) long and formal, and the response consists of 2 characters.

    I must thank you JL, for making me smile :P

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    2. durian


      Sigvatr said:

      You are one of the few people who doesn't think I'm crazy, I think. I believe most people think that I am insane simply because my behaviour
      and dialogue is confusing, but I can with complete certainty say that every action and decision I make is purposeful. Even eating my own cum on the internet.

      Quite possibly the funniest thing I'll read today.

    3. DoomUK


      Obsidian said:

      gggmork, is that you?

      Sigvatr's garrulous rumination is in no way in need of trammeling, unlike gggmork's magniloquently deranged pontifications, which he would do well to obstrigillate.

    4. 40oz


      close the thesaurus.com tab.