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  1. With its Intel HD(!!11) Integrated Graphics and the 2.4GHz (read: MHz) dual-core processor, it's safe to say I never liked this laptop. Even when I installed my drivers - invalidating my complaints about the OpenGL support to an extent - I'd suffer framerate slowdowns on pretty much any game post-2000. Sure I could've cleaned it out more often to avoid the high temperatures that came with that, but last time I did that it was back to over 80C within a week...

    For some reason the constant chugging of framerate today pissed me off so much that I pounded it pretty hard with the side of my fist.
    Not only did this hurt my fist, it also seems to have caused some serious internal damage to the computer. I think either the hard drive or the CPU is under the bit where I smashed it. Either way, the thing refuses to turn on now. That'll teach me to be impatient...

    It's not so much the loss of such a crappy system that bothers me, rather than the inconvenience this'll cause, and the loss of files. I had backups of some stuff on a USB stick, but it hadn't been updated in quite a while. I guess it's just a relief that the most important MIDIs are still on mediafire. Also, given that I don't make WADs any more, nothing of value was lost there.

    Still, it's a huge pain in the arse. I'm writing this from another computer, which isn't going to be possible for me to use that often. Being unemployed, I doubt I can afford a new laptop soon either (like, one that doesn't suck), so unless by some miracle the coalputer decides to work again, I'm going to be absent from here for the forseeable future.

    (Usually when I say this I'm back within 24 hours, so perhaps it'll work tomorrow :P)

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    2. sheridan


      I've found the solution to all your troubles OP.

      1. get a job
      2. build a computer
      3. enjoy glorious 60fps on all the latest vidyagaymes

      Seriously, getting a hold of a good computer doesn't take much if you're willing to work even the simplest job for just a few months. If you build your own desktop you should end up with a thing you can rely on for years before you even have to upgrade it, at which point you can just lay down a few extra hundred bucks to get your PC back at the top of the line again. This is the secret best buy doesn't want you to know. Retailers hate me!

    3. Linkrulezall


      Hello there Eris, always nice to know someone else from the Pile Of Metal Shit computer club. By your description, it sounds like we've got the same processor that might have been competent back in 2009 when I first got this thing. Even though upgrading my RAM from 3GB to 8GB fixed a couple of problems, it still runs like a fat kid with asthma and shoes made of duct tape 80% if the time. I can just forget about playing any games released after 2007 (except Five Nights At Freddy's which for some reason runs perfectly. WHEEEEEEEEEE.) Sometimes it can't even keep up with my typing and slowly inputs one character at a time to try and finish a sentence that I spent 5 seconds typing.

      I have the cash for a potentially kick-ass (or at least not too terribly shitty) upgrade from a job I worked last summer, but I kinda need it in order to stop the college debt collectors from busting my kneecaps in a couple of years.

      Man, the sooner I can dump this once-competent pile of metal shit in favor of a real work horse machine the better. It seems like everyone around me has either great or at least comparatively less shit hardware on hand. Looking over and watching my friends run Dolphin at full frames while this thing chokes trying to handle some more intense SNES games is incredibly lame.

      Ya know, you'd think writing this would have made me feel at least a little better but now I just feel like a whiny asshole with no real problems after thinking about how somewhere someone's trying to wrestle a piece of meat from a vulture's beak. There are no winners.

      Wait, wasn't this thread about Eris a second ago?

    4. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      Man, the sooner I can dump this once-competent pile of metal shit in favor of a real work horse machine the better

      Pretty much my thoughts. In fact I'd go so far as to say an actual fucking horse would make for a better computer than this rotting pile of sloth defecation. Fucking thing is playing up again, and i only got it back three days ago! I think the repair guy said this could happen
      This time it's something like the entire system goes into a seconds-per-frame crawlfest, followed by win explorer shitting itself once you try to do basically anything.

      Might be able to sort this out myself - but if not I'll just look at getting a new one. Much as I'd like to get a decent powered desktop (addressing sheridans suggestion) it's not really practical at the moment sadly since there's nowhere to put it at the moment and by the end of '17 I'll have moved house twice more so there's also that to consider.

      Back to the iPod i guess. 30 minutes to make this post fucking hell.