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  1. Yup. This is honestly the best image I got.
    Of course this had to take place after I moved to university, so I didn't have my telescope with which I could get something that actually looked good.

    And in the UK, the next one isn't until 2019 >:(

    Yet still, first time I've ever seen one of these, and to watch the moon slowly turning that evil orange-red colour was pretty amazing. Beautiful even. Was anyone else lucky enough to witness this?


    1. AndrewB


      Didn't even know about it until I saw this thread. Here's mine:

    2. Technician


      I was excited to witness the event but then the fucking clouds rolled in...

    3. Peter Heinemann

      Peter Heinemann

      Regrettably, I had no sight of the moon during that special night as I was... sleeping.