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  1. I was working on an album called "The Planetarium" earlier this year, for my final college project due in May, but it won't be done on time sadly. It's on hold indefinitely now until I pick it up again some other time, but for now here are some rough mixes of the first two tracks!


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    2. Viscra Maelstrom

      Viscra Maelstrom

      good shit, man. great job on this!


      have you thought of perhaps releasing this in parts? i.e. this would be part one, Earth and Mars part 2 etc.. that might help give the project some more clear direction, feeling less overwhelming, only having to work on two tracks at once? just a thought.

    3. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      Thanks! I'm less worried about the amount of work honestly once the time restrictions are out of the way, these two were rushed because I was still trying to do everything in four months, but whenever I pick it up again I get to work at my own pace instead.

    4. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      Thanks! I'll look into making MIDI renditions when the project's finished, and the Japanese stuff is from the Earth part :)