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  1. (tired ranting) Jeez, I struggle for nearly two hours to get to sleep and what do I end up with? A nightmare within another fucking nightmare, in which I'm terrified by a doom map (custom monster), supposedly wake from that dream to a very convincing copy of my room, hallucinating said monster in here with me and having a mental breakdown in trying not to fall asleep again. Ugh.


    It's not helped by the fact I woke up for real a few times throughout, just to add to the confusion.


    Too real, not cool. I'm tired. The other maps in that WAD were cool though so that's something I guess :p

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    2. leodoom85


      OH...that monster....

      You have those morph eggs? Now's the time to use it XD

    3. SOSU


      The only time i had a nightmare with a monster i beat the shit out of it >:D

      but i hope your problem doesn't escalate to my level of being half asleep and being able to control your body like if you were underwater and hearing machinery noises but actually sleepwalking...

      confusing i know

    4. galileo31dos01


      Ophidians are funny, how do you dream them?

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