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  1. I made some speedmidis (speed = 11 + 5 hours respectively) on Friday:


    The Joy of Winter (02:46)

    The Sea of Mystery (03:03)

    1. antares031


      one of them must be for Dobu's JoM level, I guess? Ah, that arch-vile section that I won't forget... :D

    2. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      Actually I still need to make that one D: Hopefully can get some good progress on it today

    3. bzzrak


      Sea of mystery: imo the initial "build-up" silent boring as heck part is way too long, gets badass after that; although I dunno, maybe a long-ass build-up is good when actually in-game?

      joy of winter: sounds kinda cheerful and dynamic, yet epic, kind of like the music in those silly boss fights in joke/terrywads (not meant as an insult, heh)


      overall neat stuff 77/7 m4ke mo4r