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  1. Bit of a boring ramble time:

    Kinda hard to believe it was 5 years ago today that I posted my first MIDI here. Eventually last year it became the first upload on my new yt channel, but in those 5 years I've also got a good list of projects that I've written music for, as well as a bunch of standalone stuff and that Planetarium album which is progressing at snail's pace but I do think a 2019 release is doable.

    Unfortunately my writing abilities are hampered at the moment due to creative block so I can't follow this up with taking on more projects Right Now, but all the same I'd like to thank everyone who has helped me over those 5 years, anyone who has approached me for music, used my stuff in their WADs, given me compliments, advice etc etc :p It all means a lot, and special thanks to Jimmy - the MIDI packs have been invaluable, especially Plutonia since it was very early on for me and I learnt a lot whilst working on it, and also Devalaous and Megamur for TNT: Revilution, the first non-MIDI pack project I was involved with.


    Now speaking of the MIDI packs, I have something else to release today...here's the new recording of the first piece I wrote for 2016's Revolution! MIDI Pack


    MIDI | MP3

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    2. Evolution


      Are you in a band yet?

    3. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      About a year ago I was the bassist and singer in a 3-piece cover band. I wasn't so good at one of those things :D

    4. Devalaous


      Eris was too used to Doom; he was kicked out for throwing fire at people like the trollish imp he is. Please dont singe people D: