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    "no" Hey, if anyone knows if there's a YES tribute band called NO, let me know so we can post Roundabout again, thanks.
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  3. Damn, even being awake for 26 hours and not playing Doom for a whole month can't put me on the bottom :D
  4. I don't normally really care about the title track that much but that is delicious.
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  6. Eris Falling


    If I remember correctly it was @UberGewei who made this skin - it's usable in TNS sessions on ZDaemon (and yes, it uses quack-based sound effects :P)
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    Guess it's on me to post this
  8. Sure, I've got a couple in mind, but I'll wait a bit and see if someone else takes them first.
  9. I know I've done like 6 for this already but I can probably do more to fill out some slots if needed.
  10. Eris Falling

    Scroller inconsistencies >:@

    Hi! I'm a silly bastard who likes abusing conveyor belts and flinging stuff about with them. They are an underappreciated feature imo, but it's not hard to see why, when it can be difficult to get them to even behave themselves in the first place. I've always been aware that scrolling floors (line action 252) don't behave consistently between PrBoom+ and GZDoom, but the magnitude of inconsistency was quite unknown to me before today. So, what's up with this shit? Is there anything mappers can do to optimise consistency between the two ports? Here's some stuff I have questions about. 1) Speed I've been under the impression that scrollers are slower in GZDoom than in PrBoom+, though it seems that past a certain point that couldn't be any more false. Here's a test launch I whipped up: Quite simple, when you pass the red torches at the top of the ramp, you will be flung towards the target. The target's centre is 4736 units from the end of the ramp. It's a long shot, for sure, but with a long enough line to set the scroller speed, we shouldn't have a problem right? So, the scroller is 10240 long, with an angle of exactly 90°. While running forward (and only forward, not SR40 or 50), let's see where GZDoom 3.3.2 lands us. Not bad! The target has a diamater of 384 units, so to land on it at all can be considered a success. Overshooting isn't a problem, we can always put crash barriers behind it, it would be an undershoot that really blows. So, PrBoom+, I'm expecting to need those crash barriers, as it should launch me a lot further than I want. -complevel is 11, though I don't think cl 9 was any different. Ouch. Good thing I built that crash barrier, because you can barely see the target from this far away. Even shortening the line to 1024 units (10% of its original length) yields this same result. Speed limits, booooo. The same thing can be achieved in GZDoom if the "Enable Wallrunning" compatibility flag is enabled. Uh, what? This has nothing to do with wallrunning surely? 2) Direction Let's put these launchers into practice - a real map. PrBoom+ is about to ruin your day if you're doing this stuff at weird angles, and in a time where mappers like to use nothing other than weird angles, that's a bit problematic. Here you see two consecutive launches - in both cases the red torches mark the launch point, and the blue torches are the destination - you can see the 2nd set of blue torches up towards the top left, that's a pretty big jump. The first jump is roughly 150°, give or take a tiny amount depending on which point you step onto the launch platform. The scroller is dictated by two lines, both of which are apparently somewhere between 149° and 150° - drawing over them will show the latter, hovering over them to show their properties will show the former. So basically they're more or less the same angle, 1° out at most, which isn't going to be a problem at this distance. Let's see how GZDoom does. Perfect. Straight between the blue torches, coming to a rest roughly in the centre of the island. And now for PrBoom+ The X is where I wanted to land, and sometimes Pr+ will do this, but it depends on how you approach the launch pad. In the above shot, I've been launched somewhat to the right, bouncing off the torch and into the waters below. This various behaviour seems to be more consistent with a 145° vector, so PrBoom is rounding down apparently to the next lower multiple of 5°, ok. So what about the next jump - it's 214/215°. GZDoom, of course, lands on target. PrBoom+ swings off to the left, somewhat towards 220°. Ok, so now we're rounding up to the next higher multiple of 10°, make your damn mind up Boom. Another jump not pictured in earlier shots is a similar deal to my initial thing with the target, except this one has a vector of 3°. Here, the speed and direction issue start to cause trouble - not only does Pr+ land about 800 units short, it sods off to the side with a vector of about 10°, so again rounding up to the nearest 10, leaving the first launch as an outlier, surely that should've rounded up from 149.6 or whatever to 150, and so would be always on target? Any explanation as to what's going on here and if I can implement these better would be much appreciated. EDIT: Whilst using Boom (strict) compatability in GZDoom *does* fuck up the distance element as mentioned above (due to the wallrunning flag), it should be noticed that the angle stays accurate.
  11. Eris Falling

    Scroller inconsistencies >:@

    Heh, I've encountered "conveyor is too slow" in another map before, but it was ZDaemon that broke, not PrBoom+, oddly enough. In the case of what I'm doing in this thread though, I can't really put the ZDoom-derivatives at fault though, they're behaving as they should: If I point a scroller at 3°, I need it to scroll at 3°, not 10° :I I guess the ideal scenario would be for PrBoom+ to have a more complete implementation of scrolling floors, however I understand this is outside of PrBoom+'s scope. Perhaps this is something we could have one day if that new port standard ever gets anywhere, as this is really something I'd like to see ironed out, and the Z-ports are already there... Just strikes me as weird that you need those ports to get the most out of Boom features :v
  12. Eris Falling

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooly shit part 2
  13. Eris Falling

    Where is Dr. Sleep?

    Wow, I was reading his wiki page just today and wondering where he was, considering his edit to it was made eight years ago. If this is indeed sadly true that he has passed, then rest in peace John and thanks for your contributions to the Master Levels, their PSX counterparts were a staple of my childhood.
  14. Eris Falling

    What are you playing now?

    Late, but Newdoom wasn't a nationally specific forum, it became something of a rival site to Doomworld because the admin was a nutjob who started banning people who had any association with DW. The place was a tomb for several years and went offline completely 3 years ago.
  15. Eris Falling

    Doom Wiki Month in Review (Issue #5)

    WantedPages report: 3,502 - down 587 from last issue. That's a lot of damage!
  16. Eris Falling

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Hooooooooooly shit
  17. Uh oh, it's the return of terrible commentary that no one asked for! Category 2, 166 kills, probably the most agonising place to die because a little longer and the kill count could be so much more. Down to the bottom for me this month. Can I just add that I've been awake for about 26 hours. Yes this is my excuse.
  18. Eris Falling

    Most beautiful map layouts

    Hi Left-Right Top-Bottom: 32in24-14 MAP27, 32in24-7 MAP11, PRCP MAP15, PRCP MAP25, 32in24-12 MAP31, 32in24-12 MAP30, BTSX E2M26, 50 Shades of Graytall MAP15, dead.air, dead.wire, HYMN E1M7, DMP2013L MAP01
  19. Interesting twist, also I'M SO BUGGERED. I've never done well on Interstellar Sickness. Ever.
  20. Eris Falling

    Last Official Secret of Doom 2?

    Who's to say he did the secret like this intentionally?
  21. Disagree Options allowing people to disable non-gameplay related features they don't like are a great addition to a game ;)