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  1. Eris Falling

    how old were you when you started playing DOOM?

    He got into Doom at the same time as me afaik; his friend gave him his PS1 and Doom was one of the games with it, so he was already in his 70s by that point!
  2. Eris Falling

    how old were you when you started playing DOOM?

    Late reply but it was my granddad who introduced me to Doom (5, 2002 to answer the thread question). Last year he was playing Doom 2016, and last week he turned 89.
  3. Eris Falling

    Personal reaction vids; thoughts on them?

    Just wanted to r e a c t to this because I don't think it's a dying trend - try being a Nightwish fan in 2020, my recommended section has pretty much constantly had VOCAL COACH REACTS TO GHOST LOVE SCORE WACKEN 2013 for the last two years and new ones still pop up like every week (and it's always that video too, lol). I didn't realise how many 'vocal coaches' there were in the world until this :)
  4. Eris Falling

    RAVEN MIDI Pack project - An Ode to Schilder

    Bonus track :V Iron Lick (1:41)
  5. Eris Falling

    What's with the fish?

    long live fish avatars
  6. Eris Falling

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    I did this meme with fireblu and the TNT intermission last night actually :) plutonia/hitscanners is funnier though IMO
  7. Eris Falling

    1000 Line 2 CP - RC1 out now!

    It me!
  8. Eris Falling

    RAVEN MIDI Pack project - An Ode to Schilder

    Bumping with more updates, just recorded live bass for Turbulence and realised it clashes with the string ensemble at 43-44 so I've changed this on the MIDI too... [1] And The Ophidians, again bar 43, I'd straight up put the wrong chord on the choir and no one noticed, not even me. Is this jazz? [2]
  9. Eris Falling

    Which way does the chaingun rotate?

    I saw that ballerina as counter-clockwise and couldn't see how it was clockwise at all. Then I looked away and now it's clockwise, and I can't get back to counter-clockwise. Is this purgatory? Send help ASAP.
  10. I liked KDiZD. Come at me bro. Also shoutout to that video of It Only Gets Worse MAP06 that I saw back in 2009 or something; my first exposure to what ZDoom could do was that fucking buttsex machine (NSFW). At least I was 12 so of course I found it hilarious.
  11. Eris Falling

    RAVEN MIDI Pack project - An Ode to Schilder

    Nah, most if not all of us have been using the Windows synth as usual.
  12. isn't this like the third thread in 48 hours on this now? y'all need to go and make some doom levels ffs
  13. Eris Falling

    Mappers, which map of yours has the most sectors?

    Eviternity MAP29, 5064 sectors
  14. Eris Falling

    What instruments do you play?

    Bass, piano, guitar, in that order. Recently started playing the low whistle too but still very early days...
  15. Eris Falling

    How old are you ?

    turning 23 in 7 days
  16. Eris Falling

    RAVEN MIDI Pack project - An Ode to Schilder

    Very small update to The Ophidians, guess I forgot to pan the choir track :)
  17. Eris Falling

    RAVEN MIDI Pack project - An Ode to Schilder

    E4M5 Blood of the Unworthy (1:54)
  18. Eris Falling

    RAVEN MIDI Pack project - An Ode to Schilder

    Turbulence (1:45) for E5M2 edit: Just noticed the melody is almost identical to Jimmy's Ravine for E5M1! Not intentional I promise! (but funny all the same)
  19. Eris Falling

    Doomworld's lesser-known feature...

    I'm involved with a megawad project that has a team forum here. Discussions take place on Discord but maps are posted on the forums, it's a convenient way of organising map submissions and feedback, plus some people don't use Discord.
  20. Eris Falling

    Any other classical fans on Doomworld?

    I listened to pretty much nothing but classical during my early childhood, I had a bunch of CDs which were compilations of stuff, probably over 50 composers in total and covering pretty much every era, Vivaldi to John Williams. I also had Holst's The Planets and Vivaldi's Four Seasons (w/ other stuff), as well as Beethoven and Mozart discs. Some of my favourites back then... Albinoni - Adagio in Gm Bizet - Les Toreadors Mozart - Clarinet Concerto (2nd movement) Vivaldi - Flute Concerto in D (2nd movement) as well as many others.
  21. Eris Falling

    How many people's PC set up is this:

    WASD - move Space - Use (sometimes E) Q - Jump Z - crouch Mouse1 - Fire/attack Mouse2 - alt attack, though in Doom I set this to strafe for sr50 purposes Shift - run if there isn't an autorun F - pay respects
  22. Eris Falling

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Hey this looks cool and all and I get that you enjoy making this kind of stuff but my PC isn't so great for GZDoom stuff so please stop making maps like this. Thanks.
  23. Those health values seem rather high.
  24. Eris Falling

    MAYhem: 2020 Edition - Beta 1.3 is live!

    mayhem 2020: lo-fi beats to rip and tear to