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  1. Eris

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines 3

    The rough layout is mostly mine but all the monster placement in the map is Dragonfly's except for the arachnotron sniper, and maybe that one zombieman in the exit but I can't remember if that was me or Dragonfly pretending to be me, lol
  2. Eris

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines 3

    Nah I started the map then ran out of ideas so Dragonfly finished it, but Elysium was more of a 50/50 split whereas I'd say this map is more like 75% Dragonfly's work.
  3. Eris

    The DWIronman League dies to: Sunlust

    Good pick, here's my run, cat 2 :^)
  4. Occasionally, I still make MIDIs: By the way just a quick note, if you use my MIDIs in your project, please credit me using my real name - Tristan Clark - I don't think I've been clear enough about this before but I want my music to be attached to my real name rather than a 10+ year old moniker so at this point I'm trying to phase out the 'Eris' name.
  5. Thank you for making my map!
  6. A rule of thumb I've used for years is overdriven guitar for leads, distortion guitar for rhythm parts. In the microsoft synth, distortion guitar completely changes timbre above a certain point and becomes very abrasive but overdriven is fine up there imo, but overdriven guitar isn't as meaty in the lower registers. In answer to the thread question, original MIDIs beat covers whether it's by the map creator or not, but for the sake of an anecdote, I once did both by making a MIDI of a Stratovarius song for a map I was making at the time. Even if a rendition of the song already existed it's the sort of thing I would have rather just done myself anyway because MIDIfied songs are pretty questionable in quality most of the time to be honest.
  7. Eris

    First Doom map VS Now

    This is from my second map, but close enough. October 2012 Bonus shot: rebuild of the same area from 2015 I'm more or less completely done with mapping these days, once in a blue moon I'll fire up UDB to try making some dumb gimmick but my last serious attempt at a map was in 2019, after Eviternity I was going to make my own WAD using OTEX, it would have had remakes of some of my old maps and some that I never finished. I did, as always, post a single screenshot before abandoning the project though:
  8. I mean the same joke has crossed my mind... ok real talk though, yeah I would do it, but definitely not worth the effort :v
  9. Eris

    Favorite Atmospheric Midi?

    +1 Waiting and Plasma, but also this
  10. It's all a bit hazy but yeah I was probably adamant about Phobus' map staying in 20 because of the original plans and I just never explained that. Even when I was officially in charge I was pretty absent so no reason to give me kudos for anything other than some music really. I still think though that any other map order around that segment wouldn't have been right. Ironically Hell's Furnace was written for the MAP21 slot, and Bucket's "(Here Comes) The Night Train" would have been on 20, back when the plan was still to do a two-part map there.
  11. I missed an opportunity to open with "Hi Ragnor, hope you're doing well..." Anyway, that's just reminded me I meant to dig up that copy of the music pack I have from 2015, so here it is. Still has UD666's stuff, Frozen Wilderness, and a couple of unused Bucket/Viscra tracks. (Small side note for anyone looking at this, probably best not to use anything straight from this pack, I don't recall if stuff was updated later on etc, best to just take from Revilution itself or from TNT Forever when that's out.)
  12. I'm not sure what to say. Welcome back Kyka, great to see you're ok and it's super cool to see you return. I'm really glad you like Revilution, I thought it turned out really great and that Jaws did a grand job on seeing it through when I couldn't hack it as a leader (again), but there was always a part of me that felt bad about how we culled a lot of your work, because that seemed so against the point of the project, it seemed like a mirror of what happened with TNT2. At the very least, we got to keep MAP12. Transduction is a masterpiece, personally I think dobu really understood what episode 2 was meant to be about and took the map even further in that direction. It's like a little window into the early plans for the project, and it's the map from Revilution that people tend to talk about the most. I remember those early days, often talking with you and Devalaous about what we wanted Revilution to be. Transduction, and how well it was received, tells me that those plans didn't go to waste. As for that MAP14 idea though; I believe I was the one who was making the map itself, but as everyone knows there's only like a 1% chance of me finishing any map that I start so it wasn't to be. All that's left are these screenshots which I think were actually from two separate attempts. I did find a different map in a TRCP-14.wad on my mediafire, dated 23 November 2014. It's just two areas and I have no recollection of making them, though I assume it was me. It's quite possible this was the start of the second attempt in the previous spoiler, and I just never uploaded a newer version... edit: finally got imgur to show me the full original filenames of the screenshots, the first one in the first spoiler is from April 2014, the second one is from July, so this mystery map in the second spoiler must have been something else again. So that's at least 3 different attempts I made at that slot, lol :)
  13. Eris

    What'dya Prefer? MP3s or Midis in Maps

    Incidentally, Obsidian had me do both a OGG and a MIDI version of the Maskim Xul MAP02 track, the OGG only playing in Z-ports and the MIDI in PrBoom+ I always thought that was a bit strange but I didn't question it and just did as I was asked (the MIDI conversion wasn't too tricky so it wasn't a big deal), but reading this thread now, maybe having both was a good idea after all?
  14. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/moonlght
  15. Eris

    TNT MIDI Pack - Now on idgames!

    🎉🎉🎉 hope everyone enjoys this pack. happy birthday final doom!