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Status Updates posted by Eris

  1. i landed

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    2. SaladBadger


      well, at least we didn't see "Eris cratered."

    3. Devalaous


      But hey, at least you get to live out your favourite place: Deepest Reaches

    4. Xenaero
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    2. Brian Reilly jr.

      Brian Reilly jr.

      Absolutely tremendous! This is for "The Village That Time Forgot" right? As it's amazing how it drastically differs in pace to the MIDI. Either way, I am excited for it and "A Warrior Reborn"! (My favorite out of the Rebirth OST)

    3. Eris


      It's not actually! I also did two short themes for The Given's title screen and epilogue that were based on TVtTF, and this is the former. I'm probably going to release the three of them as some kind of add-on for the WAD just for the hell of it. Anyway, thanks and welcome to doomworld :)

    4. Brian Reilly jr.

      Brian Reilly jr.

      Ah I see. Whether it's the actual track or not, it sounds masterful regardless!

  2. Rebirth rebirth


  3. Stardust - written Nov/Dec 2016. It was a daunting one to remake because I don't tend to use synths so heavily, but I'm really happy with how it turned out. I also tweaked the MIDI version slightly for this release, mostly just improving the volume balance of some instruments. 75% of the way to The Given now...

    MP3 | MIDI



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    2. Steve D

      Steve D

      Outstanding work, Eris, on the music and video both.


    3. Steve D

      Steve D

      Btw, the MIDI kicks butt, too.


    4. Eris


      Thank you guys <3

  4. I believe this was a favourite of quite a few people, here's the remake of my Skeleton's Waltz! Soon after it was first written, the MIDI showed up in antares031's map for DMP2016.


    MIDI | MP3


  5. For ease of access/listening I've started uploading the raw MIDIs of my music to YT to go with the recordings - I figured it made sense to have both versions available.

    So here's a playlist with the first 17, this covers the Plutonia and Revolution! MIDI Packs, and TNT: Revilution. The two sort-of-remixes I did for Revilution were also in today's batch, they've been placed in my Revilution playlist.




    edit: May as well take this opportunity to plug the zip which contains all the rest of my MIDI work :P




    1. Catpho


      Gee, someone is bored :P

    2. valkiriforce


      Thank you for reminding me to install this game again.

    3. Memfis


      I still want to use that cool midi in a Doom map.

  7. The End of Summer, originally written in August 2016. This is completely inappropriate given the current weather this past month here, but that's the downside of doing this chronologically :P


    MIDI | MP3



  8. What happens if I play Dragonforce near this?




    1. Alfonzo


      I'm more interested in what sort of perks and bonuses have been unlocked now that you've completed the set.

  9. Are you a keyboard/piano player? Are you a masochist? I've got something for you!

    Last month I made a MIDI transcription of The Game Never Ends by Stratovarius for my MAYhem 2018 map. The keyboard solo in it took me a solid hour and a half of listening to the song at quarter speed to transcribe it - so here's the sheet music :P


  10. Battle of Chaos - my last contribution to 2016's Revolution! MIDI Pack.


    MIDI | MP3



  11. Saw a load of these while out walking, I wonder if they make beautiful Doom maps...


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    2. Catpho


      Ah, i know what those are, it was just hard to make up with the quality of the photo :P

      ...I see what you did there. Tho i want a Dragonfly heavy map in Doom made by Dragonfly.

    3. Eris


      Well, order of the odonata has those dragonfly banners :P (order of the ordonata literally meaning dragonflies and damselflies)

    4. Catpho


      ACTUAL Dragonflies ;)





    1. antares031


      Oh, well. That's life. X(

  13. and here we have Tranquil Land, one of the least Doomy things I've ever written :P

    20 pieces down, halfway to The Given \o/

    MIDI | MP3



    ...I got videobombed here.



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    2. A Cacodemon

      A Cacodemon


    3. A Cacodemon
    4. Memfis
  15. Par for the course.

    1. antares031
    2. Devalaous


      one of those secret ranks?

    3. Eris


      Yeah, it's the sum of the Doom 1 par times (excluding ExM8 and E4) and it's probably the least well known of them since most people have custom titles by the time they reach this many posts, heh. I've only seen it once before and that was a few years ago now.

  16. Here's The Forgotten God, from the Revolution! MIDI Pack - also used recently in 3 Heures d'Agonie 3. It's one of my personal favourites and was mostly a lot of fun to revisit, I've been looking forward to this one for a while :)


    Trying to do the guitar solo was not fun though. Actually more kinda the opposite :P


    MIDI | MP3



    I was also working on the new version of Haze (also from tvrmidi) in parallel with so that'll be released tomorrow. Now back to trying to clear my to-do list for writing MIDIs...

    1. Eris


      Probably no one will see this, but I didn't want to do another status update so soon :P Here's Haze


      MIDI | MP3



  17. Bit of a boring ramble time:

    Kinda hard to believe it was 5 years ago today that I posted my first MIDI here. Eventually last year it became the first upload on my new yt channel, but in those 5 years I've also got a good list of projects that I've written music for, as well as a bunch of standalone stuff and that Planetarium album which is progressing at snail's pace but I do think a 2019 release is doable.

    Unfortunately my writing abilities are hampered at the moment due to creative block so I can't follow this up with taking on more projects Right Now, but all the same I'd like to thank everyone who has helped me over those 5 years, anyone who has approached me for music, used my stuff in their WADs, given me compliments, advice etc etc :p It all means a lot, and special thanks to Jimmy - the MIDI packs have been invaluable, especially Plutonia since it was very early on for me and I learnt a lot whilst working on it, and also Devalaous and Megamur for TNT: Revilution, the first non-MIDI pack project I was involved with.


    Now speaking of the MIDI packs, I have something else to release today...here's the new recording of the first piece I wrote for 2016's Revolution! MIDI Pack


    MIDI | MP3

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    2. Evolution


      Are you in a band yet?

    3. Eris


      About a year ago I was the bassist and singer in a 3-piece cover band. I wasn't so good at one of those things :D

    4. Devalaous


      Eris was too used to Doom; he was kicked out for throwing fire at people like the trollish imp he is. Please dont singe people D:

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    2. Eris


      Thanks guys :)

      To be honest, I've been pretty burnt out too for like 5 or 6 months now - my to-do list is currently 3 different WADs and I'm stuck on all of them. Perhaps I've been spending too much time on recording/production lately instead of writing :( All I've been able to come up with lately is these little piano pieces so I figured I'd just record one.

      and yes, G minor is beautiful. It still fascinates me how key signatures can kinda have their own personalities, I've usually thought of D minor as the sad one but only very recently I've recognised that Gm is sometimes even better for the job (not sure why it took me this long to realise since this has been one of my favourite classical pieces since basically forever)

    3. Fonze


      Very pretty music :) I highly enjoyed listening

    4. Steve D

      Steve D

      Gorgeous work, Eris. Has a nice traditional feel with one foot in Classical and the other in Romantic, but with a folksiness about it, too. It was a nice bonus to get that link to Adagio in G minor, but when I decided to check and make sure that Albinoni was a Baroque composer -- he was -- I discovered that he's not the author of this work, and that it was done by his biographer and musicologist Remo Giazatto. Talk about a surprise! ;D But it's a beautiful and stately work just the same. Here's the story if you're unfamiliar with it;


  18. It started snowing yesterday, and then there was even more today. It's the first significant snowfall here since 2010, temperatures below 0°C are pretty rare even at night, but it's been -2 to -4 for the last 48 hours. Tomorrow is forecast +6, so it was exciting while it lasted...





    Bonus night shot as it is right now before it starts getting warmer overnight:


    1. Gerardo194


      Nice shoots! It also snowed in my country Costa Rica but only in Chirripó hill and it was insignificant due to that zone was -2°C. Nothing compared to yours, that definitely looks fantastic. Wishing I could see it with my own two eyes.

  19. error: eris.exe has stopped working


  20. Nice weather in the UK means it must be spring!IMG_2711.JPG?width=505&height=677