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  1. Definitely fucking nope!

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    2. Eris


      cannonball said:

      the bitchatronic 5000 :P

      That's the best name for her so far, thanks :P

    3. cannonball


      Eris Falling said:

      That's the best name for her so far, thanks :P

      No problem, creativity peaks when you are drunk :P

    4. 188DarkRevived


      There's a small tidbit which I forgot to mention in the S-word thread.
      It is not about my current "fish", but rather about the old "fish" from 10 years ago, and it basically goes like this...
      Back in 2002 I was madly in love with her, but everyone in the highschool kept saying that: "She'll never want to speak to you, she'll never give you her phonenumber, blahblahblah...".
      And so the years dragged on and on, until finally, at the beginning of 2012 just a few months before I deactivated my Facebook profile, an unexpected miracle happened... My old "fish" spontaneously started chatting to me on FB, apologized for running away from me, and gave me her phonenumber, and offered to drive me to some kind of club.
      The only problem was that at that particular moment I was no longer interested in her and was focused on some new "fish". Otherwise, I would've said "yes" to her offer and we would've become a couple.

      This proves that Fraggle was just being a real mean jerk with no experience in fortune-telling. :p