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  1. This makes MAP31 in the Plutonia MIDI Pack seem like the happiest track ever. I didn't think I'd ever manage something with a sadder tone than that track, but it's been done.

    Truth is, I wrote this song back in 2011. I was 14. I used to record it on to my shitty keyboard and I thought it was great. It was based on a segment of the theme tune to Medal of Honor Frontline. There was a string section where they managed to have a chord sequence, and the top note of each chord was always the same. I took this sound and used it here, and then put a violin melody over it. After a synth break, the piece expands into one of those large symphonic pieces you usually get in science programs, like Wonders of the Universe.

    I am just so pleased with how this has turned out. By far, my favourite part of the track is bars 68-70 (4:28 to 4:40 in the video). It brings a tear to my eye, and that's something that very rarely happens with any music, and especially not on my own.

    This was not written for the default MIDI sound, hence I have not provided a download of the original MIDI, because it sounds fucking cataclysmic under Microsoft GS.

    Thanks in advance for listening.

    1. Netherstorm


      Extremely nice piece of music you made here.

    2. Eris


      Thank you! :)