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  1. In light of my darker blog posts this year, here's some gibberish

    Not a clue what was supposed to be happening last night. There was a "Where's Wally in "real life": D2TWID edition" part, which I might add, had nothing to do with D2TWID, it took place in some fictional village.
    There was also a darkened woodland called "The Forest of Xier," which is in Canada. Apparently.
    It too had nothing to do with Doom, yet there it felt like Doom at the time. Perhaps its because a certain community member whose username contains the letters X, e and r, like the forest was mentioned.
    Some bizarre things happen in dreams. What next? A nightmare taking place in Club Doom, but instead of Revenants, there's just Mervert from Jayextee's Jip webcomic?
    I think I'll take anti-sleeping capsules from my berserk pack instead.

    Back to reality, and normalness still cannot be found. Just a few minutes ago, I somehow appeared in an IRC channel that contained Jimmy and some others. (#doommusicians, I think)
    I've never even used IRC, I didn't even know there was an IRC channel for that purpose. Just how the fuck did I actually get there? I don't even...I don't even know why I was there either!

    Hopefully following this, I can establish some grip on reality. I'll achieve this by going out this evening.

    To a Hallowe'en party. Bollocks.

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    2. Eris


      On the plus side, it means I'm mentally stable.

    3. Devalaous


      I came into this thread stable, left feeling extremely confused

    4. GreyGhost


      No, you merely imagined you were stable. Welcome back to the real world.