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    2. Eris


      Thanks guys :)

      To be honest, I've been pretty burnt out too for like 5 or 6 months now - my to-do list is currently 3 different WADs and I'm stuck on all of them. Perhaps I've been spending too much time on recording/production lately instead of writing :( All I've been able to come up with lately is these little piano pieces so I figured I'd just record one.

      and yes, G minor is beautiful. It still fascinates me how key signatures can kinda have their own personalities, I've usually thought of D minor as the sad one but only very recently I've recognised that Gm is sometimes even better for the job (not sure why it took me this long to realise since this has been one of my favourite classical pieces since basically forever)

    3. Fonze


      Very pretty musicĀ :) I highly enjoyed listening

    4. Steve D

      Steve D

      Gorgeous work, Eris. Has a nice traditional feel with one foot in Classical and the other in Romantic, but with a folksiness about it, too. It was a nice bonus to get that link to Adagio in G minor, but when I decided to check and make sure that Albinoni was a Baroque composer -- he was -- I discovered that he's not the author of this work, and that it was done by his biographer and musicologist Remo Giazatto. Talk about a surprise! ;D But it's a beautiful and stately work just the same. Here's the story if you're unfamiliar with it;