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  1. kaihoisa

    Things in Doom you've never done

    Got that twice on CC4! For me, - Completed an IoS level - Attempted to make a map - Played deathmatch
  2. You know, I'm a consumer not a mapper so I feel bad talking shit about maps that people have taken the time to create, for us all to play. Obviously without mappers there would be no community - thanks to all the mappers for their time and effort. I have nothing to say about MAP08.
  3. I've actually played to Map 8, meaning to check in here, never got round to it. From memory: Map 1 - Cute, tiny little level. A lot of action in a small space. Thought this would be a pain after dying the first couple of times, but when you get the shotgun it turns out not to be too bad. Does its job well. Map 2 - Strange, but fun. I remember thinking I really wanted a super shotgun (maybe the demons?) just seconds before it appeared. While I did like the level, my biggest complaint with it is coming across barons before getting the super shotgun (or rockets). Just a pet peeve, probably. Map 3 - I don't remember this at all. Which on the positive side, means it didn't piss me off, which tbf is all I want from a level. What other game was it? Map 4 - That music! Haha, that music. Courtyard was an enjoyable battle. Map 5 - I can't say I didn't enjoy it. It was just bizarre. The single mancubus appearing on the roof bit amused me. Having read the comments and played ahead a bit, just wait until you see this guy's other map.. Map 6 - Spot on. Nothing remarkable, but I really liked this one. Don't know if the rocket launcher (or plasma gun?) is worth the ambush, left it after a few deaths. Map 7 - It's a slaughtermap for beginners! Had a good time blasting through this, but at no point was it a challenge. The automap bit made me smile. I assume the invul was meant for the central bit? In which case you didn't get much time to use it. I was just thinking that taking out the 4 cybers was a bit of a chore, but writing that I've just twigged now that maybe those cybers could be telefragged? I thought it was strange that you get fully restocked at the end of the level, only to run into a death exit?
  4. kaihoisa

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I'm getting into the habit of sacking off wads at MAP29. Last two i've done were Community Chest 4 (archvile ambush right at the start of the level, fuck that) and Plutonia (can't be bothered to keep backtracking through the city). I've also never bothered completing Icon of Sin levels.
  5. kaihoisa

    Greatest ever speedrun?

    That Chasm demo just looks like 36 seconds of perfection, given the tools he had available to him at the time. I can't imagine the patience you'd need to get that so right. Btw, if you're AltimaMantoid, I love your let's plays of the original doom games..if you were to do any on PWAD's, I'd be all over them :)
  6. Sorry, real life took over and I'm way out of touch now. MAP18 - This was the one that was split into red and blue sections. I played this a couple of weeks ago and can't remember much about it, except that fight with the 2 archviles, which would have been a right pain from pistol start. Think I quite liked it. MAP19 - The Technoprison. This kicked my arse completely, took me forever to get out of the opening area and the big fight near the start. Loved the level though, one of my favourites. Not unfair, just really hard. MAP20 - First of the space levels - this was OK. Something a little different is always welcome, and I'm sure this was very difficult to put together. I've read about a double SM encounter, I was playing on UV and only remember one? I liked all of that area and the immediate lead up with the revs / arachnotrons in that circley bit. Nicely put together. MAP21 - Ugh, this is a fucking chore. The music pisses me off (even though it probably fits the theme) and I think I've had fun with one single fight in this map - that area with the lone archvile where the two cybies block the way back. I've still not finished it actually, I killed the archviles in the last (?) room and pressed the switch and assumed that would be it, but no..just turned the lights off. This might just be the first level I don't bother completing. It looks nice, I'm sure it was a huge achievement to get everything to work, but I reckon this level will be appreciated far more by mappers than by people who just play. Favourite map so far - MAP11 Least favourite - MAP21
  7. kaihoisa

    Greatest ever speedrun?

    Ah thanks, exactly what I was looking for. That'll be a couple of hours of my life gone :)
  8. I've checked the first 10 pages of this forum and can't find the topic. What, in your opinion, are the greatest speedruns you've ever seen? I'm just looking for demos to watch really, some of the ones I've seen on youtube are amazing. Skogsto's Doom 2 episode WR is the most impressive I've seen - a mistake or two but keeping that standard of play for that long..wow.
  9. Map16 I didn't mind this one at all. Nothing too taxing, there was always enough room to maneuvre around whatever monsters were in the outside section. Got caught a couple of times..an arachnotron from the other side of the map when i was sniping at a door on the opposite side (clever) and an archvile on the outside wall when I was running for space from a horde of barons (a bit cheap imo). The other archviles which resurrected monsters could have been a problem, but I didn't play from pistol start so I could just sweep them away with the BFG. The pole running thing was easy enough, don't know how anyone's going to fall off there? The main source of fun for me here was just getting monsters to infight. Perhaps I wouldn't want every level to be set up like this, but it was a nice break after Map32..speaking of which I did get round to finishing it, that final battle was a test of patience!
  10. Map32 I like what the author is going for here..the whole deal with areas opening as the level progresses. It works well. I loved the first 20-30 minutes of this, finding a route out at the start and looking for ways to progress. I like that for a mid-megawad level which forces a pistol start, the map provides all the weapons and a fair bit of ammo for them. What I don't like..I think the level is too long. Too much wallhumping for secrets. I think the point that soured me on this was the bit where you have to jump into the corridor with the archvile and the revenants, that took me forever - I used the invulnerability in the cyb room without realising what it was for (what was that room all about anyway?) I haven't finished the level, I'm just not finding it fun anymore. Might just be me rather than the map though. I'm gonna take a break from this - I have a job interview on Friday so my time would be much better spent preparing for that. Maybe I'll have a big doom session after that.
  11. Map31 This was difficult, but I couldn't put my finger on why. Everything was completely fair, but any carelessness is punished. The map 'came together' nicely as you progressed. Visually it was pretty basic, but each area was recognisable enough. I started to roll my eyes after the 5th time I pressed a switch to see an archvile right in my face, but there's plenty of plasma if you can't be bothered with those fights. You think there were enough revenants at the end there? I don't know if you were supposed to fight them all in that room, but I just scuttled away into some space and picked them off. I didn't get to the secret exit, but I'm guessing it's behind that stone face near the exit. I'm assume that . I can't straferun to it, so I take it you need to archvile jump there (right?), which is a pain in the arse cos i killed all the archviles. Will probably noclip it when I come back. Decent enough map, some nice battles, but I found it a little frustrating at times. Good level design - a good challenge without starving the player of ammo or teleporting 5 revenants in his face.
  12. MAP15 Nice looking based themed level. Wasn't a drag or anything, but I played this about an hour ago and I can't remember much of it at all. The difficulty of the last few levels seems to have dropped dramatically, not that I'm complaining. I couldn't find the secret exit after a fair while searching, had to look for it in DoomBuilder - I wouldn't have found that red key if I was there all day, seemed to be a 'hump everywhere' job. Forcefields seemed to be a visual effect more than anything, though they did keep lost souls out. Nothing else to say about it really, roll on the secret level!
  13. Map14 Yeah, this was fun enough. Following on a bit from the last level, you're going to be using your rockets a lot. Didn't take too long, and there weren't any really challenging segments. Someone above mentioned secrets - I couldn't work out what that shoot switch did either. The other secret around that area on a lift put me right in front of an arachnotron, which was nice. There was this, too - I don't know what this was all about : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIJyRKc4jGE The exit trap was easier than it looked, maybe it needed a monster or two from a different angle? Overall, a decent level, enjoyed it.
  14. Map 13 It was a nice change of pace, just to put away the guns and spend a whole level firing rockets and plasma at big guys. I normally save plasma for big ambushes, so it did feel kinda weird spunking it away when a shotgun would normally have done. Still, it's not like the mapper didn't provide enough cells. Fairly easy, and fairly fun. You're not going to die in this level unless you're careless. Re: one map a day discussion above - I'm easy. I'll probably play a few over the weekend so I'll be ahead anyway.
  15. Well the maps are getting longer, can be difficult to find time on weekdays..I'm still here cos I was ahead from the weekend!