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    Was there sprint in Doom 1?

    I could have sworn there wasn't. To the point where I've played the game through more times than I can count in ZDoom and GZDoom with sprint turned off. But, I wasn't even born when the game came out so what do I know? So I'm asking the doom veterans out there: Was there a sprint/run key in the original, 1993 release of DooM 1?
  2. I've been making a map in doom builder 2 using the zdoom(doom in doom format) format I accidentaly changed the node builder and when i tried to save my map, doom builder froze and I had to exit it with the task manager. now i can't use any node builder or doom builder crashes. i have it set to don't build nodes and am afraid this is causing damage of some sort to my map. Is this a common error? can I fix it? I have already tried reinstalling.
  3. I've been making a level in doom builder 2 and if a few areas the walls are visible through the floors I've changed textures, removed lower textures, and checked for errors. nothing helped. has anyone else had this problem? please help!