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  1. Sjampansee

    Brutal Doom version 18a

    I dunno if it is said in this thread earlier but from the older versions up to this version of brutaldoom (v18a) i see a bug happen when i kill a spectre (invisible pinky). When i shoot him and he dies you see really strange blood squirts. It looks strange kinda pixelated. Could be some graphic settings i need to change? Anyway that was 1 annoyance i found another one, where the barrels and their toxic green glow on top look out of place. Again it could be some graphic settings i need to tweak, but i kept seeing these in v17 as well. Ofcourse i don't want to bash your great work you have delivered but just adding my 2 cents. If i could do it better i would offer my help.
  2. Sjampansee

    Butter that Mancubus up!

    Hi guys. It's the loud DooM chimp Sjampa. I recently came by a friggin awesome track that uses some nifty electro dubstep in combination with some MANCUBUS monster sounds. I mean i was blown away by it. Butter That Shit Up made this track and he is allowing the DooM fans to download it freely. If you are into Dubstep and want your ears to be tickled by the "I'm yo momma" mancubus greeting then by all means goto his facebook songs page right here Facebook BTSU page and listen / download it!
  3. Sjampansee

    Brutal Doom version 18a

    Jace Hall Show has used some footage of the fatalities. :) You hear two excited young guys scream it out of enjoyment while pulling of the arms of a chaingunsoldier and later in the show they burn an enemy with the lost soul throw :) I think its good promo for a MOD that modernizes the game DooM even more! In the next episode even more finishing moves, Brutal DooM FTW!
  4. As you can see in realms of the haunting there are beatifull buildings, though angelic also a bit 1001 nights / alladin style levels, gotta admit for its time it was quite a revolutionary engine / gameplay but the way you jumped from realm to realm was friggin strange! Still here is an example level where you actually get ideas how to make nice fountain patio's in the center of a building complex to give it a more KINGS and QUEENS from the HEAVENS feel.
  5. Great man! Keep up the good work! I love new monster wads! Especially if they get accompanied by new weapons and new maps!
  6. Sjampansee

    Brutal Doom version 18a

    Monkey plays Brutal DooM with Gothic Movement 1, Monkey is loud when aggitated... cover your ears!
  7. Sjampansee


    Refreshing take on DooM with rpg like buying system inbetween battles. Even though i truelly understand why 80 percent of the DooM fan base dont like it i actually want to congratulate 667 for trying out something totally different nonetheless. It also reminded me of the nowadays immensly popular zombie mode of COD games.