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  1. Vendetta

    Help with custom weapons

    I did all that but the sprite just goes straight to the top left and has a black border around it. How can I upload my wad so you guys can look at it?
  2. Vendetta

    Help with custom weapons

    Where does this one go?
  3. Vendetta

    Help with custom weapons

    Can someone explain to me how I would go about replacing the chaingun with the uzi from Hacx?
  4. Vendetta

    Door Issue.

    I can't, I redsigned it to not include the door. because I got a better idea. I'll post a new thread with the map if the problem comes up again. I used the Shift+D doom builder 2 shortcut if that means anything.
  5. Vendetta

    Door Issue.

    No, and this isn't new. I can't find the cause of it. It seems random.
  6. Vendetta

    Door Issue.

    I have been working on a .wad that has a door with an alcove on one side but not the other. However, every time I try to open the door it sticks, by barely moving up or down. The texture just kinda moves up a little bit. (Using Zdoom and Doom Builder 2)
  7. Vendetta

    Lance Armstrong stripped of all 7 Tour titles

    You know doomguy's trainer been hitting him up with plently of beserker packs and stimpacks lately....