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  1. GHermann

    Ultra-Feminist Propaganda

    Oh, but they do expect just that. Insults, libel, or shit-talking that is leveled at you, as long as it originates from people on the side of the argument viewed as being "correct" by Doomworld mods, is considered totally appropriate behavior. You are not allowed to rebel against it, and if you do, you're called a "shit-poster". Also, prepare to have many forum rockstars try to pull rank on you because you haven't spent the past 10 years posting here or because you haven't won a cacoward. And if you happen to be an American who doesn't absolutely despise your country, you'll be called every derogatory name in the book. But mostly you'll be labeled a "troll". Because if you actually like America, by their logic you must be a troll.
  2. I've been mapping since 2009, but I've always made single-player maps exclusively. I was toying with the idea of maybe doing a co-op map or two, but was unsure of how best to create something fun and playable. Is there a guide or an earlier post that lays out some really good guidelines and tips on co-op mapping? I tried looking for a bit and for the most part came up empty-handed. Honestly, the only thing I learned from my search was to make keyed doors stay open after being opened in co-op maps. Otherwise I'm lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. GHermann

    Back to the Refinery

    No problem. I'm on my second playthrough now. All in all, very enjoyable. I especially liked the use of the new monsters. It was tasteful without going overboard. As for the level, it was great - well detailed, nice architecture, and cool lighting. I will say that for me, it bore very little resemblance to E2M3. I actually fired up DOOM's E2M3 after the playthrough just to be sure I was thinking of the correct level. But since DOOM's E2M3 wasn't the best level to begin with, I'm glad you took a lot of creative liberties with the design.
  4. GHermann

    Back to the Refinery

    I'm confused. The text file says that this map is based on E2M3 of DOOM, but then under "Base:" it says E1M3. Which one is it?
  5. Downloaded BSP nodebuilder and ran it on my pwad and...presto! Whatever the heck it did worked perfectly, and now I'm at MAP 06 of my levelset with zero problems thusfar using Boom 2.02, running in DOSBox. Thanks a ton for that recommendation!
  6. My nodebuilder is in fact ZDBSP. Under the configuration for saving the map, I chose "ZDBSP-normal". Based on what I read about them, I do not believe that I am using extended nodes. My REJECT lump is empty. Any idea how I could correct that? Other than that, I seem to pass everything else on that list. Nope, I always remove those things when I'm finished with a level.
  7. Well I'm using DOSBox, and since the DOOM2.wad runs fine always, I figured that it was just my wad that was causing the problem. Then again, I really have no idea :) Thanks for the tip about the stdout.txt, I'm gonna go read through that now. Also, I tried removing the custom music from the wad and it made no difference, still resulted in a segmentation violation upon attempting to play MAP01. I'm thinking that most wads I've made really aren't compatible with anything less than PrBoom-Plus.
  8. Recently, I have had the desire to test my latest pwad in Boom 2.02. However every time I try to load it(using the "-file [nameofwad]" command), as soon as I select the difficulty setting and the game tries to load MAP 01, Boom 2.02(and also PrBoom 2.02) bomb out with a "segmentation violation" error. It never bombs out or has problems whatsoever running DOOM2.wad, so this leads me to believe that my level is in some way not compatible with Boom 2.02. The problem with all this is that when I test my pwad in PrBoom-Plus, using the "-complevel 9" setting, it runs fine all the time. Shouldn't the "-complevel 9" command, when used within PrBoom-Plus, simulate Boom 2.02? I'm a bit confused. Thanks in advance for any help. P.S. If it's any help, the wad features custom midi music. Don't know whether or not that makes a difference.