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Everything posted by michael9r9r

  1. michael9r9r

    Full body armor sucks

    Classic Doom has always been about dodging Bullets and Plasma balls, why would you need full body armor if you're trained to dodge like a badass?
  2. michael9r9r

    Tech themed wad in progress.

    Now that was an awesome map! Excellent work.
  3. Hello Everyone, I was creating an assault rifle type weapon, i drew some sprites in paint.net (they are sh!t) I converted the .PNG sprites to .DOOM sprites. Then when I ran the .WAD with GZdoom I got this: R_InstallSprite: Sprite ASRF frame A is missing rotations. The Decorate Was Based off of the chaingun. Why Do I get this error and how do i fix it?
  4. michael9r9r

    R_InstallSprite: Sprite ____ frame A is missing rotations

    Thanks Guys! Yeh i have created a few weapons before, but never with custom sprites, (they where recolored) Thanks very much!
  5. michael9r9r

    Your method for making an interesting map.

    I usualy brain storm for about 2 minuts then draw like a scetch in paint.net and base my map off that.
  6. michael9r9r

    The /idgames archive in the '90s

    I am 13 Aswell and i have been playing doom since i was 3 :P There was no ZDoom And Stuff. I dont think much modding either.