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  1. TheJBizz

    Scoredoom 3.0r5 archive

    I realize this is necroing a year old thread, but I figured this would be the most relevant place. I made a UV pistol start playthrough of Sigil 1.21 in Scoredoom to show off how the systems come together in a typical Doom setting. I did it as a kind of record for history and a tribute to a source port that I really enjoy a lot and feel deserves more recognition than I think it got. There's no voice commentary, but each video has a description of how I looked at it through scoring potential. I also showed the bonus pack and boss rush in an addendum video. (each video also has a silly retro midi soundfont) Here's the playlist, for anyone interested in watching. Thanks again for all of this, Bilbo.
  2. After about 5 months, here's another one. Don't call it a comeback. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bT3IctD3CD1MaWfI2n-YiOGXVT1g4DJ-/view?usp=sharing I'm not sure if it starts to fall out of sync or if I'm just reacting slowly because I'm tired. And slow.
  3. Here's another couple. The first is an FDA of a speedmap wherein I swear pretty loudly. (I still liked the map.) The second is a followup demo after the map creator listened to my demo and made some adjustments. Open.wad/OpenFDA is the first, Open_1.wad/Open1FDA is the second. On a side note: I decided to try hooking up my computer to my TV to watch my first demo, and it was a pretty weird experience. I wonder if there's a band that's tried playing a bunch of demos in the background while they play a show. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YD8pejpgg5AqAxGSxcT33IYUtl7GCIj5/view?usp=sharing
  4. Hello to every one of my adoring fan! Sorry for my neglect. Here's a double feature, both still demos to help out speedmappers. Both maps are good looking to my unrefined tastes, have impressive architecture to my uneducated understanding, and were fun to play to my unskilled abilities. The demo and its voice recording for the second map was so useful to the creator that he was able to use it to make adjustments to his map, which can be found here if you're so inclined: https://anonfile.com/A1t9Qaj5bd/MAP01_1_wad I know I've said it earlier in this thread, but stuff like that is exactly what makes this feature so exciting to me. Like any critic, I don't think I'll ever have the self-respect be able to actually make a map myself, but I really enjoy helping people become better mappers through my responses. It's a heart-warming kind of parasitic relationship. crateFDA.7z map01FDA.7z
  5. TheJBizz

    Which monster hater is most annoying?

    The topic is about "monster haters," not "monster dislikers." There are plenty of people who say flat out that chaingunners always suck or that archviles always suck, and that's as annoyingly narrow-minded to me as what you're upset about.
  6. Here's another demo for another 100 minute map. This is the first time I'll ever recommend to turn the voice volume down, as I start laughing really fuckin hard really quick once I understand what the map is about. Also, I noticed that my singing along to the level's MIDI rendition of the The Offspring's generation-defining opus Why Don't You Get A Job seems to be slightly out of sync with the song, though I can't prove for certain if that's the demo's fault or mine. I'm pretty sure it's the demo. trickyFDA.7z
  7. TheJBizz

    Which monster hater is most annoying?

    The most terrible monster; the most dangerous game. I'm a little surprised people are so uptight about the thread. It's jokingly mean, sure, but you can also just interpret it as "what monster gets an unfairly bad rap," or "what monster do you think is underrated?" I prefer "plur."
  8. TheJBizz

    Which monster hater is most annoying?

    This is a tough one. Chaingun haters are far, far more plentiful, but there is at least some grain of truth to their complaints sometimes - any monster can be used badly, but it's easy for a map to use a chaingunner in a way that's deeply annoying, like a sniper that can't be easily seen or is well outside autoaim range with little to no cover, or a closet of five opening up right next to you and mowing you down. But there are also plenty of people who buy into the "cover is for pussies" bullshit and don't realize that hitscanners play a unique role in applying pressure and that sometimes cover isn't really such a bad idea. Those guys bother me a lot because they contribute to this fucked up revisionist history that old-school shooters were just dumb circlestrafe-and-hold-M1 fests instead of actually nuanced games where you actually needed to be cognizant of enemy patterns and how to best use the architecture to deal with them. But Archie haters are just straight chumps. The archvile is one of the most interesting enemies in shooter history; one archvile can singlehandedly completely change how you interpret a fight because they have so much unique pressure potential - their speed and resurrection ability means that you're forced to fight as aggressively as you can against them before they manage to sprint over to a pile of corpses and fuck your day up, but their attack also forces you into cover so you can't just mindlessly rush them down, and their high health means that you need to be committed to killing them while everything else is raining down on you or else you'll have a neverending cycle of killing the same monsters you just put down. They're exciting and unique and probably the best designed monster in Doom and maybe even all shooters. People hating the archvile are not only scrubs, but hate originality, and that I just can't abide.
  9. Here's another demo for another 100 minute map. Not much else to note beyond "this map contains 25 revenants and nothing else," so if that's what you're into, bring a towel. boneguyFDA.7z
  10. Here's another demo, though it may not be very interesting to listen to because there wasn't much in the level for me to talk about. This is my second demo where I tried saving and loading mid-recording, and it still didn't seem to knock it out of sync. towerFDA.7z
  11. Here's another demo, also intended to help a speedmapper. I suppose this is obvious to everyone else, but trying to restart a map with the Home button in PRBoom doesn't work when recording a demo. I suppose I should invest in a microphone of some kind instead of just draping my webcam around my neck. I suppose I should get more money first. vileFDA.7z
  12. Here's another demo, but it may not be very interesting to you guys because it's pretty long, repetitive, and I didn't end up beating the map. It's a map that I found quite frustrating because it's based around lots of chainsaw use and monster infighting but there's very little health, so unlucky pain chance rolls or enemy behavior can forfeit a run. There's also very little to no cover, lots of chaingunners and an archvile, and they're all either out of autoaim distance or they can only be shot at blindly because they're beneath me in a ledge that I can't look down from. If you actually do decide to watch it, I get pretty exasperated, so expect a lot of swear words like "shucks," "gee willikers," and "god fucking damnit." I wish there was some way to make voice demos not so big; I realize that that's asking a lot because it's pretty high quality voice recording, but a 20 meg file feels like it undermines the whole convenience factor of demos. It's still less than a video though, and a lot less annoying to make. http://www.mediafire.com/file/i5ajtm124isjc3o/parboyFDA.7z/file
  13. Here's another demo intended to help a speedmapper. My voice is kinda low in it; I probably should have recorded in the day when I can afford to be louder. It would also probably be better if I had an actual microphone instead of a webcam draped around my shoulder, but we'll have to take this one step at a time. I'm trying to work on more effectively giving coherent thoughts while playing so it's not just a worthless bunch of naughty words and "oh wow"s. fuckinFDA.7z
  14. Thanks for the vote of confidence, two guys! Here's one that's a bit of a bummer. I tried recording a demo to FDA someone's level they uploaded, but I forgot that their map isn't Boom compatible, so it ends with a lift that doesn't work (unless I'm a fuckin moron and missed a switch, which is equally plausible). As a side note: the OP says that speedup and slowdown are disabled for demos, but that actually doesn't seem to be true. Not only do they still work, but when you return to normal speed with *, the audio will pick back up too. That's actually really cool, because the main problem I had with voice recording was that it had to always be at normal speed, meaning watching long demos repeatedly would be a big pain. I don't know why I never actually tried using the + and - keys until now. I guess I just instinctively trust authority. On one of the demo rewatches, it fell out of sync and I don't know why, and I couldn't get it to repeat. hellFDA.7z
  15. Sorry, everyone in this thread that nobody reads anyway, for not uploading more demos. I got distracted with other games and then I got depressed and it made me not want to play Doom or anything else. But here's a demo I recorded for someone while I FDA'd their new map to give some real time feedback. This is the kind of stuff that makes me excited for this feature to get put into normal PRBoom. I'm not a mapper, but I assume that a major part of level design is knowing what the player is going to think and trying to make them think in certain ways - "I should use this weapon here," "I should run from this fight," "I need to infight these guys as much as I can," etc - so I'd figure that having someone actively give their thoughts while playing could really help with understanding how to adjust a map beyond just seeing how someone plays it. Anyway, I'll keep uploading my demos here as I record them for people. I'd like to show that at least someone is really stoked about this. decaFDA.7z