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  2. At this point I'm convinced that this has all been set up by a time-traveling future esselfortium in an effort to convince me never to work on a Doom project again. It hasn't worked yet, but I suppose you never know what tomorrow may bring.
  3. Okay, try this. 1.1.4, should fix the map12 forcefield bug. I also edited that mistextured sidedef in map31.
  4. Someday, I will manage to release a BTSX bugfix that doesn't introduce another critical bug. Today is apparently not that day. Thank you for your report. (muffled sobbing into keyboard)
  5. @leodoom85 Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the big writeup! BTW, you don't actually need all three keys to exit map18 :)
  6. Do you have any mapping work done on this to show yet?
  7. The responses in this thread are a massive overreaction. @dew and everyone else here, please chill the hell out. A single thread for a single project is generally best to avoid spamminess, but this kind of venom really is not called for.
  8. This is one of the reasons why nowadays I always build a completely undetailed layout first and get the major paths and structures at least mostly "locked in" before I start doing any aesthetic work beyond the simplest of functional architecture and lighting.
  9. I'm not sure what happened with the timestamp there, honestly :o
  10. The object of the game is not generally to cheer for the monsters
  11. Okay, 1.1.3 hotfix ready! Aside from the map15 stairs bug fix this should be identical to 1.1.2. I didn't touch the map31 pillar texturing because at this point I'm not going to press my luck by even breathing on these maps if I can help it. DownlARGH
  12. Evening update: I get the impression that Fonze wants me to die. @Seele00TextOnly saw me trying to devise a vilejump strategy and said the map was like giving someone a pet as a gift. That is to say, playing this map is quite a project to undertake! I, um, haven't beaten it yet :p
  13. Stairs are set up by tagging the first sector and then continuing from there based on the direction of adjacent lines, until the flat changes. The lines on the sides of the stairs were facing inwards, and on one of those side sectors the floor flat matched the stairs' flat, which caused it to try affecting that sector instead of the intended stair sectors.