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  1. Exclusive preview of my next map


    1. Bashe
    2. MrGlide


      What if there was a slaughter megawad with everything replaced with cutsey anime things? I'd play that.

    3. Marcaek


      Is this DOGGY MAGGY?

    4. Tarnsman


      Exclusive preview of the new enemy in said map



    5. esselfortium


      This is Ai Mai Mii. It's a 3-minute lolrandom surreal comedy series that is full of joy and wonderment (and bloody projectile vomiting)

    6. esselfortium


      and the most shocking of plot twists


    7. Ichor


      And the final boss:


    8. bzzrak

      bzzrak we really have to wait until December for the Cacowards?

    9. TheUltimateDoomer666


      I'm confused what is all this strange anime stuff

  2. Can you post a picture of it?
  3. If an extended Boom feature set is developed, please consider making sane versions of the line scrollers. The ones Boom comes with are truly baffling, and all but useless in most situations. The line-vector scrollers are based on relative angle, so it's literally impossible to synchronize scrolling of different-angled lines, and the offset-based scroller can't be controlled via a tagged line, so it's impossible to use texture alignment with it.
  4. Would it be a fair compromise to have some sort of debug mode that outputs unknown keys to the console, while avoiding error messages for standard play? Ports like EE and ZDoom that have consoles could include this, at least.
  5. Boss death settings have to be included in mapinfo because, like skies and music tracks, they're hardcoded to mapslots in the vanilla game. If they're not freed up to be used on different slots than e1m8, map07, etc, mapinfo is randomly missing a basic feature of defining a map.
  6. Allowing a user-specified complevel to override it is fine, but mappers should be able to set the proper compatibility mode themselves to ensure that their map plays as intended out-of-the-box. ZDoom's mapinfo and Eternity's options lump both allow compatibility flags to be forced on or off, which is the only reliable way to keep maps from being unintentionally broken or cheesed due to the wrong settings being used (for instance, the raise-by-texture-height behavior that breaks AV map07, or the incorrectly projectile-blocking torches and wrong invisibility behavior in ZDoom).
  7. I really like the new forum. Compared with the old software, this makes it much easier to keep tabs on what's going on with less hunting and digging around, and status updates are great. Also, being able to convey simple unqualified agreement or things like "I liked this screenshot" and "I appreciated this dumb joke because I, too, am dumb and a joke" without having to clog up the thread with waste-of-space "+1" and "THIS!!!!" posts.
  8. It's a mouth.
  9. Message For The Archvile (map20) is my favorite. The long gradual buildup through different segments makes it good for an exploratory journey map, and fits the open-ended nature of Gotcha! like a glove.
  10. Is CDoom's author the guy who kept registering new Doomworld accounts and posting explicit gore photos and IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER HOLY SON I CURSE DOOMWORLD MODERATOR FUCKERS etc etc insanity for years on end after one of his idgames uploads got rejected on a technicality? Or am I thinking of someone else?
  11. The maps you're looking at were most likely using a neat little Boom trick that utilizes voodoo dolls on scrolling floors while exploiting an idiosyncrasy of the sector special 8 (Light Glow) behavior. When you use the "raise brightness to 255" line action on a sector that has the Light Glow special applied, the sector brightness will briefly become 255 before the glow behavior causes it to gradually fade back down to its originally-set level. The moving-light effect is created by splitting the area into several differently-tagged sectors, putting the glow special on all of them, and then having a voodoo doll on an endless conveyor loop triggering a series of "raise brightness to 255" walkover specials, one for each tag.
  12. Hey, twidland needs some rain. Where've you been?

    1. esselfortium


      I'm around in some other, smaller Doom channels like #noteternityenginerelated.

  13. Cuter is stronger.
  14. +1. Kumiko with an icecream cone for hair (or "Kumicone", if you will) is unparalleled avatar greatness.