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  1. I split the CaptainManiac derail out of this thread.
  2. This is literally not how memes work
  3. Holy moly, I love the colored lighting and the cloudy fog there. I think a different color of water might suit the scene better though, possibly?
  4. Duck.




    Bird attacks have doubled recently.




    1. esselfortium


      This world is a dangerous place.

  5. giphy.gif

    Heyooo how is it going :3

    1. esselfortium



      Hanging in there! Yourself?

    2. Ledillman


      Doing pretty good, just waiting for vacations :)

  6. I don't think it has much to do with arbitrary rules like that: if the author doesn't consider it done, it's not done. If it's truly abandoned it'd be nice to see it released, but if not I'm fine with waiting a bit longer to play it as the author intended.
  7. Fuck. Don't remind me D:
  8. Assuming you weren't involved with the original Chillax, it'd be best to name your wad something else and consider it a spiritual sequel rather than an actual continuation.
  9. TANROCK8. It's so wonderfully icky.
  10. New avatar, from something dumb.


    Tama doesn't understand complicated issues, like how to pronounce her own name.

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Let's just hope there's no actual reason for you to feel as "tortured" as the avatar seems to be when you browse the forums. ;-)

    2. esselfortium


      Tama isn't tortured. She's just very confused about very basic things.

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      I don't see much of a difference between being tortured and being confused. Both is very uncomfortable for me personally.


      Maybe I should watch that anime... I wouldn't be surprised if complicated issues where child's play for Tama.

    4. esselfortium


      Things such as how to avoid being owned by cats.



    5. esselfortium


      @Nine Inch Heels

      Interlude is a trainwreck and a half, in a pretty entertaining way. It deserves to be a cult classic, IMO.


      It's a 3-episode OVA series that attempts to adapt a long visual novel in a very short time, with truly incoherent results. Add in an English dub track that lands right in the sweet spot between half-assing it and outright parody, and it's a bit of an Experience.


      There's no English translation of the original visual novel, and looking at the image set from it only yielded even more confusion and images like Tama being attacked by cats, rather than remotely leading to any answers. And really, I wouldn't have it any other way. Interlude invites you to try understanding it, but there is no understanding it. It just laughs at you when you try.


      This bizarre clip sums up Interlude about as well as I ever possibly could:


    6. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      It begs the question: What is she good at, aside of being confused?

    7. esselfortium


      She is very good at drinking strawberry milk, and yelling.

    8. Tracer


      Oh my God, is so awesome!

  11. What sort of principles are you thinking of that aren't compatible with Doomworld, ZDoom, or any of the other active Doom sites? I feel like most things are pretty much welcome on DW nowadays as long as you're not a spammer, a troll, or a nazi. Doomworld has morphed over time based on the people active in it -- I don't think the community creates the people, the people create the community. The Doomworld of a decade ago was very different from the Doomworld of today, and I imagine it will change more over time.
  12. How dare you Ban me >:(

    1. Phade102


      See, you're asking, when we're asking how dare he UNBAN you.

    2. R1ck


      With that attitude, you're actually asking him to ban you again. 

    3. Yugiboy85


      *her :) 


      But yeah, this is pretty much the attitude that might get you ban again. 

    4. Pavera


      Don't talk to essel that way. She may like mac & cheese, but I will destroy you regardless.

    5. Ichor


      Aaaaaaand he's gone.

    6. Xyzzy01





    7. dmg_64


      what in the world.

    8. Dragonfly


      "Aaaaaaand he's gone."

      I wish joe-ilya's removal was this swift. :P

    9. bzzrak


      One thing I've noticed with those recent bans, especially Joe. They say that they're banned, but they still seem to log in every few days and the caption below their usernames still says "members" instead of "banned". Why is that?

      Is Essel doing the bans wrong? :]

    10. Doomkid


      Maybe they're just barred from posting?

  13. RTC-3057 hub1 is an exploration-focused ZDoom wad from 2004, led by Shaviro, and featuring a soundtrack by Julian Hope who's also composing for Doom 3: Phobos.
  14. Backpacks are evil and were eliminated for the good of humanity.