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    Good evening. Do you have a moment to talk about bread? I am not a duck.

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      i clicked the soulsphere on this post, but i should explain that it was less of a "like" and more of an "i'm making that face rn"

    2. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt

      a happy blue face

    3. esselfortium
  2. PBR for Original Doom Textures

    This is a really cool effect, though I think the glossiness seems excessive in a lot of these screenshots, like a UAC janitor has just spent 1000 hours wiping down every surface with oil. A more subtle variation would probably look more convincing, I think!
  3. How are you doing?

    The good: For the past several months I've been writing lots of music, with a purpose. I feel really good about that, usually. The bad: Juggling a full-time day job with multiple freelance projects becomes very draining. There's less time and energy to spare for other things, frequently less sleep, and a lot of stress and internal turmoil when a day that was planned to be productive doesn't work out that way.
  4. Television Commercials You Hate to Love

    When I was growing up, that Sears air conditioning commercial was airing on Cartoon Network basically every 15 minutes for years on end, so I and everyone else I knew had it permanently burned into our minds and can still recite it word-for-word. I don't know how to explain it more than that. I have a complicated relationship with the Sears air conditioning commercial.
  5. Was e4m3 actually Shawn Green's first map?

    Sandy finished and polished up MAP25 from a rough version Shawn Green had built, so maybe the E4 maps were Shawn's first actual solo maps.
  6. Suppose the IWADs were released today as PWADs.

    How could we have failed so thoroughly in our mission?!
  7. This is awesome and you are awesome. I saw how much work went into making this happen, and you deserve to be showered in praise for it.
  8. Yeeeeesssssssssssssssssssss
  9. Post a picture of yourself!

    Thanks so much everyone! I don’t know what that Colonel Sanders picture means and I imagine that I probably don’t want to know
  10. Post a picture of yourself!

    it me
  11. A long time ago, when I was around 10 or 11 years old, I accidentally trashed my projects folder that contained several years' worth of my Doom, Wolf3D, and HyperCard work. There was a lot of screaming and crying that day.
  12. How to make GZDoom look better?

    This sounds like a case of comparing default settings. GZDoom and Zandronum are both based on the same engine, more or less, and you should be able to get them to look identical to each other by using matching settings. Also, this thread is from 8 years ago.
  13. How to make Earth interesting in a Doom sequel.

    More surreal environments and more ZIMMER textures.