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  1. esselfortium

    Back to Saturn X Episode 2

  2. esselfortium

    Back to Saturn X Episode 2

    I'm not sure what it is that's posted there, but there hasn't been a September 2019 version, I'm sorry to say! Given the modified filenames, it might be someone's personal modification?
  3. Hey, thanks! I've composed music for a few: Heart of the Woods, National Park Girls, Subserial Network, and Sol Hemochroma, and I'm currently composing for a couple of in-development VNs from Studio Élan.
  4. esselfortium

    Back to Saturn X Arranged: Lurking, Mystproj, and Ether

    Thanks! All of these were done entirely in-the-box, including the guitars. I used Shreddage 3 Jupiter and Evolution Rock Standard for the guitars in Ether.
  5. As an indie visual novel developer, the flood of "ironic dating sim" parodies has been like the commercial gamedev equivalent of that few years when every five minutes there was another explosion of press for Brutal Doom, while everything else being made in the community was completely ignored. These visual novel parodies are usually very low-effort affairs, with the joke mainly being orientalism and the dismissal of an entire medium that the parody's creators only have third-hand knowledge of. The pigeon dating sim mentioned earlier in this thread was arguably one of the rare exceptions to that rule, having been made with a genuine love for the things it's poking fun at. With this KFC release, it's frustrating to see advertising companies being rewarded for colonizing our little indie space with cynical cash-ins. English-language visual novels are such a tiny, misunderstood market, where so much interesting work is being done and largely being overlooked. I hope this trend passes and everyone gets bored of hearing about wacky chicken VNs soon, hopefully without doing too much more damage to the visual novel market in the process.
  6. esselfortium

    Back to Saturn X Arranged: Lurking, Mystproj, and Ether

    Hey @Melton. Thanks for the kind words! The compressed snare drum in Clonk is the general midi Power Kit drumset, which I love for its gratuitous 1980s-ness :) Feel free to remix the BTSX tunes as you like, but I'd like to request that you please use another thread to post them rather than mine, and please don't refer to them as "remastered", as it dilutes the meaning of the word and makes it harder to differentiate from official releases. Thank you!
  7. esselfortium

    Random Image Thread

    Thanks, hoping things will be alright up where you are too! We're getting hit with it right now, seemingly nothing too horrible here so far but the night is still young.
  8. esselfortium

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    It was shown during Nintendo Direct a few minutes ago.
  9. esselfortium


    This looks really cool! It's neat seeing an ambitious gameplay mod like this done within the vanilla dehacked constraints. BTW, please add ptoing to the credits for the BTSX statusbar, as he did a lot of work on it too :)
  10. esselfortium

    Microsoft's GS Wavetable Synth is the best soundfont for Doom?

    The GS Wavetable Synth isn't the SC-55, but it's based on it. The SC-55 is the Roland SoundCanvas-55, the piece of MIDI hardware that Bobby Prince used when composing Doom's soundtrack. The GS Wavetable Synth is basically a simplified, stripped-down version of the same sample set.
  11. esselfortium

    Back to Saturn X Arranged: Lurking, Mystproj, and Ether

    Thanks for the kind words, I'm happy to hear you've been enjoying it so much!
  12. esselfortium

    Microsoft's GS Wavetable Synth is the best soundfont for Doom?

    Agreed. I'm a strong proponent of using the GS Wavetable Synth instruments or another comparable SC-55 based set. For just about any MIDI written in the past 20 years, it's extremely likely that the composer chose instruments and mixed it with the GS Wavetable Synth in mind, because it's the sound set you get with any standard Windows install. Speaking personally, all of the MIDIs I've written for Back to Saturn X have been composed with and intended for the SC-55/GS instruments. Any alternate soundfonts I've ever heard them played back with have usually turned them into incoherent mush, burying half the instruments, accentuating others in weird ways, softening or sharpening an instrument's attack such that it no longer serves the same function in the song, etc.
  13. esselfortium

    Intellectual debts

    Okay, well, this is familiar. Yo Rachel, long time no talk. I'm going to officially ask you to knock it off with the manipulative nonsense. The whole routine that you've pulled out repeatedly over your entire tenure in this community whenever someone has disagreed with you. The "can't you see I just want what's best for you, you [a bunch of namecalling and insults], don't you see how mean you're forcing me to be by speaking up for yourself in any way at all?" business. It's not a good look, and will not be tolerated further on this website. Please grow up and stop with the childish nonsense. If you really honestly believe it's unreasonable to request a line of attribution for SoM's pioneering work on portals in Doom, you can be an adult and say so without going into the theatrics and underhanded (and overhanded) insulting comments.
  14. esselfortium

    Ion Fury, a new Build Engine game out now.

    Looks like there are already some being worked on :)
  15. esselfortium

    Ion Fury, a new Build Engine game out now.

    They removed the blood. 😂