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  1. This past September I released an EP of fuzzy nostalgic vaporwavey tunes, called PC LOVE LETTER. Instead of starting with samples of pop music like vaporwave usually does, I wrote new music and sampled myself. It's on Bandcamp:
  2. I love the look of that layout on the grid! It looks like some sort of machine blueprint.
  3. This is the coolest thing, and thank you for writing about it in way that even I can understand. I'm really eager to see where this project goes.
  4. It sounds like you're having some PB & Jelly, so to speak
  5. It takes lots of learning and practice to master any artform. I think what we usually call "natural talent" really means that someone was able to enjoy that process enough that it didn't feel like work. Or, at least, that we didn't see them while they were struggling.
  6. If it seems like things are getting out of hand, just delete God's character file.
  7. My friend, there are way more than three stooges to be found here
  8. I'm absolutely heartbroken. I still can't stop crying. It's hard for me to conceive of a crueler or more senseless tragedy than this. Kate truly never got the chance she deserved in this world. I didn't know her quite as closely as some folks here, but I've always been in awe of her abilities. Kate was one-of-a-kind. A true genius as a creator, pairing her mad sense of humor with her incredible programming talent to bring unthinkably ambitious and inimitably clever ideas to life on a regular basis. Her optimism, good humor, and love for the family of friends she made online somehow seemed to forever persevere no matter the circumstances she was faced with in her life. Hearing from several people this week mourning Kate as their sister or best friend, I've learned just how many lives she touched in her time here on Earth, and I'm utterly crushed that she's gone. This is so unfair. I hate it.
  9. yes but do it anyway
  10. BTSX's palette optimizes out a lot of near-duplicates as well, but it was much more of an unplanned piecemeal affair than Ancient Aliens' palette probably was — I started out trying to change as little as possible, then as time went on it was another thing here and another thing there, figuring things out as I went, over the course of a few years. BTSX's palette is admittedly something of a disorganized mess because of that, particularly compared with Ancient Aliens' neatly organized palette, since I was always trying to avoid mucking up what was already done. This is why there are things like a completely fullbright purple range, a holdover from when there were only 5 purples like in Doom's original palette. On one hand, this is useful for some special effects, but on the other hand it means that the nice big 16-shade purple ramp is only barely usable for structural textures. There are some useful and possibly-not-well-known(?) palette optimizations worth noting in BTSX, though, like how you can chop out most of the bright yellows (there are a lot of them that are basically indistinguishable and are only ever used on some projectile sprites), and adjust the remaining ones to consolidate them from several completely different yellowish hues into one coherent ramp that colormaps more smoothly. You can also dramatically improve Doom's red ramp without having to steal any colors from elsewhere in the palette for it, by increasing the contrast on its lower half so that it fades down toward black, instead of leveling out to a medium-red like it inexplicably does in Doom's original palette.
  11. I'd been wanting a tool like this for a long time. Thank you!
  12. The mockaward is for comedy, but the only thing funny about lilith.pk3 is that it keeps attracting these kinds of posts
  13. So because the judges liked a wad you saw fit to throw a tantrum about when it came out (are you still not over this?!?), the awards are now suddenly a sham? 🤔