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  1. esselfortium

    Doom Music Composer Bobby Prince Battling Cancer

    I just got a bill in the mail for $1300 for one hour spent in the ER for a health scare last month. (It was a false alarm, don't worry.) That's with a health insurance plan. Without insurance, the bill for such a short time in the ER is an even more preposterous $3700. I can't afford to do that again, so next time I probably just won't go to the hospital, and will just have to hope that it's not something serious. This is with a health insurance plan that would cost over $500 per month if I wasn't getting an ACA subsidy. If my income increases, btw, the subsidy goes away. Our health care system absolutely does not work, and the bandaids that have been applied to try salvaging it have only made its failures more obvious.
  2. esselfortium

    Does Mayonnaise belong on pizza?

    Pineapple on pizza is fantastic with the right savory toppings to contrast against. Mayo I dunno. I've heard it's common in Japan, and I guess I could imagine it working with the Kewpie mayo they sell over there, which is a pretty good all-purpose flavor enhancer. I've had pizza with aioli on it, which is kind of a similar idea, it was tasty but it was such a heavy meal I felt like it took a few years off my life.
  3. Don't worry, having only some of the monsters use 3D models will still look just as bad as having all of them use them.
  4. esselfortium

    Quick basic questions about posting WADs with reused content

    In practice, textures from different IWADs get reused all the time. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  5. I'm amused by the responses saying that custom monsters are cool as long as you can ignore them and overwrite them with your own different custom monsters.
  6. New monsters are fun, using them well is an interesting but worthwhile challenge. A lot of custom monsters are interesting on their own but are too complicated compared to the standard set, which counterintuitively ends up making them a lot less versatile in actual usage. The Shadow and the Suicide Zombie are two I'd point to that fill simple and useful niches extremely effectively. The enhanced monsters in Ancient Aliens are also pretty fun, I like the extra bit of unpredictability that comes from arachnotrons sometimes splitting off into aracnorbs on death. edit: Oops, I think I meant to say Valiant, not Ancient Aliens!
  7. I do apologize if you have been asked this question... but I have to know, what is your profile pic from? Or is that an original? I keep seeing it and it sparked my curiosity.   

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      Ah! Well now, this looks cool. A visual novel based on National Parks personified as cute anime girls? Yes Please! 

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      No man can resist a girl in flannel.

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      Let's start a new adventure! 


  8. This has come up a bunch during BTSX, though in that case it was less about concurrent side projects and more about BTSX itself just taking several centuries. The oldest textures in the set dated back to 2009 or earlier, and a number of the early texture sets were updated or completely remade (sometimes two or three times!) because they were noticeably amateurish and I was always wanting to avoid using them. Some of E1's door textures and tekwall textures underwent several complete remakes before I settled on the ones that were actually released. The same thing happened with some of the maps -- E1M13 "I'll Replace You With Machines" was the oldest BTSX E1 level, starting in 2009 as a texture test, and E2M10 "Eureka Signs" originating as my texture test map for e2. Both maps grew into sprawling monsters and were effectively "finished" for a while before I realized I wasn't satisfied with them from a layout perspective or a visual perspective, and that they just didn't stack up to the other maps in the set, so they ended up getting pretty drastically reworked into much more interesting levels for the release. I have a lot of old unfinished projects aside from BTSX, some of which haven't even been posted about, I think. When I've come back to work on one of them again, there's been a choice to make between "do I want to preserve this as it is, warts and all" or "do I want to ship-of-theseus-paradox this into something better". I usually end up doing the latter, taking what's there as a starting point and gradually reworking or replacing it one piece at a time until I'm satisfied with it. It's easier to justify all the extra work to complete something if it's built on a base that I'm satisfied with, rather than something that feels clumsy and outdated. On the other hand, though, if something is 95% done and just needs to get across the finish line, it's probably smarter to keep things simple and let it be something of a historical artifact, and just concentrate mainly on that last 5% and anything that seems particularly egregious.
  9. esselfortium

    Back to Saturn X Episode 3 [WIP]

    It will be a trilogy, yes!
  10. esselfortium

    My Doom 1 and 2 PC Wads are pirated.

    I don't know why you would announce this...? Doomworld doesn't support piracy, as a general rule, but posting just to announce that you pirated the game is just... pointless.
  11. esselfortium

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Nice rain effects. I think the outside scene would be more realistic without the sharp directional shadows -- overcast sky means more indirect ambient light without a clear direction.
  12. esselfortium

    Is Plutonia 2 worth playing?

    It's definitely not Plutonia in anything but visual theme, but it's a lot of fun IMO. There are a few weak maps in there, but most of my memories of playing PL2 are really positive.
  13. esselfortium

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Incredible! I love everything about this image.
  14. esselfortium

    Subjective vision of new generations

    The 2000s were such a hilariously dire era that there is no way this is anything but nostalgia speaking.
  15. esselfortium

    Subjective vision of new generations

    Re: the anime discussion, the 2010s were easily the best decade of anime there‘s ever been, and I’m saying this as someone who grew up on 90s and early 2000s anime. Ignoring the redundant tropey stuff, the sheer quantity being produced nowadays allows for all sorts of interesting niches to be filled outside of the obligatory lowest-denominator series. It is also very funny to see the Black Eyed Peas cited as a time when music was better. I was around 13 when I first heard them, and at the time they just seemed like another sign of music getting worse. (They’re okay in retrospect, I was a dumb judgmental kid.) All this means is that you’re either old and judgmental, or young and judgmental.