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Status Updates posted by esselfortium

  1. Back to Saturn X E1 is ten years old today... It's strange because creating it still feels so recent to me, even though I also think I've learned and grown a lot since then. Time is weird.

    1. Zylinderkatze


      Time is weird! 


      Happy Anniversary!

  2. My latest soundtrack work has been released! These songs were written for the visual novel Heart of the Woods. The music is wintry and atmospheric with a focus on strings, piano, and acoustic guitar. My contributions make up the OST "Snowfall".

    BandCamp link





    I put this together over the past couple months. It's the soundtrack to Sol Hemochroma, and also a standalone EP for your listening pleasure! Lots of dreamy guitars on this one.

    Grab it from Bandcamp: https://esselfortium.bandcamp.com/album/sol-hemochroma-ost-piaculum-arcana

  4. Here's a new song by me!

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    2. Jimmy


      Solid transitions between major-key and minor-key feels with just a few different chords. The electric guitars with the gentle attack almost sound like a warm synthesizer pad at times, and all these different textures blend together very soothingly. Your mixing is second-to-none as always, all the layers here are incredibly clean-sounding. Fab work. ♥

    3. mun


      Why is this named "Restless One"? It sounds relaxing to me.

      For me, it sounds nostalgic, but that's just me.

    4. esselfortium


      It's a character theme for a very tired girl.


      Thanks for the kind words, everyone :)

  5. Coming soon from Aether Interactive




    1. esselfortium


      I wrote an album's worth of new music for this game. It's coming out for Humble subscribers next month, and later this year to everyone else. It's a cyberpunk adventure and it's good

    2. Jimmy


      Congrats on this!!

    3. esselfortium
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    2. Captain Ventris

      Captain Ventris

      Oh wow, I've only just hit the initial break in Funeral Benefits and I'm already in love. Customer Service Beam felt like a deleted scene from Local Hero, which is some very high praise indeed. This is EXCELLENT stuff. I'd listen to hours of this, easy.

    3. CorianderCastor


      So this is vaporwave? I can get on board with this.

    4. esselfortium


      Thanks for listening! I'm glad folks have been enjoying this so much :)

  6. releasing a vaporwave EP very soon called PC LOVE LETTER, composed in a weeklong frenzy and mastered to a grainy cassette tape

    1. printz


      ahh i misread Vaporware!

    2. ⇛Marnetmar⇛


      Will the bonus tracks include a Vaporwave demo? c:

    3. esselfortium


      no relation to the Vaporware mapset!


      6 original compositions, no pop samples, and lots of foggy Boards-of-Canada haziness, coming to bandcamp in just a few days :)

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    2. Csonicgo


      <3 I love these!

    3. Bashe


      Now THIS is true djent...


      (Your music is amazing :))

    4. Rubilacxe


      The music is a big part of what made BTSX so awesome to me. Thanks for this awesome music!

  7. New avatar, from something dumb.


    Tama doesn't understand complicated issues, like how to pronounce her own name.

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    2. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      It begs the question: What is she good at, aside of being confused?

    3. esselfortium


      She is very good at drinking strawberry milk, and yelling.

    4. Tracer


      Oh my God, is so awesome!

  8. Just successfully upgraded my early-2015 hackintosh from Mac OS 10.10 to 10.12 :)


    Hackintosh stuff can get pretty tricky and technical due to the nature of running an OS on unsupported hardware, but this upgrade actually went more smoothly than I expected. I planned for the worst and was expecting ethernet or USB to die or something, but all I've had to do is run a script to get audio working again and it seems pretty solid so far. Yay.

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    2. DoctorGenesis


      @printz Wow, that site makes it sound like you shouldn't buy anything from Apple.

    3. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt

      I kinda want to try the hackintosh route sometime. OS X is the most comfortable OS for me, but macintosh hardware is so expensive. On the other hand "tricky and technical" sounds like something I should stay far away from.

    4. esselfortium


      @Grain of Salt It can be a bit of an adventure for sure, and probably isn't for the faint of heart, but I've also found it really rewarding. There are recommended parts lists online, which help a lot by ensuring compatibility and dramatically increasing the likelihood of finding forum threads where other people with the same or similar hardware have already solved the same problems you're having. When I built mine a couple years ago, I strictly followed the recommended lists, and as a result it's been pretty easy to find help when I run into problems.


      A few months ago I built a hackintosh for my father, straying away from the recommended lists so I could make it more affordable, and ended up running into problems with the built-in audio (so he's been using USB speakers) and certain USB ports not working (so he's been using a hub). It's worked well otherwise, and I might give fixing those remaining issues another try this weekend since I'm feeling motivated and capable after yesterday's success. We'll see how long that feeling lasts after another session of trial and error though, lol :p

  9. Exclusive preview of my next map


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    2. BigDickBzzrak


      ...do we really have to wait until December for the Cacowards?

    3. TheUltimateDoomer666


      I'm confused what is all this strange anime stuff

    4. Gothic


      Community Chest 5 looks great so far

  10. New avatar is from a silly image of Kotori from Rewrite. I had been thinking of using a snarky Akane instead but here we are. Seele is probably the only person here who'll recognize any of this, but whatever. I'll probably manage to harangue Tarnsman into reading Rewrite sooner or later, at least.


    Rewrite is a visual novel and it's a hell of a journey -- its scope is massive and it hits on a lot of the things I loved about Madoka and Evangelion. (The anime adaptation is an awful disaster, avoid.)

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    2. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt

      Bring back The Cloud

    3. esselfortium


      we are all in the cloud, now, truly.

    4. HavoX


      It's cute! I like it!

  11. I dunno if anyone else here cares about this, but:




    3gatsu no Lion is getting another season! As a slow-burn character drama it seemed like the sort of show that wouldn't be a big enough hit to justify making more of, so this announcement is a very nice surprise. The adaptation so far has been fantastic, and I've heard lots of praise for the later parts of the manga.

    1. sesq


      can you give me a little primer on what it is?


      im not an anime person usually

    2. esselfortium


      It's an introspective drama about a competitive shogi player who struggles with depression. It's got some great character work and lots of abstract/playful visual direction.

  12. me opening the doomworld activity feed:


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    2. Tarnsman


      The absence of blogs has really dampened the quality Doomworld shitposting. It really is a shame. Honestly I don't know if I can live without Hellbent and Goatlord's stream of consciousness threads.


      Who else will dare to question things like whether or not it's okay to fall asleep while driving!?

    3. esselfortium



      Who else will dare to question things like whether or not it's okay to fall asleep while driving!?

      Is it okay to sleep while posting?

    4. Ledillman


      ESSEL CHAN <3

  13. you're a dork

    1. Seele00TextOnly
    2. Lüt


      I can see status updates will be allowing users to provide many valuable contributions to the community.

  14. dX3LrrK.png

    where's btsx e3

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    2. Job


      Essel is making good use of the new forum features. I approve.

    3. Bashe


      please release i wan't to do a let is us play of it :)

    4. Tarnsman


      Every time someone asks for a BTSX release a magical fairy flies into one of the maps and deletes 20% of the linedefs, delaying the release further.

  15. deadpan unimpressed rei is a good avatar.

    1. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt

      The source is http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=37936828 jsyk. May all your days be filled with casual reis.

  16. Hi folks! This is honestly a pretty crummy subject to have to talk about in a big public forum post, but it's long overdue that I get this off my chest, so I'll make this quick and get it over with:

    I'm a transgender woman and I'm in the process of undergoing HRT. This is a really exciting and important thing for me, and the past year and a half of my life has already been way better for it. It also isn't a decision that was made lightly -- on the contrary, it's been the scariest and most difficult thing I've ever had to do in my life.

    Those of you who already know have been tremendously supportive beyond my wildest expectations, and I feel extremely fortunate to have made such amazing friends here. The Doom community is a pretty awesome place. With your help and reassurance, this post was way less stressful to make, so thank you!

    To everyone else who's just hearing about this now, I'm not going to be a different person than you've known on the forums since forever. This is who I've always been, something I was internally grappling with even before I registered here on Doomworld a long as heck time ago. So my posting will still be as lousy as you've come to expect, etc, etc.

    Given the problems that have been had with some other threads in recent memory, I'm just going to remind everyone that this is a personal blog thread and not a gender politics debate. With that said, I realize that this is a subject that's unfamiliar to a lot of people, so questions are welcome, just please be respectful. Thanks!


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    2. jute


      Stapler said:

      I'm a bit late to the party, but I just want to say that what you're doing has to take a ton more courage than just about anyone has, and I wish you the absolute best of luck.

      What Stapler said. And thank you for all your contributions to the Doom community!

  17. It's kind of like being 25, but older.

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    2. EarthQuake


      Holy shit, you're still alive!

    3. dg93


      Happy birthday!

    4. Tritnew


      Happy Birthday, keep DOOMing Dude!

  18. I'm apparently a magnet for them! Every day is full of excitement.

    Today's helping:

    From what I've been previously informed, j4rio and I are actually the same person. This discovery was as surprising to me as it surely will be to all the rest of you, especially j4rio.

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    2. Armaetus


      I still have the anti-Brutal Doom Retard Brigade disliking my videos for no reason whatsoever, which includes people like DrewPicklesOgre and co.

    3. Obsidian


      Mr. Chris said:

      I still have the anti-Brutal Doom Retard Brigade disliking my videos for no reason whatsoever, which includes people like DrewPicklesOgre and co.

      That's nice.[/mrsbrown]

      Block 'em and forget 'em. Besides, since when does a dislike from a moron actually count?

    4. GreyGhost


      Repercussions of Essel

      Vyle Phinder waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were j4rios in the forum. He didn't see them, but had expected them now for years. His warnings to FaceBook were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway.
      Vyle was a intahnet tuff guy for fourteen years. When he was young he lurked the forums and he said to dad "I want to be on the forums daddy."
      Dad said "No! You will BE BAN BY ESSEL"
      There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got oldered he stopped. But now in the forums of the Doomworld he knew there were j4rios.
      "This is FaceBook" the radio crackered. "You must flame the j4rios!"
      So Vyle gotted his Brutal Doom and blew up the firewall.
      "HE GOING TO TROLL US" said the j4rios
      "I will shoot at him" said the cumulonimbus and he fired the ban cannon. Vyle haxxored at him and tried to troll him up. But then the server crashed and they were trapped and not able to flame.
      "No! I must flame the j4rios" he shouted
      The radio said "No, Vyle. You are the j4rios"
      And then Vyle was buttsex BtSX.

      EDIT - re-worked for the lutz.

  19. I'm going to be posting up a bunch of free music in the near future, along with dorky little articles about the songs' production.

    The first one, "New Faction", was an experiment to see what sorts of sounds I could coax out of an extremely restrictive synth/sampler that I usually don't bother with.

    You can hear the song here: http://essel.spork-chan.net/2012/05/limitations-part-1-new-faction/

    If you liked "18 Apostolos" from Seventeen More Times you'll probably like this too. Check it out! Share it with your friends! Put it in salads!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. esselfortium


      Thanks guys! :)

      After a lot of procrastinating, tonight I finally got the accompanying article done for "Valley of Echoes," the second song in my Limitations series. It's a spacey, melodic breakbeat tune produced under weird esoteric limits, and more importantly the song is a free download!

      Go download Valley of Echoes, then disperse it throughout the fibers of the internet!

    3. esselfortium


      One on Twoism Vol. 5 has been released! It's a free compilation of downtempo electronica, and I have a couple of new songs featured on it. http://essel.spork-chan.net/2012/08/one-on-twoism-vol-5-released/

    4. Hellbent


      That's some professional website you got there. Are you Icelandic?

      edit: you should do an e1m3 remix.

  20. Because one bad post deserves another.

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    2. Use



      happy birthday

    3. baronofheck82


      Happy birthday, you son of a bitch

  21. IT'S DONE :D

    Update: I've just set up a streaming site where you can listen to my new album for free online. Take a listen here for free!

    Album is buyable from CDBaby and iTunes.


    High-quality physical CD and MP3 downloads are available from CDBaby.com: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/esselfortium2

    01. Quantum Magic
    02. Zwei
    03. Invis
    04. Treetops
    05. Descent
    06. Hibernator (White Moon)
    07. Dirac
    08. Other/Self
    09. Final Outpost
    10. Introjection
    11. 18 Apostolos
    12. Light of the Soul
    13. Apollo (Black Moon)
    14. The Beast That Shouted "I" at the Heart of the World
    15. Close Hands/Open Hands
    16. Andante

    Free streaming previews of Zwei, Introjection, and 18 Apostolos are up on my SoundCloud page. Andante has a music video up on YouTube.

    Seventeen More Times is a full-length album I've written and produced over the past four years. It's entirely instrumental, and bridges a wide range of styles from upbeat electronica to cinematic downtempo pieces to heavy psychedelic rock.

    Higher Plain Music wrote an absolutely glowing review of the album, and so in all my vanity I'll just quote part of that in lieu of anything else to say:

    “Seventeen More Times” is an album best enjoyed as a whole. There’s different cycles throughout the album and each one plays its act in setting up the next track. You won’t feel the absolute rebirth of “Andante” if you havent crawled the depths of the previous three tracks. For that, for its craftmenship and for his ability to form absolutely storming tracks in all different guises, Esselfortium’s latest album is a triumph. Make this your 2011 new artist discovery.

    Album is gettable here.

    Hope you all enjoy :)


    Click here to hear it online! Did I mention you can listen for free?

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. esselfortium


      Thanks guys :)

      I was checking around CDBaby today and discovered that I'm currently the top-listed album for Breakbeat/Breaks, and one of the Editor's Picks for both Breakbeat/Breaks and Ambient.

      Unfortunately that hasn't really translated into more than a handful of sales, but it was still pretty amazing to see.

      Album is still available for listening completely free via a stream on my site, and still available for purchase via physical CD or MP3 download on CDBaby.

    3. esselfortium


      Beauty, creation, peace, destruction, pollution and chaos are all on the radar screen as Seventeen More Times displays a panoramic view worth peering into.


      Igloo Magazine reviewed it! *jumps up and down and squeals girlishly*

    4. Planky


      Very positive review - deservedly so.