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  1. Hi folks! This is honestly a pretty crummy subject to have to talk about in a big public forum post, but it's long overdue that I get this off my chest, so I'll make this quick and get it over with:

    I'm a transgender woman and I'm in the process of undergoing HRT. This is a really exciting and important thing for me, and the past year and a half of my life has already been way better for it. It also isn't a decision that was made lightly -- on the contrary, it's been the scariest and most difficult thing I've ever had to do in my life.

    Those of you who already know have been tremendously supportive beyond my wildest expectations, and I feel extremely fortunate to have made such amazing friends here. The Doom community is a pretty awesome place. With your help and reassurance, this post was way less stressful to make, so thank you!

    To everyone else who's just hearing about this now, I'm not going to be a different person than you've known on the forums since forever. This is who I've always been, something I was internally grappling with even before I registered here on Doomworld a long as heck time ago. So my posting will still be as lousy as you've come to expect, etc, etc.

    Given the problems that have been had with some other threads in recent memory, I'm just going to remind everyone that this is a personal blog thread and not a gender politics debate. With that said, I realize that this is a subject that's unfamiliar to a lot of people, so questions are welcome, just please be respectful. Thanks!


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    2. Trilinear


      AgentSpork said:

      I couldn't be happier for you, Sarah.

      Ditto :)

    3. jute


      Stapler said:

      I'm a bit late to the party, but I just want to say that what you're doing has to take a ton more courage than just about anyone has, and I wish you the absolute best of luck.

      What Stapler said. And thank you for all your contributions to the Doom community!