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  1. So, I'm at least a month late on doing this, but here's the official release thread for my debut album, A Terrible Flood.

    (cover artwork by Steve McNamara)

    A Terrible Flood is a 74-minute album, containing 18 songs of various styles, including breakbeat, downtempo, IDM, and drum'n'bass. Major influences include Boards of Canada, fat jon, Moby, Joe Boyd Vigil, and many others.

    Is this a spam post? No way! Even if you have no interest whatsoever in purchasing A Terrible Flood and supporting your friendly neighborhood esselfortium, there are five free songs from it that you can download from this here link!

    If you like the completely free music you've just listened to and want the full experience, it can be purchased from CDBaby.com! It's just like shareware, only not anything like shareware at all actually! :D

    Our very own Killingblair and Hobbs are satisfied customers. Tell me, would anyone truly not want to join these noble ranks?

    But don't take my word for it! Here's what other people are saying about A Terrible Flood:

    This is quite impressive. I can tell that you've got musical skills and the pieces are sonically interesting. There are a variety of styles on the album, yet a certain musical passion remains consistent throughout. It's almost like there are several albums compiled into one. There's a range in there between Nalpordyh to Skybox that's really moving - I like the short interesting vignettes.
    - Kurt "Peff" Kurasaki, author of Power Tools for Reason 3.0 (peff.com)

    There's so much energy in it; you can really hear you love what you're doing. [...] This album doesn't sound derivative of anything, it sounds like you're just having a blast making electronic stuff. [...] Really varied but works really well, everything sits together in a brilliant context.
    - Tom "Stompp" Pritchard, producer

    If you like melodies, breakbeats, emotion, or all 3, check this one out — you’ll be happy you spent the money.
    - Justin Smith, flawedLOGIC.org (full review at http://flawedlogic.org/2007/02/23/esselfortium-a-terrible-flood-great-road-trip-tunes)

    I have listened to a wide variety of electronic music in various flavors. Essel's CD, even in its formative stages, caught my attention. Surprisingly listenable, constantly undergoing revision, A Terrible Flood is a genuine -- and successful -- effort. Featuring songs in the classic sample tradition (The Airport) to darker and more ambient moments (Chilled), A Terrible Flood may not break new ground but stakes its territory among other works in its genre assertively.
    - Omer Ikizler, satisfied customer

    Fantastic, absolutely fantastic. It is not often that you find good music these days, A Terrible Flood is one of those exceptions. It has emotion, flow, ups, downs, soft bits, hard bits, and all sorts of other bits. And it all comes together smoothly and seamlessly into an album that is definetly just a little more than bip boop noises for the masses.
    - Hobbs, troll with really huge guts

    Good music is good.
    - Killingblair

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    2. esselfortium


      deathz0r said:

      I demand a signed copy

      buy one directly from me and i'll do it :P

    3. Use


      If you become famous don't forget the little guys.

    4. Danarchy


      Wow, that's pretty goiod. I'm jealous. I've always wanted to be a musician and I could never get the production right in Fruity Loops and couldn't afford anything else. Sadly at this point I'm not so into electronic music. I'd need a few guitars, a moog, a sax, a sitar, a hurdy-gurdy, and several percussion instruments to make the kind of music I'd want to make. Sadly I haven't the money for that either. Not even one of them. :(