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  1. :3

    I went with two friends from school, and some other Porcupine Tree fans from school I hadn't met before. We got there a couple hours early and waited outside so we could get good spots inside.

    Since I didn't actually own any of their albums and I was in need of some more variety of the t-shirt assortment, I bought the Fear of a Blank Planet album-cover shirt, plus Fear of a Blank Planet, In Absentia, and Nil Recurring (new EP) on CD.

    For the actual show I ended up getting to stand in the second row, right in the middle so I got a good view of Steven Wilson. There was this kid who had been to six (SIX) (SIXXXX ._.) of their shows on just this tour alone, who was hogging the front row space in front of me. I was displeased, but the show was absolutely incredible anyway.

    The opening band, Three, was pretty decent, but Porcupine Tree's performance was..words just can't do it justice. There was so much energy, they played a ton of great songs (really, I can't think of any songs of theirs I wouldn't want to see live), and they just sounded amazing.

    Outside after the show, we waited for an hour or so for the band to come out, and we eventually got to talk to some of them before they left. Steven signed my new copy of In Absentia. I told him the show was incredible, he said he was glad to hear I was so moved by it.

    Oh god I know I'm just going on and on but it was pretty glorious :O

    EDIT EDIT EDIT: Okay, here's the fixed tracklist.

    Fear of a Blank Planet
    What Happens Now?
    The Sound of Muzak
    Anesthetize (!!!)
    Open Car
    My Ashes
    Blackest Eyes
    Cheating the Polygraph
    Half Light
    Way Out of Here
    Sleep Together

    Dark Matter

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    2. zap610


      Hay essel! O/

    3. alexz721


      Great band. I didn't even know they had released a new EP. Seems like I just listened to Fear of a Blank Planet.

    4. esselfortium


      alexz721 said:

      Great band. I didn't even know they had released a new EP. Seems like I just listened to Fear of a Blank Planet.

      The new EP is currently only available at concerts and through mail-order. It's got four songs from the Fear of a Blank Planet sessions that didn't make it onto the album. It's pretty good! :D