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  1. IT'S DONE :D

    Update: I've just set up a streaming site where you can listen to my new album for free online. Take a listen here for free!

    Album is buyable from CDBaby and iTunes.


    High-quality physical CD and MP3 downloads are available from CDBaby.com: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/esselfortium2

    01. Quantum Magic
    02. Zwei
    03. Invis
    04. Treetops
    05. Descent
    06. Hibernator (White Moon)
    07. Dirac
    08. Other/Self
    09. Final Outpost
    10. Introjection
    11. 18 Apostolos
    12. Light of the Soul
    13. Apollo (Black Moon)
    14. The Beast That Shouted "I" at the Heart of the World
    15. Close Hands/Open Hands
    16. Andante

    Free streaming previews of Zwei, Introjection, and 18 Apostolos are up on my SoundCloud page. Andante has a music video up on YouTube.

    Seventeen More Times is a full-length album I've written and produced over the past four years. It's entirely instrumental, and bridges a wide range of styles from upbeat electronica to cinematic downtempo pieces to heavy psychedelic rock.

    Higher Plain Music wrote an absolutely glowing review of the album, and so in all my vanity I'll just quote part of that in lieu of anything else to say:

    “Seventeen More Times” is an album best enjoyed as a whole. There’s different cycles throughout the album and each one plays its act in setting up the next track. You won’t feel the absolute rebirth of “Andante” if you havent crawled the depths of the previous three tracks. For that, for its craftmenship and for his ability to form absolutely storming tracks in all different guises, Esselfortium’s latest album is a triumph. Make this your 2011 new artist discovery.

    Album is gettable here.

    Hope you all enjoy :)


    Click here to hear it online! Did I mention you can listen for free?

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    2. esselfortium


      Thanks guys :)

      I was checking around CDBaby today and discovered that I'm currently the top-listed album for Breakbeat/Breaks, and one of the Editor's Picks for both Breakbeat/Breaks and Ambient.

      Unfortunately that hasn't really translated into more than a handful of sales, but it was still pretty amazing to see.

      Album is still available for listening completely free via a stream on my site, and still available for purchase via physical CD or MP3 download on CDBaby.

    3. esselfortium


      Beauty, creation, peace, destruction, pollution and chaos are all on the radar screen as Seventeen More Times displays a panoramic view worth peering into.


      Igloo Magazine reviewed it! *jumps up and down and squeals girlishly*

    4. Planky


      Very positive review - deservedly so.