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  1. esselfortium

    Is there any difference in terms of playing between GZDoom and 200X320 Doom?

    GZDoom also changes some gameplay behavior, like making the invisibility sphere act completely differently than it's supposed to, or making decoration sprites block projectiles by default. The latter especially has resulted in a lot of "dumb mapper shouldn't have put this lamp here to let me totally cheese this cyberdemon fight" comments from players who don't know any better.
  2. esselfortium

    I did a new icon for .wad/.pk3 files

    This icon gives me The Nostalgias™.
  3. esselfortium

    Asian giant hornets have reached the US

    Does this apply to other small things, like germs? Can we get a video of you trying to beat up the common cold?
  4. What's the point of even living if I can't load up Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 to repeatedly punch a turkey with no other distractions? This seems like a misstep for the franchise.
  5. esselfortium

    Back to Saturn X Episode 2

    Back to Saturn X Episode 2: Tower in the Fountain of Sparks The second episode of Back to Saturn X is now officially in public beta! We've been working our tails off getting everything together and we're really excited to finally be able to show it. Tower in the Fountain of Sparks takes place on the dark side of Saturn X, where the UAC had set out to uncover the mysteries of the seemingly-abandoned alien cultures that once lived there. Settings include ancient ruins, dilapidated research outposts, gothic temples, and more. This is a beta release, so please let us know if you run into anything that seems broken or unintended! As with the previous episode, Tower in the Fountain of Sparks is a fully vanilla-Doom2.exe-compatible mapset, and should be fully compatible with most common ports. Due to the mapping tricks and custom palette/colormap, software rendering is recommended for best effect when playing in a source port. Textfile: Pasteblim Public Beta 3: Downloag Two wad files are included. Load them both! (Beta 3 is just a basic maintenance update to correct some names in the credits; there are no other exciting changes from beta 2. Sorry for the anticlimax there, but this fix was overdue!)
  6. esselfortium

    *UPDATE* lostres 2.1 - Doom unused sprites, flats, and textures

    Amazing, thank you for taking the time to organize all these loose odds and ends!
  7. It’s because there’s a corner. Look at the ceiling, there’s a smooth transition between colors on the flat surface there.
  8. esselfortium

    Ren initializes Third Impact

    Why is this a thread?
  9. The walls are so thin I can hear my neighbors groaning and hissing at all hours of the day and night. What are they doing in there?! The corner store is literally radioactive, and there are only so many recipes I can learn that use skulls and ash. None of the infrastructure has been maintained in years, either. I have to walk to work every morning because my car can't navigate around the molten lava pits in the middle of the road. How has no one patched these up yet?? 0/5 would NOT recommend living in Romero Tenements
  10. In compiling a lot of resource wads and a few mapsets over the years, I've sometimes run into situations where I can't remember which version of a map is in the compiled wad, or I can't remember which resource wad something originally came from. Because there is no concept of a "Date Modified" field or other tags for lumps, the only solution is to guess and check, which can be frustratingly time-consuming. I had an idea recently to solve this issue, via a METADATA lump that could be automatically managed by Slade and other tools when editing a wad, and could contain additional data for each lump in the wad. When a lump is copied from another wad, Slade could include metadata for the filename and Date Modified of the file they originated from. This would enable mapset compilers to more easily determine whether or not they have the most up-to-date version of a given map, for instance. Ideally GZDoomBuilder could also be set up to maintain date-modified tags for the map lumps themselves. Reusable assets like textures and MIDIs could be set up with additional metadata specifying their authors, so that this information would easily follow them when they're put into other wads. This would make it far easier to track down the origins of resources, even from a second- or third-generation copy that didn't have a thorough credits list. Because Doom ignores unknown lumps (unless you're trying to load them as a map/graphic/etc) this would be a completely vanilla-compatible way to extend the wad format to be more editor-friendly. Thoughts? I'm curious to hear developer opinions on this, and there are probably a lot of other usage possibilities I haven't thought of, too.
  11. esselfortium

    Idea: METADATA lump for Slade and Doom Builder

    It'd be great to see this implemented someday, it'd be so useful even in a basic form.
  12. esselfortium

    Who are "YEDS"?

    They're fine to use, they were all borrowed from other existing free-to-use texture packs or made custom for 32in24.
  13. esselfortium

    What are the dumbest map names you've heard of?

    If I remember right, the map didn't have a name until it was close to finished, and that one was picked mainly to be funny. A food-related name for a map by Foodles may have also factored into it.
  14. esselfortium

    Is Oblige banned in Doomworld?

    I think Slige was just on the infamous list because there were some incidents back in dinosaur times involving dumb kids trying to claim Slige maps as their own work and making asses of themselves about it. There's nothing wrong with level generators themselves, but the air was thick with Drama back then.
  15. esselfortium

    Tormentor667. Care to explain why you plagiarised Epic 2?

    Thanks, I'll pass this along to 2012 me. "Stop being upset about a popular community member trying to steal your unreleased work from under your nose, your work doesn't matter as much as his reputation anyway :-)" Come to think of it, if I hadn't taken it seriously enough to investigate possible rips prior to Refinery's release, I could have been the one called out later for suspiciously similar work if I had released my original versions after his mirrored "original work do not steel" rips of them had already come out!
  16. esselfortium

    Tormentor667. Care to explain why you plagiarised Epic 2?

    Since examples are being posted, I found some comparison gifs I made of a couple of the (many) resources that Tormentor attempted to rip off. They were changed in Refinery's public release after some argument when he was caught in the lie, but these are what were originally sent to me as 'from-scratch remakes': At the time, I was absolutely furious. Now the boldness of the lie just makes me laugh. Putting my own work in front of me in a thinly-disguised form, and asking me to officially sign off on it not being mine.
  17. esselfortium

    Tormentor667. Care to explain why you plagiarised Epic 2?

    I spoke with Tormentor privately about his plagiarism of my resources all the way back in 2012, and Dragonfly's and MTrop's examples have demonstrated that handling things privately had no effect on his behavior.
  18. esselfortium

    Tormentor667. Care to explain why you plagiarised Epic 2?

    I've hidden a bunch of low-effort memespam posts in this thread, please knock it off.
  19. esselfortium

    Tormentor667. Care to explain why you plagiarised Epic 2?

    Ow, that's pretty bad. It should also be noted that this isn't the first time Tormentor667 has plagiarized. When he left TSoZD on bad terms and pulled z2m3 from the project to finish it as a standalone release, he was asked not to release some custom textures I had made specifically for use in TSoZD. He mirrored my resources in an image editor and told me that he had remade them from scratch. The public release didn't use the mirrored versions, because he was caught in the act (I made mirrored comparison gifs similar to what Dragonfly posted here), but he tried passing the edits off as original and vehemently denied having copied them when I pointed it out. At the time I didn't think of it as a possible pattern, but now I wonder what else has been ripped.
  20. esselfortium

    Doomguy emits light, anyway of removing it?

    If you use something other than ZDoom, the lighting effect won't be quite so pronounced. Doom's light-diminishing effect isn't supposed to make very dark walls become fullbright when you stand in front of them. (I haven't checked in a while, though, so maybe ZDoom has fixed this in recent years.)
  21. esselfortium

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Dark Scythe

    BTW, I'm looking forward to seeing folks play through MAP23 -- it's a tricky one :)
  22. esselfortium

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Dark Scythe

    MAP29 and MAP30 here are the greatest levels I've ever seen.
  23. esselfortium

    What would you do if an actual invasion of Earth by Hell happened?

    Finally, I can have a pet caco...
  24. esselfortium

    Project DARK (SCYTHE) - Now on /idgames!

    I'm in!
  25. esselfortium

    Back to Saturn X Episode 3 [WIP]