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  1. Back to Saturn X Episode 2: Tower in the Fountain of Sparks The second episode of Back to Saturn X is now officially in public beta released! We've been working our tails off getting everything together and we're really excited to finally be able to show it. Tower in the Fountain of Sparks takes place on the dark side of Saturn X, where the UAC had set out to uncover the mysteries of the seemingly-abandoned alien cultures that once lived there. Settings include ancient ruins, dilapidated research outposts, gothic temples, and more. This is a beta release, so please let us know if you run into anything that seems broken or unintended! As with the previous episode, Tower in the Fountain of Sparks is a fully vanilla-Doom2.exe-compatible mapset, and should be fully compatible with most common ports. Due to the mapping tricks and custom palette/colormap, software rendering is recommended for best effect when playing in a source port. Version 1.0.1: Downloaf Two wad files are included. Load them both!
  2. esselfortium

    Saint Alfonzo's Darkbase - /idgames release

    It’s glorious.
  3. esselfortium

    did doomworld modernize or something?

    Doomworld changed its forum software quite a while ago, back in 2017 I think, because the old hacked-up VBulletin version that it used to run on was unmaintainable and full of security holes.
  4. esselfortium

    The Doom backpack sprite looks like a dog face

    Thank you, I'll never unsee it.
  5. esselfortium

    Judgment - 32 Map MBF21 Megawad (RC1)

    Woah, congrats on the release! This looks great.
  6. Obligatory video embed.
  7. esselfortium

    Let's talk palettes

    Thanks, that's pretty much exactly what I was hoping to achieve with the 32in24 palette! If I remember right, I originally set it up when we were doing a capture-the-flag themed 32in24, which is a theme that (of course) relies heavily on the reds and blues. I wanted to keep them looking reasonably Doomy, but make them easier on the eyes when the entire map is painted with them. And to explain a bit more, the red range isn't actually tinted (as far as I can remember), but it is adjusted to fade much closer to black instead of tapering off at a medium-brightness shade like the vanilla palette does, so as a result it's able to avoid the red-to-brown color glitches that you get with the vanilla palette. The same red range modifications are also in the BTSX palette.
  8. esselfortium

    Doomworld Musicians, serenade us with your beautiful music!

    Pulverize - Industrial metal inspired by Doom 2016 Solenne (Garden of Thorns) - Haunting victorian orchestral
  9. esselfortium

    Playing through Punish2.wad 28 years after making it

    Woah, welcome back! This is a fun watch, the sound effects are great, haha.
  10. esselfortium

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    Historically the Mordeth award has prioritized projects with lengthy and public development-hell sagas, and projects that were anticipated for long enough to become a punchline, like TNT2, or Mordeth itself.
  11. esselfortium

    Supplice - Wishlist on Steam!

    That's correct :) The versions you heard in the demo are my arrangements, but in the final release we plan to have a switch for the MIDI versions so you can get those if you prefer. Glad you're liking the soundtrack! We really wanted to do something different from the standard approach here and give Supplice's music a unique feel that could be recognizable as Supplice's own sound. It's not planned to be the first level of the game.
  12. esselfortium

    Doom Builder X 2021.1 (September 20) - map editor

    Thank you for the patch! It's good to see you again.
  13. That sounds great. I think for adding metadata fields, the safest and most guaranteed-to-not-cause-compat-issues route is probably to use # comments in the deh patch. Also, I would love to see this backported to DBX and/or GZDB-BF, since UDB refuses to run on my computer...
  14. esselfortium

    New rule against offsite harassment

    Let's not play games about what "really" constitutes hatefulness. To use an example that was brought up above and has since been debated to death for some reason (why?? go outside or something), the belief that LGBT people are immoral does not belong on this website, period. This thread has clearly run its course (and then some), so I'm locking it.
  15. Eternity Engine: 6 Chocolate Doom (really, Chocorenderlimits): 2 GZDoom: 1
  16. esselfortium

    Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl Reloaded

    Nice, congrats on the release!
  17. esselfortium

    Portals for multiple floors/Several stacked rooms

    Building a bunch of floors with 3D floors is easy, sure, until you want to make them all different overlapping shapes and detail them. Heartland is a good example that's full of maps that would be a complete nightmare to build with 3D floors.
  18. esselfortium

    home improvement reboot (split)

    Please explain what you meant by your post.
  19. esselfortium

    home improvement reboot (split)

    Bad reply. Please do explain why lack of "minority empowerment" makes something "bearable". Your words, not mine.
  20. esselfortium

    home improvement reboot (split)

    edit: Kyka, including "minority empowerment" in your list of grievances is really giving your whole game away.
  21. esselfortium

    BTSX Arranged: What do you want to hear?

    Interesting, looking forward to hearing what you do. "BTSX Arrange" is what I've been calling my own project to do new arrangements of some BTSX tracks:
  22. Awesome news, congrats!
  23. esselfortium

    Why I left this community.

    Awesome, thank you Lüt!
  24. esselfortium

    I love Cacodemons

    I love caco.