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  1. esselfortium

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    OMG, it’s out! Great work all :D
  2. esselfortium

    Recommended Soundfonts?

    Chiming in to agree with the posts recommending SoundCanvas instruments. You can pretty safely assume that 99% of the Doom MIDIs out there were composed with those instruments in mind, just because they've been the defaults in Windows since forever, and we haven't been in the wild west of "every computer has different-sounding midi hardware" for a few decades now. SoundCanvas is also what was used when composing the original Doom and Doom II music, for what that's worth.
  3. In celebration of Doom's birthday, we've prepared a little episode called "Get Out Of My Stations". It's a partial conversion that runs in Doom2.exe or any compatible port. It features 20 21 22 maps in addition to a recurring hub, and a ton of new textures and music. This is a beta release, so despite the extensive testing and revision that's been done throughout development, you might run into some bugs. Hopefully not, but if you do, please let us know so we can fix them for the next version :) ZDoom users, be sure to grab a recent SVN build to avoid rendering glitches. Back to Saturn X E1 requires r3935 or later to run as intended. BTSX Episode 1 version 1.1.4: Downloaf (now on /idgames!) edit: Episode 2 beta is out! Get the second installment of Back to Saturn X here.
  4. This stuff is amazing to read about, and the Doom engine continues to be a horrifying nightmare mess. Thanks for doing this research! It'd indeed be interesting to see if nodebuilders can make use of this knowledge somehow for more vanilla-efficient builds.



    I put this together over the past couple months. It's the soundtrack to Sol Hemochroma, and also a standalone EP for your listening pleasure! Lots of dreamy guitars on this one.

    Grab it from Bandcamp: https://esselfortium.bandcamp.com/album/sol-hemochroma-ost-piaculum-arcana

  6. esselfortium

    OTEX texture set to be released December 10, 2018

    Yyyyyyyeeeeeeesssssssss These are beautiful and I hope they get a lot of use.
  7. esselfortium

    Back to Saturn X Episode 2

    Back to Saturn X Episode 2: Tower in the Fountain of Sparks The second episode of Back to Saturn X is now officially in public beta! We've been working our tails off getting everything together and we're really excited to finally be able to show it. Tower in the Fountain of Sparks takes place on the dark side of Saturn X, where the UAC had set out to uncover the mysteries of the seemingly-abandoned alien cultures that once lived there. Settings include ancient ruins, dilapidated research outposts, gothic temples, and more. This is a beta release, so please let us know if you run into anything that seems broken or unintended! As with the previous episode, Tower in the Fountain of Sparks is a fully vanilla-Doom2.exe-compatible mapset, and should be fully compatible with most common ports. Due to the mapping tricks and custom palette/colormap, software rendering is recommended for best effect when playing in a source port. Textfile: Pasteblim Public Beta 3: Downloag Two wad files are included. Load them both! (Beta 3 is just a basic maintenance update to correct some names in the credits; there are no other exciting changes from beta 2. Sorry for the anticlimax there, but this fix was overdue!)
  8. esselfortium

    [GZDoom] Diabolus Ex v1.1

    @Arvell: The ー in ゲーム should be a vertical line, since the text is oriented vertically. This reads as "ge ichi mu" instead of "ge-mu".
  9. esselfortium

    [GZDoom] Diabolus Ex v1.1

  10. I don't know if they'd really hold up for a standalone game, but you could probably pad out a shovelware collection with a whole bunch of generated megawads and it'd be better than a lot of what actually was packaged in 90s shovelware WAD collections. I imagine that the redundancy in design would still get somewhat stale after a while, but having a near-endless supply of "decent enough" Doom levels would still be worthwhile.
  11. esselfortium

    Most Recent TV series you last saw

    Are you watching the original run, or including the revival seasons? I remember enjoying all but a few episodes of the original run, but everything I saw of the revival was painfully bad.
  12. esselfortium

    PNAMES/TEXTURE1/2 sucks.

    It’s definitely a crappy system to deal with. I think a lot of the problems you listed could probably be fixed in Slade itself, though. Imagine if there was a function to compare a wad’s texture1 with another (generally the iwad one) and autoselect all the distinct ones so you could copy and paste them over into your main resource? Things like that could help a lot to reduce the suffering.
  13. And why do you think the trees are no longer around? ;)
  14. esselfortium

    Liking posts

    I like liking posts, but it's frustrating to post something and just get likes and hardly any actual responses. That seems to happen a lot lately.
  15. (chanting and banging utensils on table) Sandy Petersen levels! Sandy Petersen levels!!
  16. esselfortium

    Doomworld Musicians, serenade us with your beautiful music!

    Thanks! They’re all software instruments, yeah. I used Reason 10 and a bunch of Kontakt instruments, mainly from Embertone and Orange Tree. It sounds like your keyboard abilities are already a lot better than mine, and your song sounded good! Keep at it and you’ll get where you want to be, it just takes time and practice and you’re doing really well so far.
  17. This sounds like a great time. Good luck!
  18. esselfortium

    Just saying "hi"

    Welcome to Doomworld! If you're looking to get feedback on your maps, I'd suggest posting a thread in the WADs & Mods subforum with a download link, some info (is it complete, in beta, still in progress? what engines have you tested it with? how would you describe it? etc), and some screenshots so people know what they're getting.
  19. esselfortium

    Doomworld Musicians, serenade us with your beautiful music!

    Here are a couple more songs of mine from Heart of the Woods:
  20. esselfortium

    Doomworld Musicians, serenade us with your beautiful music!

    This is great actually! I love the jazzy vibe it has, and the performances and programming are all really solid. I think my only critique is that some parts of the drum programming feel a bit mechanical, like the drum fill at around 43 seconds, which could potentially use some more velocity variation to sound more live. That's a minor issue ultimately, though, since the feel of it overall is super good!
  21. esselfortium

    Rest in peace, ALMN

    Jesus, this is terrible news. Condolences to everyone who was close with him.
  22. esselfortium

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Oh wow, this looks great! You've got some seriously awesome architecture going on there, I love it. (Also, looks like there are a couple spots where texture alignment could use a bit of attention, like the pink skin wall around the sloped opening here.)
  23. Woah, that seems like a huge revelation. I'm continually amazed by the new things people are still discovering about Doom nearly 25 years later.
  24. I've just released Transmission Control, the soundtrack to Aether Interactive's awesome new cyberpunk adventure Subserial Network, available now via Humble Monthly. It's a complete album of lo-fi triphop and vaporwave to time travel to. It's also the followup to my last EP, PC LOVE LETTER. It's on BandCamp: https://esselfortium.bandcamp.com/album/transmission-control-music-from-subserial-network
  25. There are Linux binaries, yes! And you guessed right about the floppy drive :)