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  1. esselfortium

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    if you think the later maps in doom 2 are rough wait until you play the later maps in doom 1
  2. esselfortium

    papas pizza mod

    Maybe we're already playing Papas Pizza Mod right now and we don't know it yet.
  3. esselfortium

    what’s everybody’s opinions on olive garden?

    It's overpriced cheap food that consists mostly of carbs and goop.
  4. Welcome back to 2008, everyone! Knee-Deep in KDiZD is here, appearing courtesy of The History Channel. That’s right, it’s 2007’s Knee-Deep in ZDoom, now upgraded for vanilla Doom2.exe. If you’re not familiar with the original KDiZD, that’s okay! (After all, it has been… wow, 15 years?) You can think of KDiKDiZD as a Doom E1 remake with larger maps and a combined focus on atmosphere, exploration, and tougher combat. KDiKDiZD is also packed full of weird mapping tricks and some really dumb jokes. KDiKDiZD has been primarily tested in Eternity Engine, DSDA-Doom, Chocolate Doom, and Doom2 1.9, but it will probably work in any Boom-derived or vanilla-like port of your choice. Eternity is the preferred non-vanilla port to play this in. If you're using a dev build, there was a savegame dehacked bug introduced on Oct 2, 2021, which was fixed on Sept 3rd, 2022. So if you run into savegame weirdness, try updating. There are some graphical glitches in older builds of DSDA-Doom, causing various sprites and textures to display incorrectly. I recommend using version 0.25.0 or later. I'm told that it works in Woof, though I haven't tested it there myself. It works in GZDoom builds from Nov 18, 2022 or newer, in software mode only. It doesn't work with true-color rendering. Effects will not appear correctly or at all, and in some ports, lighting will be completely broken. Backstory: Your name is Doom Guy, an actor. You've been cast in a cable TV reenactment of 2007's "Knee-Deep In ZDoom". You were never much of a history buff, but it'll put food on the table and help cover Daisy's vet bills. Maybe it'll even revive your acting career. You adjust the prop helmet to breathe a little easier, try out a few cheesy poses with your character's handgun, and ready yourself for the first day of filming. Screenshots: Features: Nine KDiZD maps reinterpreted and enhanced with streamlined layout progression, updated visuals, and all-new fight choreography. Soundtrack replacement featuring new MIDI arrangements of the original Doom tracks. 22 monsters, split between 10 standard types and 12 added ones, featuring a selection of KDiZD monsters and several new to KDiKDiZD. Heavily modified palette with 38 added fullbright colors and some other tricks up its sleeve. Countless new textures and flats. Camera textures to show distant events as they occur. Sliding doors, see-through glass floors, warping liquids, advanced lighting effects, forcefields, scripted events, and slopes. Compatible with Eternity Engine, DSDA-Doom (recent devbuilds), GZDoom, Chocolate Doom, and DOOM2.EXE. Not compatible with true-color rendering. Credits: Known Bugs: Q&A: Downloab: KDiKDiZD 1.7 (load the A and B wads together) kdikdizd.txt DEH9000 patch source 1.7 fixlist build 6 fixlist build 5 fixlist build 4 fixlist build 3 fixlist build 2 fixlist
  5. If you mean the red floor that lights up near the start of Z1M7, it's a dark sector with the Light Glow special applied, and "Light to 255" walkovers on either side of it. The combination of the walkover actions and the Light Glow special causes it to temporarily light up and then fade back down to its original light level.
  6. esselfortium

    Why do hardly any WADs use realistic textures?

    It can be done well, but Doom with hi-res textures has a bad tendency to fall into the "bargain-bin PS2 game" aesthetic zone, even in GZDoom.
  7. Back to Saturn X Episode 2: Tower in the Fountain of Sparks The second episode of Back to Saturn X is now officially in public beta released! We've been working our tails off getting everything together and we're really excited to finally be able to show it. Tower in the Fountain of Sparks takes place on the dark side of Saturn X, where the UAC had set out to uncover the mysteries of the seemingly-abandoned alien cultures that once lived there. Settings include ancient ruins, dilapidated research outposts, gothic temples, and more. This is a beta release, so please let us know if you run into anything that seems broken or unintended! As with the previous episode, Tower in the Fountain of Sparks is a fully vanilla-Doom2.exe-compatible mapset, and should be fully compatible with most common ports. Due to the mapping tricks and custom palette/colormap, software rendering is recommended for best effect when playing in a source port. Version 1.0.1: Downloaf Two wad files are included. Load them both!
  8. esselfortium

    Do you know any terrible Doom source ports ?

    Source ports are developed by other Doom players who post on this site, so topics like this are just places to take dumps on other community members' hard work. Please don't do this again.
  9. esselfortium

    Least favorite cartoon/anime tropes

    It's because the production schedule forced onto the studio is hellish. Studios resort to recap episodes when it has become completely impossible to get the next episode finished on time. Calling it "laziness" is funny in a painful kind of way, considering that avoiding that outcome can often involve staff forgoing sleep for days or needing hospitalization. (A few years back, the Flip Flappers finale would not have aired if not for the show's director pushing himself hard enough to animate much of it by himself in the days before broadcast.) The state of the industry is extremely dire and getting worse due to the increasingly unreasonable demands of investors like Kadokawa, which don't account for the fact that there are literally not enough people in the industry to staff all of these productions. The people doing the work are just doing what they can to get by and put out something they can hopefully be proud of despite the desperate conditions they're working under. Sakugablog is a great resource for reading about what really goes on behind-the-scenes in anime production, both the good and the bad.
  10. esselfortium

    Least favorite cartoon/anime tropes

    Overworked animators needing to constantly juggle freelance contracts between multiple pitifully-underfunded studios to barely support themselves while deep-pocketed investors like Kadokawa and Netflix push those same struggling studios to produce more and more content every year without doing anything to improve the financial situation that keeps them dependent on the investors and subject to their whims, resulting in more and more slapdash productions as single episodes' staff credits balloon more and more and production assistants increasingly rely on last-minute recruiting of inexperienced foreign animators via Twitter just to get shows out the door at all. Also, slavery isekai adaptations.
  11. Thank you! I will probably package up a release for idgames soon.
  12. This is a super useful trick for squeezing more out of vanilla dehacked. If you're masochistic enough, you can also rearrange the palette to change what's in those hardcoded recolor ranges, so you can have Barons and Knights that look effectively normal while still freeing up just as many deh states. KDiKDiZD uses that method for its Barons and Hell Knights, Nightmare Demons, and Dark Imp xdeath sprites. I did the palette for that :)
  13. Unless they've changed the draw order between flats and midtextures to mimic the software renderer (which I assume would be a tall ask), hardware rendering will still not support the translucent and reflective floor effects, unfortunately.
  14. I'm a bit confused by the new thread title. Where have I said KDiKDiZD is currently under development? It's finished and released and I am free of its shackles
  15. esselfortium

    How many demons have you killed?

    Apparently not enough, I keep running into more of them.
  16. Sure, okay, there are "barely any differences to the layouts". Sorry you didn't enjoy it. There would be no point in putting in this much effort into a perfect 1:1 recreation of something that already exists, so liberties were taken where I saw fit. (And, sure, maps that were already largely finished before the hiatus had fewer liberties taken in layout, but you yourself say they play very differently.) Thankfully the original KDiZD still exists to play. As an aside, I am friends with some of the original KDiZD developers and solicited feedback from them before this was even released, so I take some offense at the notion that I'm coming at this from some "holier-than-thou" viewpoint. This may have originated as a teenage spite project 15 years ago, but that feeling wore off about a week into its many-year development cycle. It was a fun personal challenge to take an ambitious product of its time and rework it in my own way. If you think it reflects poorly on me to include some jokes or to be proud of what was done here, then I don't know what to tell you. The flare rifle can gib monsters pretty easily, btw, so I'm not sure where you're getting "as powerful as a zombieman bullet" from...
  17. A lot of the COMP textures are made up of multiple small patches assembled together into a larger pattern. The texture list doesn't show individual patches, but only the actual textures they make up. This is probably what you're seeing. You can check the contents of the TEXTURE1 lump in Slade to confirm.
  18. Press use on the “I dropped my keys” computer near the red key door.
  19. esselfortium

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Incredible stuff, as always! It's always a pleasure to see something new you're working on.
  20. esselfortium

    I feel too old

    Me reading this thread:
  21. Thank you for your significant role in making it even possible for this project to exist!
  22. They have to be higher than the solid floor because they're being used as invisible bridges for "swimming". Thank you! I'll look into adding this.
  23. esselfortium

    [MOD] POSTMAN-Let there be WURST!

    Amazing stuff. I love seeing this kind of silliness done with Doom.
  24. esselfortium

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #048

    Indeed, and it's also worth noting that DTWID's maps weren't intended as remakes of their respective slots, but as new id-inspired levels that could potentially fit in an imaginary 10th slot.