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  1. Hello, i'm new in this forum and recently I started making maps in Doombuilder. I'm working on a project called "Rain Temple" its a medium to big map and I want to use the capabilities of Doom in Hexen Format...

    I need some help with the music changer thing. I don't know how it works and where I have to place the music and maybe use some scripts. Help would be much appreciated.

  2. Hello, i'm new here and I need some help with doombuilder. I'm making a map with medium size outdoor areas and inside areas as well. But here's the problem.
    Let's say I start playing the map and for some reason I use the pistol and start shooting, all the monsters in the whole map detect i'm there so they start moving and they ruin the spots I designated for them. Is this a problem with sectors? or something else? Please help

    I'm using Doombuilder with Doom 2 config

    Here's a pic of the map in Doombuilder

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us