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  1. sincity2100

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    Doom is better than Quake!
  2. sincity2100

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I found a Third Romero Sign in TNT Evilution, this time in Nukage Processing..
  3. sincity2100

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    Hell Revealed is terrible.. it aged like Milk and Cheese....
  4. sincity2100

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    Good luck with your killing ten of them with a chaingun then..
  5. sincity2100

    Plutonia 2

    4/5 Not enough chaingunners.. Cool wad, pretty good sequel for the original Plutonia, although the remake of Map11 was hell, for all the wrong reasons.. Overall , Good game..
  6. sincity2100

    TNT: Revilution

    I'm pretty thankful for the opportunity they gave me to do few maps for the wad, and I got map08 antiquated. Pretty Good game, it's a good sequel for the original TNT, although there are some flaws, but rather enjoyable experience..
  7. sincity2100

    Hell Revealed

    So, I recently finished Hell Revealed and it was, Bad! I don't know where to start, I don't know why did I even bother playing this game, even though I heard that the game didn't age well, but I played it out of curiosity, and the first half of the game was boring as piss, it was bland looking , it looked more like an amateur made these levels, I know who designed these levels and I won't talk much about them, that doesn't matter right now, what matters is the game was boring in the first half, until halfway the game it gets harder by the time you progress, there are some good maps in this game but most of them ranges from bad to boring to unplayable. The problem for the most part of HR is that the developers were more concerned about putting more barons in the game where you have to take care of them using the SSG, which I found it boring and stupid gameplay, it's not so fun at all, the more you find a Baron Horde, the more I groan, the last few levels ranges from stupidly designed maps to decent, and Map30 of this game can go to hell. This game was meant to be harder than Plutonia, which means the combat get more tense and the maps get larger by the time you progress, but the difference is Plutonia is a lot more fun and more engaging than HR, HR just ranges from boring to stupid, there are some hidden gems beneath the crap that I got, when you die in Plutonia, you wanna get back up and try again, in HR, when you die most of the time you want to quit the game, I don't hate HR becasue it's a mindless Slaughter Mapset, I hate it becasue this game sucks, I played a good amount os Slaughter maps, and they're fun to play and well balanced, but in HR, there are a few Slaughter maps that I enjoyed, and that's it. I would give the game the lowest 3/10 I could give to the game, because at least there are some good maps and a few decent ones in there, to me HR is a case study of how not to make hard maps or Slaughter maps at this point.. My top 5 maps 32,15,21,22,25 My top 5 hated maps 30,24,26,14,31
  8. sincity2100

    What are you playing now?

    I "beat" map24 from Hell Revealed , I just didn't care anymore, I just cheated to beat this map, this map can screw off...
  9. sincity2100

    What are you playing now?

    finished Hell Revealed Map 18, now I'm going to map 19, this game is just a chore to play, and the maps that I enjoyed so far are Map15, Map32 and Map16.. Map 18 was a pain in the ass that I didn't even bother killing the remaining annoying enemies and I went straight to the exit...
  10. sincity2100

    What are you playing now?

    I'm playing two games, Ancient Aliens and Hell ( I wanna be harder than Plutoina for the sake of being hard ) Revealed I finished the first half of Ancient Aliens,it's great so far, Hell Revealed however is a pain in the ass, the first 12 maps are so boring and dull, I'm now halfway in this game, map 15 was propably the only good map in HR so far, I played map 21 and map 25 a long tim ago and I think they're good maps.
  11. sincity2100

    What is the best idtech1 game?

    I picked Ultimate Doom because it's the best overall, despite that Final Doom has better maps than the Ultimate Doom, why I put Ultimate Doom over Final Doom because some TNT maps were inconsistent while some maps in Plutonia were annoying and stale, after that Doom64 ,then I put Doom 2 after Doom64 because Doom 2 has some bad maps, also Doom2 hasn't aged well compared to the other three games, most of TNT maps has aged well while few others has aged, but at least the gameplay hasn't aged, Plutonia maps aged well in terms of visuals, but the maps in later levels starts to get boring and repetitive, Doom 64 has really some good graphics and a great BGM but I wasn't a fan of the monster sprites in this game, except the Cyberdemon and the Pain Elemental. As for non Doom games, I pick Heretic at the top, then Hexen then Strife, I haven't played the other games, so I don't have much knowledge about these games.
  12. sincity2100

    What are you playing now?

    I already finished Map19 from Eviternity, it was actually better than Map32, it's much simpler and to the point, and it doesn't throw you in a huge map and tells you "oh,we're gonna leave you there and make you squeal", just because Map19 is a linear map doesn't make it dull or uninteresting, BTW I like long maps but I don't like Overcomplicated maps to be more specific.
  13. sincity2100

    Worst WADS?

    Not all of them, there are some slaughermaps that are fun, Go 2 it from Plutonia , Fear from Scythe 1 , For We Are Many from CC3...
  14. sincity2100

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    Well the Partial invisibility was useful against Hitscanners, I always use them on TNT Map27 Mount Pain to make every Chaingunner look useless, and it always works, all that was left is to take these ass souls and tear them to pieces..
  15. sincity2100

    Worst WADS?

    Fuck that stupid Soulless Piece of Shit who made this mod, I hope they take that asshole's account down so he can't upload anymore offensive content on the Archive.