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  1. sincity2100

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I'm an artist, and I have my art Collection on DeviantArt..
  2. sincity2100

    Do You Watch Sports? What Sports Did You Last Watch?

    I watch Soccer for fun, mainly any League in Europe.. and Sometimes Wrestling, the last Wrestling Show I watched was AEW All Out..
  3. Good Morning Phobos was released in January 2017, it's a 32 Level Megawad that I made most of it, alongside two guest mappers, however I wanted to release a second version for the game because I wanted to feel more satisfied with the product I made, so a second version (Now Beta version). This version include some bug fixes, including the switch in Map15 Dead Zone II, I also replaced three maps with other maps, this is the new version of the game, you can download it right now.. https://www.mediafire.com/file/122we00q84t8ltj/GMP_New_Version.wad/file So I'll give quick preview on the three maps I included to the wad.. Map02 : The Barracks , Replacing Siver Labs Map 19 : Midnight Express Replacing the Old one of the same name , I thought I'd rather put a Valiantish type of map and gameplay instead of the one that I put it as a breather filler type of map.. Map 25 : City of Endless Bloodlust Replacing Brimstone Warehouse which is made by Impoby, I liked Brimstone Warehouse at first, but upon replaying them I found this map rather super linear and boring to me, so I'm replacing this map with something more ambitious than the usual map.. sorry Impboy The maps that were cut from the new version will end up in a lost level megawad so everyone can play the map.. Maps: Map01 Unresolved Business Map02 The Barracks (replacing Silver Labs) Map03 Waterworks (3/4 by Hoodie , 1/4 by Me) Map04 Power Control 2105 Map05 Poison Island Map06 Polluted Playground Map07 Water Canal Map08 Cooldown Map09 Ancient Evil Map10 Beautiful Disaster Map11 Spider Factory Map12 Night Thieves Map13 Rusty Station Map14 Base XUZ Map15 Dead Zone II Map16 Hunter's Moon Map17 Paradox Base Map18 Deletion Map19 Midnight Express (Replacing the Old Version) Map20 Three Ways to Hell Map21 Brave New NME Map22 Blackout Map23 The Cursed Assylum Map24 Skyfall Map25 City Of Endless Bloodlust (replacing Brimstone Warehouse (by Impboy4) Map26 Knee Deap in Red Map27 Molten Genocide Map28 Purgatory Fortress Map29 Hybrid Excalibur Map30 Destroyer Secret Maps: Map31 Paradise Map32 Divided Turmoil Map33 Skulls Facility Music: Map01 Soundtrack 5 (perdition's gate) Map02 Neato by Jeremy Doyle (TNT Revilution) Map03 Depth Charge (from Back to Saturn X) Map04 "Digital Bitchslap" by Gus Knezevich (Alfonzo) (From Eviternity) Map05 "Astral Dreadnought" by James Paddock (Plutonia 2) Map06 Soundtrack 31 (perdition's gate) Map07 "Trainwreck" by James Paddock (From Resurgance) Map08 Dark Groove (From Jazz Jackrabbit) Map09 "Kraid's Lair" from Metroid Map10 "Within Reach" (James Paddock) (from Back to Saturn X) Map11 "The Scarlet Citadel" by Hellish Godzilla (From Plutonia Midi pack) Map12 "Technoprisoners" James Paddock (Jimmy) (From CC4) Map13 Agony Rhapsody (TNT Evilution) Map14 Death Bells (TNT Evilution) Map15 Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit - Aquilla 303 (MIDI by Rapidkirby3k) Map16 "Night Run" by Stuart Rynn (CC4) Map17 More (TNT Evilution) Map18 Ionian Isolation by Tristan Clark (Eris Falling) (TNT Revilution) Map19 "Brutal Schism" by James Paddock (Jimmy) (bespoke track) Map20 "Faultline" (James Paddock) (Back To Saturn X) Map21 "Getting Too Tense" (Doom 2) Map22 "Day of Mourning" by Stuart Rynn Map23 "Compression of Time” from Final Fantasy VIII Map24 "Hellbound" (anonymous) (NDCP2) Map25 "Watching You" ( James Paddock ) from Sigil Map26 "Ballad of the Demons" by PRIMEVAL (rearrangement of "Waltz of the Demons") Plutonia Revisited Map27 MIDI version of "The Library" from Resident Evil 2 by Masami Ueda, sequenced by antiman Map28 So Cold (Breaking Benjamin) Map29 MIDI version of "Irresponsible Hate Anthem" by Marilyn Manson Map30 Plasma (Duke Nukem 3D) Map31 "Eruyt Village" by Hitoshi Sakimoto (from Final Fantasy XII) Map32 "Cross Examination - Allegro " From Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Here's the original Version fo the megawad
  4. sincity2100

    Things about Doom you just found out

    And yet he got 6 map slots for some reason.... -_-
  5. I can compare the pros and cons with Doom with any other pros and cons of any other videogame I play, and I must say that Doom trumps over most of these games because the mechanics are really smooth, and whatever their cons are like when you have issue with jumping on enemies, the auto target sometimes works against you, or the time you can't mouselook above or below, it's much smoother than most games like Megaman or a beat'em up or a lot of game that is a lot frustrating, even the frustrating moments in Doom can be better than the frustrating moments in other videogames..
  6. sincity2100

    Good Morning Phobos Version 2 (Now Pending on ID)

    Hello Guys, It's been a while since I posted something about the game, Just a Quick update, the project is nearly complete, just did some finishes with the map texts and the intermissions and some polishing and I'll release a final beta before releasing the final version into idgames..
  7. sincity2100

    Favorite Map Theme.

    I like the Hippy Unique style of Ancient Aliens, especially the techbase episode, what I liked about the Ancient Aliens levels are the color contrast, the cyan purple mix up, with sometimes adding yellow or red or dark colors.. it's my favorite level style..
  8. sincity2100

    RAMP - Rabbit's All-Comers Mapping project [DONE!!]

    I'll see If I can, depends on my free time..
  9. sincity2100

    which are better? Doom 64 or Classic Doom sounds?

    I prefer the Doom 64 sounds more, it sounds more gritty , The Pain Elemental sound look more threatening than the original, although noting can beat the Archvile Sound of the original..
  10. sincity2100

    Parallel Doomensions - Quake 1 Styled Community Megawad

    I'll take map18 as well..
  11. sincity2100

    Parallel Doomensions - Quake 1 Styled Community Megawad

    Can I take Map7 and Map17 Slot?
  12. No, I use the shotgun when I fight long range weak Monsters..
  13. sincity2100

    Ultimate Doom: How we saw '95 [CANCELLED]

    https://www.mediafire.com/file/wbkh06o8yifppbe/E3M7.wad/file Here's my E3M7 entry..
  14. sincity2100

    Ultimate Doom: How we saw '95 [CANCELLED]

    This is my current WIP of E3M7 The Gate to Limbo, and Can I use a custom midi?
  15. sincity2100

    Over 32-map megawads?

    Also Speed of Doom..
  16. sincity2100

    Over 32-map megawads?

    Good Morning Phobos, 33 maps.. I know because I made the game..
  17. sincity2100

    Ultimate Doom: How we saw '95 [CANCELLED]

    Okay, how about E4M9?
  18. sincity2100

    Ultimate Doom: How we saw '95 [CANCELLED]

    Can I take E3M7 and E2M4?
  19. sincity2100

    Run From It Style Maps

    I recently played this map, and I still think this is the worst map in Scythe, I even tried a strategy to beat this map, I started killing the lost souls in the first area and tried to run very fast for the exit, and still ended up dying, again and again and again, and the falling floor in the middle of the path is just reliance on sheer luck, it's not fun playing it the first time, and it's not fun playing it now, when you play this map, look for a guide or write IDCLEV29 instead..
  20. I can't extract it from the Zip file, can you put it without Zipping it, because my windows can't open the Zip file somehow..
  21. Can't download it, can you put it on mediafire so I can download it easliy?
  22. I won't have any problem with a Doom 3 Horror Atmosphere, just don't copy the gameplay of Doom 3, it was really nauseating..
  23. My Latest entry, Azure Ambition https://www.mediafire.com/file/jbof6a5x1xy6jyb/Azure_Ambition.wad/file