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  1. Watermelon

    Where to find the 'Map Editor' programmers in Doom

    Thanks for the post. The idea for (2) looks very similar to what I found. There was this paper that CodeImp used and I this paper is extremely similar to (2). http://www.geometrictools.com/Documentation/TriangulationByEarClipping.pdf It definitely looks like the method of choice for sure. I'm going to try working with the ideas you guys provided. As a note from my research: - MaxED only maintains the GZDoomVisual aspects, he is not familiar with the inner workings of the triangulator and directed me to the source code - Slade looked like it was sort of close to what DoomBuilder did, but I think it passes all the vertices into an OpenGL tesselator and lets that do its magic. I could be wrong here, I wasn't able to find the stuff in the sector/renderer files in Slade (likely I've missed them). Maybe Sirjuddington could comment on this and debunk any myths here, or confirmed if he uses gl's tesselator. (Just for anyone in the future who stumbles across this thread). As a final note, after studying that PDF and various open source map editors for Doom, studying that PDF and/or using Andrew's (2) option are definite options for solving the sectors issues!
  2. I am working on a fun small project which is to read a wad file, and make a top down 2d snapshot of a map and fill in the textures. I've definitely hit a wall (no pun intended), I don't know how to handle sectors that have holes in them. I've been able to polygonize enclosed sectors no problem, but as soon as inner architecture is part of a sector, it falls apart. I wanted to talk to a person who has designed a map editor, since they likely would have had to have dealt with this exact problem. I don't know who is around though. The only map editor I've used is DoomBuilder, and CodeImp hasn't logged into Doomworld for a very long time; his forums are shutdown and I'm unsure there's any way to contact him (or if he'd even bother with someone asking him about something like this). Does anyone know any other map developers who are still around in the Doom community who would be knowledge on this issue, or could point me to a resource that would show me how to handle this problem? Any information would be much appreciated.
  3. Watermelon

    Rage CTF

    I finished something
  4. Watermelon

    Quesiton about the NODES lump (and subsectors)

    I'm confused now because you said a subsector isn't bound by its segs, but in your first post you said subsectors are constructed from segs. Also on the doom wiki it says "It is not uncommon for a subsector to consist of a single seg.", which means either another one has to be inferred from somewhere to make a triangle, or there has to be some other way of getting the partition line to get the entire subsector. Don't I therefore need to traverse the NODES lump to know what the partitioning line is? If not, then I should be able to stitch together segs that aren't head to tail without problem. But if this was the case, then this is impossible if the doom wiki is correct stating that a subsector can consist of a single seg. Maybe I wasn't clear in what I said in the past: My goal (using your example) is to outline all the subsectors (so I'd want to say subsector 1 is made up of segs ABC + (partition line here), and subsector 2 is made up of DEF + (partition line here). I need to explicitly know how they are joined since I'd like to render the flat inside the subsector in a 2D viewer.
  5. Watermelon

    Quesiton about the NODES lump (and subsectors)

    Since this may possibly solve my question without me worrying about the nodes and all: If I want to find a subsectors bounds (all the sides), I would iterate through SSECTORS by extracting the number of segs used, and then the segs that make it up, and piece them together head to tail? I might be completely wrong here, but I thought (using your diagram for convenience) that line FC is not provided and has to be found out using the NODES lump by cutting up sectors. If it is provided, then problem solved because I can iterate through SSECTORS and all is well, if not... then how do you do it without using NODES?
  6. I'm trying to understand how to find the sides on a subsector using information from segs/ssectors/nodes. 1) I'm unsure what some of the node values are with respect to how it can tell me the line splitting info. In vanilla doom we have: 0 2 Partition line x coordinate 2 2 Partition line y coordinate 4 2 Change in x to end of partition line 6 2 Change in y to end of partition line from ( http://doomwiki.org/wiki/Node ) What does the partition line x/y coordinate tell me? I thought it has to be a line that slices the remaining areas? Unless the latter two pieces are dx/dy from that reference point and I can go from there. 2) When trying to construct subsectors, should each node split result in a 'line' I should add, and use that in the final construction? 3) I'm also trying to understand the image for the node splitting. When the level is cut at a diagonal: http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20051107002221/doom/images/f/fb/FirstLeftNodeE1M1.png Does the node builder or something in the doom engine store all the lines/segs as its rendering above and below the line? 4) Fixed point inconsistencies: Should there be some kind of range of error I allow if a cut is done at an angle that cuts it into what should be a decimal number rather than a whole number? If so, is a good buffer ~1.0? (or 65535 / 65536)? I'm doing my best to attempt to understand it, sorry if I'm a bit of a newbie at this.
  7. Watermelon

    ...solved - is no bug

    This was a feature Carnevil/Rivecoder left in the skulltag uninstaller. So far on the Zandronum forums, we have had only one incidence of this happening, and this incident was user error. I will not rule out there being something possibly wrong with it. I've tested it on my own computer multiple times and it's always worked fine for me, but I can't test on every system. In addition I have no idea if it was also user error. If someone can get proof that it happens when unchecked... that would be even better. For the next installer, we probably will just remove this checkbox because it seems like a pretty bad one anyways. Decided to keep it in there just because it was already in. Nothing from the compiled NSIS code was changed, so if there is some bug then it dates back to whenever Rivecoder (or whoever) made it.
  8. Watermelon

    Multiplayer situation

    It's too late, the damage is done. IDL is pretty much dead unless there's some miracle comeback on Zandronum. It's last season indicated that the remaining core players refuse to play anything Odamex related which won't give the IDL the numbers it needs on Oda. Obviously it's not going back to ZD with it's core leaders perm-banned. ZDDL is gone indefinitely. Unless IDL does some turnaround in the future out of left field and every R member signs up to make it a good season, I see competitive doom as pretty much dead besides random "friendly" duel/privs. Only thing left is mods. Thats why Zan has 5x and more of all the other ports almost all the time now. On top of everyone getting pissed at the port change and leaving to League Of Legends (which IMO was the primary reason for accelerating the loss of players), it collapsed pretty badly. I expect in 1 more year time it'll just be Zandronum left with maybe one to two ZDaemon servers for coop.
  9. Watermelon

    Zandronum and oldschoolism

    Zandronum doesn't have the most rigorous vanilla support. Things I've submitted to get in are mainly "NS vanilla" which is what ZD defined as the standard of online competitive play. These are things like the 1.08 ssg damage, zdoom 1.23beta33 physics (rocket jumps) and any other minor stuff that zandronum didn't have. The thing I think that throws most people off is OpenGL + uncapped frame rate. For people trying it out at first, it feels like you ice-skate because your movement is really smooth. The render for zdoom 2.x is also vastly different from old school, making it look disconnected. Changing cl_capfps to true fixed this for me. Zandronum is something I feel is more focused on the mod scene than being competitive. Somehow it seems to have the most active competition at the moment... which is surprising, but I feel this is because the players were given everything they asked for and everyone went to town. In short, ZDoom has deviated so much from Doom. It in essence is more of a 'custom gaming engine mixed with the doom engine', unlike ZD/Oda which are really close to vanilla and have little mod capability relative to Zandronum. If I had to make a chart: G/Zdoom .... Zandronum ................................. ZD .. Oda Choc/Vanilla |-------------|----------------------------------| --- | ---| If anyone is expecting a lot of old school support, it would only happen if ZDoom adds it. I don't see anyone ever considering pursuing such things as vanilla compatibility for demos or such anytime soon/ever. Sean has a really good post on this.
  10. Watermelon

    Vanilla doom autoaim glitch/bug

    That logic doesn't hold because freelook is different from doom, *insert all these bug fixes like the blockmap fix/visplanes fix/whatever here in newer ports* is "changed to be different from doom", but despite it being different, probably 95%+ of the active doom population plays these ports. I mean, do people actually want to have an autoaim bug? What fun is it playing if your shot just misses because of a glitch?
  11. Watermelon

    Vanilla doom autoaim glitch/bug

    I've always been wondering why in online ports that autoaim seems to really suck and not trigger, and after some testing with other members I found out why. Apparently there is a 'dead zone' adjacent to the player where autoaim will not trigger for some unknown reason. Up close the angle required is small enough that it probably won't fail you, though the farther away you get, the wider the dead zone increases. Take this [really horrible] image [I made really quickly] for example: The arrow is the player, and the white cross is autoaim. If the player is on a higher platform (since he's above the crosshair, or in vanilla where the center of the screen would be), if you aim at a player who falls under the red lines at the top, autoaim will not fire. However, if it's in the green zone it will fire. You can try it yourself with this wad: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/87656485/AutoaimTest.wad Why is this of interest? It's an autoaim glitch it appears. This is probably not noticed as much in vanilla because monsters are slow, it's really hard to miss... and most monsters are usually on a horizontal plane anyways. Now in *online* play this is much more irritating because players are moving, juking, doing stuff to throw off your aim. Since this dead zone appears literally just outside the players sprite, it is really punishing when you have a slight miss (ESPECIALLY with the ssg), but seems to reward worse aim because if you have a major miss it will then lock on and hopefully the spread of the ssg will have caught them. I don't know if this bug has been discovered or even solved yet, but it exists in chocolate doom, zdoom, gzdoom, odamex, zdaemon and zandronum. Worth patching? I think so at least in zdoom or its derivative ports. Even though 99.99% of the community probably uses freelook though, it'd help the codebase in oda/zd/zan because duel compilations still use OS settings, and this is where the bug tends to hurt. I'd rather just use freelook in duels but purists freak out on that recommendation.
  12. Watermelon

    Do you feel burned out with Brutal Doom?

    That sounds like what my mom said when I started playing doom in 1990's, minus the recoil/HUD cracks of course.
  13. Watermelon

    check if actor is in void?

    Possibly encase the level in a big sector tagged 30000 that extends to the max size (-32767, 32768 I believe) and just check to see if they are in sector 30000.
  14. Watermelon

    Doom/Doom2 wad becoming free [not]

    Why are they still selling it? Is it greed, or is it significant enough of an income earner to generate solid revenue? If this is the case however, then why is the competitive scene on its knees?
  15. Is there a reason Doom/Doom2 has not become free yet? I understand that it probably still generates money, though with more and more doomers leaving (at least the competitive scene is dying, no idea how Zdoom is fairing right now), though it feels like the 2000-2010 generated the most epic stuff. Of course, this is subjective as people here probably only like stuff from the 1990's that only run on vanilla doom2.exe. The competitive scene right now is feeling it quite hard. Everyone is or has grown up and is taking on real life jobs (as expected), but no one is filling up the gaps. Eventually your time and my time will come... or maybe it won't, but what does the future of doom hold? So far the most activity I see from the online community is mainly Zandronum stuff like AOW/GVH/ZH and the like. The classic doom I play looks like it's at an end, or heading down the hill to the point of no return. Is there anything that can bring back the activity instead of seeing the same 10 people at most on? Offline could be completely different. No one really knows about the untapped dark mass that plays strictly offline, but online is hurting quite bad. Therefore, I wonder if making doom as a free wad would allow advertising to other players and bring new blood into the community. However, this could be a futile effort because most people may not want to check it out anyways or would just torrent it. Can anything save the competitive scene from dying? Could this? Or will it just possibly extend its death?