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  1. I can used 4 textures for the Sky.
  2. Thanks Cannonball by and Memphis by, is what I was looking for.
  3. A Single Level.
  4. Well forget what 1MB, what I want is that not a single one that is MegaWad this Super Detailed map for ideas for a map, something like winning the CacoWard HedRox 2005.
  5. Hello friends, I am looking for Super Detailed Maps Futuristic style for ideas for my next map. And do not pass 1MB of weight in the zip file. Thanks in Advance.
  6. Wow, I pass the level in 1 minute 32 seconds.
  7. I like the difficulty has, 2 CyberDemons, 2 ArchViles, ┬┐What else I can ask?.
  8. Hi, well now I just want to know how to Upload Maps to my DoomWorld / IdGames hope someone tells me how.
  9. I already download it, I liked all three maps, but the one I liked most was the Map 19, I liked that Open spaces, all I can say about this map is excellent.
  10. Thanks for playing my map, though I also think I was somewhat annoyed with the Chambers, hopefully for the other does not happen, something like my other Map "MacroTemple" Thanks for your comment.
  11. CyberMaps. MacroTemple: Download: Http:// Nemesis: Download: Http://