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  1. LkMax

    Commander Keen uses a BFG9000?

    And the gun in his hand would be 5 times bigger.
  2. LkMax

    Wolf3d emulators

    Honestly, I just downloaded this mod to see what's it all about and honestly, I can't stand 3DGE no matter how much I try (or how much CeeJay for some reason likes to mod for it). I have no problem with Zdoom, or ECWolf, or DirectQ or DarkPlaces or KMQuake II or a lot of other ports, yet I encounter a lot of problems with 3DGE (terrible mouse control being my worst gripe with it). And this mod doesn't really add much to justify switching over ECwolf. Have you tried the mod I linked? I'm biased because I'm the creator but I think it's a very good complement to CeeJay's ECWolf addon.
  3. LkMax


    I'm gonna be the black sheep here and say I prefer Option A, just because it has less visual pollution. Not that I dislike Option B, it's a nice tribute...
  4. LkMax

    Wolf3d emulators

    A recreation on Edge? That's fine and all, but I still think ECWolf port with HD Textures and better weapon sprites (update coming soon) still is the way to go.
  5. I don't care very much about the subject (and funny enought I'm not a fan of Brutal Doom) but BD is a mod like any other (I'd say it's technically better than quite a lot of other mods, even if it's not my cup of tea). If you don't like it just move on and don't read posts about BD, but if you just like to be on the BD hate circlejerk then I'm sorry for you, you could be having fun with your favorite mod/game of choice or even being productive on something else instead. Maybe he likes BD's other features.
  6. LkMax

    Action Doom 3 rumours

    Too far man, too far.
  7. LkMax

    Wolf3d emulators

    I hope you're trolling...
  8. LkMax

    Should the story be almost nonexistent?

    I like story in video games but I hate when it gets in the way of gameplay (e.g. New Order interactive cutscenes). So no, it doesn't need to be nonexistent (though I would have no problem with it), but it should be skippable/optional (like it seems to be).
  9. LkMax

    does blood need mouselook?

    It's rarely necessary, actually. Its autoaim works as well as Doom does, and default Build Engine mouse look is weird.
  10. LkMax

    Wolf3d emulators

    Yep. run the SDL version with the --resf parameter. e.g.: wolf4sdl.exe --resf 1280 720
  11. LkMax

    Great Games no one ever heard of!

    Huh, who would have thought, Goat Simulator was not the first of its kind...
  12. LkMax

    What would make a better DOOM cover?

    Good point, haven't thought about that. Then again, I'm a patient gamer. =P
  13. If you mean by number of enemies, then I agree, it's a friggin massacre.
  14. LkMax

    What would make a better DOOM cover?

    IDK, I never preordered anything, but probably to make sure the store you're buying from will not run out of copies and you'll have to wait longer. Pre loading the game is not really that necessary with fast internet connection.
  15. LkMax

    Doom 3 OR Quake 4?

    Yes, because a lot of other games followed COD on that. Just to be clear, I'm not talking about eventual contact with squad members and mission updates, I'm saying being interrupted by scripted bullshit every 10 minutes.