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  1. Xeotroid

    Baron of Hell fan art :)

    I think something like that might be possible in ZDoom. In the very least, if a Baron notices you, he could alert monsters in a radius around him. That's pretty much it for gameplay mods, but with some ACS scripting in custom maps, they could order monsters to flank you depending on where you are etc.
  2. Xeotroid

    Baron of Hell fan art :)

    I love it! What I liked about Barons and Hell Knights in the old games was that they looked intelligent and truly evil, like they're really leading some demon squads. In the newer games, they're just mindless monsters, but you've made them truly terrifying in the old, evil way again!
  3. Hey-o! I've been making covers of music from Doom games and megawads for some time (usually just above averagely shitty) and decided to put them out here, too. You can listen to all of this on YouTube without downloading anything (actually you are downloading more, but shhh...) and you can download it in 320kbps MP3, FLAC or for usage in (G)ZDoom / Zandronum source ports, perhaps others that support Ogg Vorbis and loop tags. If you've already seen one of my threads on some other Doom forums, there's probably nothing new here, sorry. :D LATEST UPDATE: Made this thread, newest cover is Ancient Aliens. MEGAWAD COVERS: GAME COVERS:In case you want a list of all my awesomeness:------------------------------------------------------------ Legal and technical stuff:
  4. Xeotroid

    Fort 4: Posledni uder

    Not bad at all, the architecture is quite nice and even though there's just a few textures in a level (mostly grey / brown), the levels don't look dull. Gameplay is fun, too (though there could be a bigger variety in monsters, it's mostly just zombies and imps). Also +1 for being Czech. Nazdar! :D
  5. Xeotroid

    (G)ZDoom Editing Plugin for Doom Builder (BETA)

    Wow! I downloaded this on my birthday :D This plug-in is really awesome, but... Can we somehow report bugs? Because I found one: texture offset doesn't work - in editor it's shown, but in game it's 0,0. With native Visual mode it's fine.