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  1. Yu-Gi-Oh, i've seen a bit of Dragon Ball before, but the one that really got me into anime was Yu-Gi-Oh, the first 2 episodes, with the first episode being of my favorites of season 1, it also was what got me into the card game.
  2. Here's some of mine Hokuto no Ken Baki the Grappler Dragon Ball and the sequel Z Yu-Gi-Oh Sakigake!! Otokojuku Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Cutie Honey Inital D Crying Freeman Riki-Oh Elfen Lied Devilman Afro Samurai Violence Jack Berserk Genocyber Vampire Hunter D
  3. I love the Axe, decapitating and cutting enemies in half is so satisfying to do, plus you can paint it in 3 flavours, normal blood, caco blood and green blood, also i love the improved gore system, as well the mutilation of dead bodies, the weapon sounds are pretty good too, as are the new sprites, overall i'd say it's one of the best updates BD has ever had.
  4. It's more of what irritates me, pisses me off rather than scaring me, like how the dumbass CEO of YT decided to start her own channel and all that blah blah blah, no one cares you attention whore, which should be fixing the problems, not to mention censoring anyone who doesn't agree with her retarded opinions.
  5. Multiplayer based games, like CoD, Battlefield, CS:GO, PUGB, Overwatch, Lol, it's quite obvious, but i'd give Cod the win, boring players, always using the same stuff over and over, babbling on how they are better than you and other nonsense, to them winning is all that matters, if they lose, it's like they are about to die, yet they cry and resort to insults when you kill them, not to mention the lack of common sense, use anything that's not a sniper and you're labeled a noob and a camper, talk about stupidity, but let's not forget the complaining of microtransactions and other bs, yet they still buy them, bunch of hypocritical losers, they may be adults but they act like spoiled kids, but hey that's the CoD community for ya.
  6. I've played it before and beaten it, it was a fun journey.
  7. Community is Falling, old but gold.
  8. EA is pathetic, they don't give enough time for the game developers to develop their games and then shut them down.
  9. If i am given 2 or more routes, then i will make a save, chose one and move on, which after seeing the consequences of that choice, i will load that save and choose another, repeating the process until i've experienced all the outcomes of said routes. After that i'll choose the route i liked the most and finish the game.
  10. Patience, when it's time it will release.
  11. I don't hate puzzles, i dislike puzzles that are damn confusing, other than that, a puzzle here and there doesn't hurt once in a while.
  12. The pistol's good for shooting switches, as long you time the shots, you can snipe anything across the map, plus there's plenty of ammo for it, provided you don't waste it quickly when you get the chaingun and even when you get more powerful weapons, the pistol still serves the purpose of shooting switches and sniping low-tier enemies like zombies and imps or just simply finishing them off.
  13. None, i got used to the music, though i think D_INTER feels out of place in E2M3.
  14. Run at the lowest resolution lol, it gives a boost in performance.
  15. Never heard of him, still sucks to see another Doomer go.