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  1. Hmm, that's a fascinating and interesting story, never heard of it though.
  2. So coffee is going to disappear, oh well, i will miss those coffee breaks.
  3. My guess is while the marine was fighting in Hell, the demons came to Earth, started slaughering every human and found out that the marine had a pet, thus killing Daisy and impaling the head as a act of revenge against the marine, which after the marine destroys the Spider Mastermind, he sees his pet's head on a stick, becoming furious and wanting to unleash his rage, he comes back to Hell for one more time and exact his revenge, and thus, Thy Flesh Consumed.
  4. D4T, best all-round D4 based mod, Brutal Doom, for gore, mayhem, destruction and carnage, Beautiful Doom, for hi-res effects and all those kinds of stuff, Led's Personal Weapon Item mod, beefier sounds and weapons feel powerful, HXRTC Project, expands on Weapons of Saturn while adding a balanced randomizer with various monsters and a shopping drone, AEons of Death, a clusterfuck of fun that can be hilarious when mixed with specific megawads, Traiblazer, killing with style while being powerful and badass, MetaDoom, combines the best of all Doom games, even the obscure ones, into one big package of fun, finally Russian Overkill, stress destroyer, great for laughs with satisfaction garanteed, to get the best out it, play on difficult megawads or slaughter maps.
  5. Never had a crush, though i don't find silly to have a crush on a videogame character.
  6. Ok, here's some from me: Shotgunner:objecting shinny headed baldy Demon:Pinky devil Revenant:agitated skeleton with rockets Pain Elemental:fucking pain in the ass Lost Soul:dumb skull with flames Cacodemon:hissing one-eyed creature
  7. The Desert Eagle from CS 1.6/CZ, powerful and deadly, but with 7 bullets, you better make those shots count. SiN's Automag looking Magnum pistol, good for headshots, can be attached with a sound supressor for a stealth approach. Duke3D's pistol, reliable, plenty of ammo for it, great for finishing off enemies that took a shotgun blast. Doom 3's pistol, interesting design, has perfect accuracy, making headshots easy. Rage's revolver-esque pistol, cool design, once you get Fatboys, it gets very useful. Half Life's Glock, reliable weapon with great accuracy, has a lot of use. And Blood's flare pistol, great for ammo conservation, 1 or 2 shots, then laugh at them screaming as they burn to the ground.
  8. A few months ago i was playing a PS2 game, Evolution GT, unfair game with a lot of bs, i was in a race with a TVR Tuscan Speed 6 racing car trying to get 1st position, with a maxed out throttle control skill and the fuckin' AI for some stupid reason is faster than me, which is bs, but then again, it's one of those racing games with RPG elements, so no surprise there, after 3 or 4 attempts, i got pissed off, i took the disc and started to smash it with my hands while cussing and swearing, before grabing a kitchen knife and cutting it into pieces, which after i threw it into the garbage where it belongs, after that i let out a laugh and smiled.
  9. I've seen Saving Private Ryan a couple times, great movie that reflects the horrors of WWII, though my favorite WWII movie is Der Untergang aka Downfall which is known for having lots of parodies, with a honorable mention to Inglorious Basterds, for the humor as well that scene of Hitler slamming the desk and ranting.
  10. Driving a car in Gran Turismo, playing violent and gory games, watching random YT videos, listening to some music or punching air.
  11. D4T and Argent are the best ones, though if you want the best all-round mod, go for D4T.
  12. You know what's pointless? Threads like these.
  13. 60 fps is more fluid, more smooth, more enjoyable and easier to play while 30 fps is more of a stable framerate.
  14. Metal Slug X was the only game i played on a arcade machine, everything else i played was on emulators.
  15. Lol, Classic gets a Caco, hilarious.