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  1. I think in last TNS session of that map I declared those benches as my property... ... ... which I'm going to do again of course >:3
  2. Search Wally. Full Size:
  3. Aw, no crashing/disconnection stats. Wanted to check who'd win the first position else Anima, Mem or KD :P
  4. Those pics look salttastic (<- this is good).
  5. My mother got pregnant of me while she was using an IUD birth control (they are supposed to have a 99%+ efficacy).
  6. Most interesting dehacked monster? Welp, probably the destructor present in TNS is actually too interesting. This one is present in our dehacked bestiary too, if you are interested you may check the stuff in the wad tns-rsrc hosted in the event server. This is the full monster list of the dehacked library: I think that in order to not alter custom doom monsters they use sprites from heretic and hexen. It uses dehacked, I'm afraid ZDaemon doesn't support decorate. Also you probably meant TNS session, since teleporting troll players into a dummy sector and then spawn dozens of imp nurses to give him love looks like one of the session signatures. (blame that on me) Having more dehacked monsters would be a blast.
  7. Welp, I'll have to change the 'salty hacks' skin from yellow to purple for this occasion.
  8. Looks like if it was recorded from inside a fishbowl lol
  9. Noooo, missed two sessions in a row :(((
  10. LOL I swear rhinolib is guilty of awakening the Mr. Hyde's part of me (Salty) and burying the Dr. Jekyll's part (Alteus). :P (yeah, alt, blame rhinolib)
  11. New non-lethal-scripts kept me so busy that the survival rate of the average marine grew a 63.9% according to our latest reports. Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan....
  12. Not really a FFA fan lately, but always like to get a couple matches if there's a railgun available. <3 17:20 was a close call heh
  13. Welp, that was a nice Carnage. I guess you can't see the background bloodshed with that reduced resolution lol.
  14. Welcome to TNS, a place where the BFG you are about to grab on the floor shoots you. while yodeling.