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  1. Alteus

    ZDS #640 - Ray Mohawk's Manic Monday!

    This was cool, we should have done a berserk only rotation with that knife weap :)
  2. Greenchil normally gets some footage and posts it some days after the session :3 In other news MEMFISH WHERE ARE YOU :<
  3. Alteus

    ZDS #584 - X-Games V2

    [/url] ... mai
  4. Full demos are kept too in here! They last a week I think...
  5. Alteus

    ZDS #564 - ZDaemon City's Final Release

    I don't know Sarah, you mean Salty right? Give it to me Salty, a-ha, a-ha.
  6. lol, this should be interesting to say the least...
  7. Looks like one of those that will require multiple rotations... including that railgunning madness Anima loved so much :D
  8. A server has been set with the mode and Alien Vendetta: zds:// Sorry, double post, wanted to edit the first.
  9. So, that only plasmadicks mode led to an only railgunners mode test , because why not?
  10. By the way, for those not frequenting the IRC channel, Frenchies Shop wad is making a comeback this night! I think it starts around the same time that TNS does. Oxyde has confirmed after the session there will be a couple servers hosted with the wad, one normal and another with extreme settings. Hype!
  11. Swim... swim... hungry! You're now officially a dopefish!
  12. You can get all the demos here too!
  13. The server seems totally kaputt, getting a new one online. Try in 5 minutes. Edit: it's back.
  14. Alteus

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Damn, I have to find some time for this again... D:
  15. Alteus

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Aww, that would make a nice calendar picture <3
  16. Alteus

    ZDaemon 1.10 Released

    Wow, congrats on new release. Demos!
  17. Sorry, I left the back door opened D:
  18. I think in last TNS session of that map I declared those benches as my property... ... ... which I'm going to do again of course >:3
  19. Alteus

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Search Wally. Full Size: https://s2.postimg.org/qn9b8b9x5/Coop-20171205-212627.png
  20. Aw, no crashing/disconnection stats. Wanted to check who'd win the first position else Anima, Mem or KD :P
  21. Those pics look salttastic (<- this is good).
  22. Alteus

    Share a surprising fact about yourself

    My mother got pregnant of me while she was using an IUD birth control (they are supposed to have a 99%+ efficacy).
  23. Most interesting dehacked monster? Welp, probably the destructor present in TNS is actually too interesting. This one is present in our dehacked bestiary too, if you are interested you may check the stuff in the wad tns-rsrc hosted in the event server. This is the full monster list of the dehacked library: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12caCmIWYuwhXMeJ1JWA96vY3_-QWrvAFNE-Ix-Ie8Zw/edit. I think that in order to not alter custom doom monsters they use sprites from heretic and hexen. It uses dehacked, I'm afraid ZDaemon doesn't support decorate. Also you probably meant TNS session, since teleporting troll players into a dummy sector and then spawn dozens of imp nurses to give him love looks like one of the session signatures. (blame that on me) Having more dehacked monsters would be a blast.