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  1. "I must process ALL, or I process NOTHING!"
  2. Why wouldn't it ?
  3. Good choice.
  4. Post your favourite villain, and give reasons. I nominate Disney's Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent is Richard III without any ambition other than spite: she's not content to just destroy her enemies, but to also destroy the very premise of the fairytale - she wants to push the theory of 'true love', by keeping Philip a prisoner for 100 years so that 'love's first kiss' is not delivered by a upright hero, but by a shabby and diminished old man. In doing so she destroys the happy ending, which is the ultimate aim of her intentions. Truly a vile fucking bitch, but does it with such dark elegance that it's both captivating and alluring.
  5. I like the cut of your bullshit - keep it up.
  6. And that was the idea being paraded around in the western media when the Tunisian uprising began - and I instantly knew that something was afoot if a US-based company was had anything to do with an uprising in the Middle East/Arab World. The logic speaks for itself.
  7. Not in the slightest, in fact it's very cost effective. Wael Ghonim is an Egyptian activist who played a key role in the popular uprising that toppled Hosni Mubara - he also happens to be an Executive for Google.
  8. I don't think you're quite getting the point. I personally find it suspicious that American based technologies such as facebook/youtube/twitter etc were extensively used in the so-called Arab Spring. Is it so far fetched to imagine a modern propaganda war being waged, such as hired provocateurs inciting the populace of Arabic countries for US Geopolitical interests? It's not that far fetched, in fact it makes perfect sense when weighed against the past decade of US foreign policy in the Middle East. Countries that share different and independent political/economic systems do not simply 'fall' one after another like that, unless there's some hidden hand behind it. And it's interesting how when the country in question doesn't serve US foreign policy (Such as Bahrain, which holds US Military bases) not only is nothing reported but is actively swept under the carpet. Facebook also makes no secret of the fact that it can browse through your personal messages if the state asks them to: why should China actually want something like Facebook or Google in their country, if both will willingly hand over any information at the behest of the US Government? That's a question of national security if anything.
  9. People would have taken a very sinister view of the Arab Spring had it been Chinese or Russian based interenet technology behind it. The whole thing seems fishy to me.
  10. Simply for not acknowledging the myth of female inequality in our current western society does not make me a misogynist - and I don't give a flying fuck for the so-called 'mistreatment' of women in the past either, as it has no relevance right here and now. Plus it's boring history, if I'm honest. If you want to attract the company of women with excessive body hair, keep parroting those loony-left theories. If that's your thing, who am I to argue with that? Different strokes for different folks after all.
  11. People were the first to throw around insults, dismissing me as nothing more than a 'mysogonist' for not believing in the myth that western women are oppressed. You can't have it both ways. You can't dismiss me as a 'mysogonist' and not expect me to dismiss you with insults of an equally vulgar nature.
  12. It's a valid point. Joshy is always going on about how drunk he is when he's posting all this politically immature drivel, and I think that ought to be taken into account.
  13. Has anyone else noticed that this guy is always 'drunk'?
  14. No, the majority of people aren't Marxists.
  15. That's perfectly fine to suggest, if you're a Marxist - THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE AREN'T. Capitalism brought about sexism? Simplistic argument for a creed that has already identified what it's enemy is. I know these ideas are now common currency amongst so-called 'street' activists, but they really are rooted in the most solemn humbug.