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  1. Yes, I have. My solution was to stop using SDL_BuildAudioCVT(), do the conversion manually and then apply a low pass filter. See here. Might not be appropriate for Eternity though. Also, apparently support for the DirectSound audio driver will eventually be removed. EDIT: There's also the new SDL_HINT_AUDIO_RESAMPLING_MODE hint, which may come in handy.
  2. I can confirm that the prerelease versions of SDL 2.0.7 and SDL_mixer 2.0.2 used together do work, and the full versions won't be very far away.
  3. Hey. Here's the tweet you're after: As for a different titlepic for the BFG edition: well, there's no setting for it if that's what you're asking. If you want to replace it by way of your own PWAD, include DMENUPIC as well as TITLEPIC.
  4. It does, and has for a while now.
  5. Thanks @bzzrak, @traversd and @Chamelenoel. I'll look into each of these issues.
  6. Thanks Chamelenoel. I've just fixed the 1st issue you mention. As for the 2nd, I can't seem to reproduce. Playing around with boomedit.wad to get the scrolling platforms as slow as possible, the things on them scroll in exactly the same way is PrBoom+. Do you have an example wad?
  7. Sorry for the late reply, Doohnibor. I'm quite happy with how dark the diminishing light gets, but I'll look into tweaking it and perhaps implementing a cvar. As for the stillbob, this has been asked before. I don't think it's worth having two cvars for such a feature, so I'll consider halving the speed. (The reason why it is at the same speed as the movebob is so when you stop and go, the transition is seamless.) Interesting map! ;) I've been looking into this. (Strangely enough, the scroll effect doesn't work too well in PrBoom+.)
  8. Thanks Chamelenoel. Fixed! :)
  9. Thanks bzzrak. Found a small typo that was causing the issue. :)
  10. The rocket launcher glitch has been fixed in a previous version. Make sure you're using the latest version of DOOM Retro, version 2.5.3. Also, as @bzzrak said, it looks like you've enabled the autoload CVAR at some point, so you can turn it off in the console. (@VGA, the pistolstart CCMD is to start with a pistol on any map, not just when dying.) @bzzrak: thanks for the bug report!
  11. I'll check it out, thanks. I plan to, yes.
  12. I'd go for "Boom Phase 2" or "Boom 2017".
  13. You need to load this with the plutonia.wad IWAD.
  14. Yes, autoaim is still enabled when mouselook is on so as to not affect gameplay.
  15. I've restricted the look angle to limit the y-shearing, but I'll look at increasing it perhaps a small amount, and implementing a cvar to increase it further. Wow! I think the correct way to exit the level is to open the console and type "quit"! It appears this crashes in DR v2.5.1, but now works fine with the latest changes. As for loki.wad, I'll look into it. Thanks...