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  1. Blue Shadow

    Altfire help

    Since the player doesn't move like other creatures in the game, the speed you set there is a multiplier. For instance, a value of 0.5 cuts the speed in half. For the pointer thing, don't worry about it, you can omit it.
  2. Blue Shadow

    Altfire help

    A_SetSpeed, obviously, can be used to change the speed of an actor. You can call it from a weapon. It works.
  3. Blue Shadow

    What is your stance on cheese-proofing maps?

    As a player, I like to be given the freedom and choice of how to solve a problem. Also, can we stop talking about cheese? :P
  4. Blue Shadow

    Chainging HUD border? (green rocks)

    In ZDoom, it is changed by using 'borderflat' in a MAPINFO's gameinfo block. https://zdoom.org/wiki/MAPINFO/GameInfo_definition Wheher that works in those other ports or not is something I do not know.
  5. Blue Shadow


    What are these steps you're trying to repeat?
  6. Blue Shadow

    Things you love and hate at the same time

    Yes, revenants and archviles, here too. Pain elementals? No. I just plain dislike them.
  7. Blue Shadow

    GZDoom Builder Bugs and/or Feature Requests

    For account reactivation, see here: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=55791
  8. Blue Shadow

    Do you miss the reputation indicator?

    I don't like quantifying this sort of things. So I'm fine with it gone.
  9. Blue Shadow

    There is something ZDoom Community Map Project Take III?

    No, there isn't.
  10. Blue Shadow

    Take away the player's weapons?

    You have to be careful with ClearInventory(), since it doesn't just remove weapons.
  11. Blue Shadow

    Why are you still playing classic Doom?

    I don't have or own many games, and with Doom, I just like it, and I can mod it as a bonus.
  12. This might work: https://zdoom.org/wiki/GetLevelInfo (check the example).
  13. With SetActorProperty, use APROP_SpawnHealth as the property. https://zdoom.org/wiki/ACS_actor_properties
  14. Blue Shadow

    SNDINFO and longer sound names?

    You can, but you need to specify the path to the file along with its extension: imp/melee "sounds/path/to/sound/impmeleeattack.ogg"
  15. Blue Shadow

    Need help with DECORATE!!!

    Then educate yourself.
  16. Blue Shadow

    Having problems with making a sound loop

    The game expects a sound which is called "TORTURE5, 256", not "TORTURE5" (mind the quotes).
  17. Blue Shadow

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    Where did you get it from? Because I just downloaded it from the site; the zip file has two WADs, one of which is the demo map. Download the zip file, and drag and drop it onto the source port's .exe to run. Make sure you're loading it with Heretic on E1M1.
  18. Blue Shadow

    Make A_Jump work on enemy contact?

    The durability item is something you need to make: actor DurabilityCounter : Inventory { Inventory.MaxAmount 10 // ... or whatever the value you want. }
  19. Blue Shadow

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    If I remember, it comes with a demo map. Can you open the chests in the demo map?
  20. Blue Shadow

    Make A_Jump work on enemy contact?

    Assuming you're using A_CustomPunch as the means to do damage with the weapon, that function allows you to set a puff. Depending on the thing you hit with melee attacks, the puff enters a specific state:Bleeding actor -> XDeath Non-bleeding actor -> Melee Wall/Ceiling/Floor -> Crash (if Crash doesn't exist, Melee is entered)So set up your puff with Melee and XDeath states, and in them, give the player a counter item (for weapon durability). Here is an example of such a puff: actor KnucklesPuff : BulletPuff { +PUFFGETSOWNER // So the puff knows what or who shot it. States { Melee: XDeath: // Give the item to the puff's "target", which is the thing that shot it. // This relationship is established by setting the PUFFGETSOWNER flag. PUFF C 4 A_GiveInventory("DurabilityCounter", 1, AAPTR_TARGET) PUFF D 4 Stop } }What's left to do is check for the durability item in the weapon after each attack.
  21. Blue Shadow

    Moon's Call (followup to Moonsong)

    I died a few times, but mostly to surprise encounters, like going down the hole behind the yellow-key door or the two archviles in the "city" area. One of the things that bothered me in this map is item placement, picking up items inadvertently. Example: in the archvile-in-a-cage area, there is a green armor at the exit of the area leading to a curvy corridor. I was fighting revenants in the corridor and had to back up quickly and accidentally picked the armor up, because it was kind of in the way. The rocket launcher was useless, sadly, and didn't bother with it (it came a bit late). I killed the cyberdemon with the super shotgun as it was safer for me to use. I didn't find the music to be fitting, and later on it started to bother me a little.
  22. Blue Shadow

    zdoom - How to slow down a speed of 1 ?

    The Speed property is a float-point value, not an integer. So, you can have a speed value of 0.5, for instance.
  23. Blue Shadow

    Do you play with classic status bar?

    I'm a ZDoom user. I use a custom-made fullscreen HUD. It has everything the status bar has (and more), but without it obscuring part of the screen.
  24. Blue Shadow

    Zdoom - how to make for loop in decorate ?

    Yes, it is possible. Here is a working example:ACTOR Thing { var int user_angle; States { Spawn: SOUL A 6 Bright NoDelay A_SpawnItemEx("ArchvileFire", 64, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, user_angle) SOUL A 0 A_SetUserVar("user_angle", user_angle + 10) SOUL A 0 A_JumpIf(user_angle < 360, "Spawn") Goto Stay Stay: SOUL A -1 Bright Stop } }See user variables.
  25. Blue Shadow

    Zdoom - how to make a non moving monster ?

    Pass the CHF_DONTMOVE flag to the monster's A_Chase calls. http://zdoom.org/wiki/A_Chase