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  1. hey jimmy, thanks alot for the comments. i get what u dislike about the maps, its something i will work on in the future. there's alot to be learned but with all the comments i got, its alot easier to learn. Cause in the end playing your own maps will make u blind to some things.
  2. thank you all for your comments, glad u like it. ill try to learn as much as i can from your comments. hopefully episode 2 will go faster!
  3. thx wel al lang geleden maar level design blijft wel ongeveer hetzelfde ja (:
  4. Download idgames Info MWDoomE1 is a nine level episode for doom2, its made for (G)zdoom and also works with Zandronum. I made some final adjustments with good feedback from the doomworld forums. onwards to episode 2! For more info and screens visit Maps Mw1M1 - Tharsis Anomaly Mw1M2 - Cocytus Mw1M3 - Acheron Mw1M4 - Thalanis Mw1M5 - Phlegethon Mw1M6 - Hybris Mw1M7 - Thanatos Mw1M8 - Khaos Mw1M9 - Return to the hangar Screens
  5. @jmickle66666666 I'll change the 2nd level so the poison goes up instead of down. this way you dont need an invisible wall. @scifista42 glad u like the map! i've done a couple of multiplayer maps for quake 3 arena, so im not a complete mapping newbie. but these are my first attempts @ doom mapping and single player mapping. @scifista42 thank you for locating the problem. ill change them for the future release. @kraflab i really enjoyed watching your stream! i do think if you found some more secrets your run would be a lot easier. But its really nice to see my episode through someone elses eyes. I learned alot from it, thx. Also i noticed some doors are closing too fast. maybe longer close delays and ill change a few to always open. I hope too have beta 2 out soon, in the mean time i wish u all a merry christmas.
  6. Thank you all for your comments, im glad u enjoy playing the episode. @Xaser next time ill use imgur ;) @glenzinho I havent had any encounters with missing textures myself, anyone else experiencing this? For the final version ill clean up the .pk3 file, now i just put each individual map.wad along with my texture .wad in a .pk3 file dont think this is the best way of doing this. @scifista42 I'm aware that u can skip things with jumping, but i also dont like the jump restriction command. ill see if i can fix this in a better way. And with the monster placement i know what you mean hehe. ill also tweak some stuff here. @jmickle66666666 Ill clip some ''sticky'' walls for better flow, and the first room is something that bugged me also. Going to change some stuff there. @Saliva I changed the door close delays a few times. ill try to get rid of a few doors. especially map 4. now back to the drawing board for some changes!
  7. Hello everyone, I’m finaly ready to release a beta of my first set of levels for doom. The levels are for doom 2 but it’s an episode structure like doom1. The maps are somewhat made in a chonological order, so the first one’s are a little simpler then the latter. I had a blast making making them and i hope you will enjoy playing them! Download link: Screenies GZDoombuilder: MW1M2: MW1M3: MW1M4: MW1M5: MW1M6: MW1M7: MW1M9: With releasing a beta first i hope to get some feedback as these are my first maps. With the feedback i can then make some changes for the final release. edit: allmost forgot, i tested them with GZdoom/Zdoom and zandorium
  8. very fun set of maps, love the doom 1 style of it.
  9. A really fun and beautiful map to play. going to try the plus mode now!
  10. this de way doom maps should be, a nice mix between eye candy and gameplay
  11. The map really looks stunning, more quake 2 than doom. After finishing the level i had 150 out of 230 kills, dont know if this is intended. i played on UV. with a little nocliping i noticed a few boxes of monsters didnt get activated.