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  1. RoyBatty

    DOS box for doom is trash,change my mind.

    Odd, I get more than 1000 FPS on any of the eduke32 based ports and my rig is 4 or so years old with a 1080ti. I can't say the same for GZDoom honestly. You've gotten awful full of yourself Graf, making enemies and pissing people off isn't going to do anything for anyone, or attract any of the duke community to whatever strange mish mash port you make. Build already has CON, and doesn't need things like decorate. Do you even have any reverse engineering skills? From what I've seen all your work is based on existing code, and adding things rather than figuring out how something with no source code works. What's that about being pro again? Do you even know assembly? I'm guessing not.
  2. RoyBatty

    DOOM - User Reviews

    The is a single player review, I have no interest in MP. I'll take the opportunity now to tell Jaxxoff to just skip my post because I'm not interested in his idiotic opinions. But I'm sure he just won't be able to help himself and say something juvenile anyways. The Good Engine Highly Optimized Beautiful Graphics Excellent Creature Design Excellent Weapon Design Good Enemy AI Great Game/Graphics Options No input lag with v-sync enabled The Bad Level Design: while leading the player through the maps intuitively, they lack the ability to consistently backtrack. Way too linear, pretty much drags the player by the nose through the levels. Lowers replay value. Predictable spawning and scripted encounters. Weapon sounds lack that visceral quality. The soundtrack is boring and lifeless, doesn't change with combat situations enough to heighten urgency. Weapon and Armor power up system, this is useless fluff in my opinion. There was nothing wrong with the old power up system with temporary boosts when needed. The Story, DOOM doesn't need a story, just visceral action. It needs that pure bliss of over the top blood spewing killing and feeling like your the biggest bad-ass that ever joined the space marines and you're going to make hell pay. It's missing here. The Ugly No Ironsights, why is there a turn off crosshair option when the weapons lack iron sights? Sure the old Doom's didn't have them but these days it's a necessary feature especially if you give the option to turn off the crosshair. Glory Kills, sure you can turn the highlighting off, but then you miss vital ammo and health pickups. I don't need/want CoD take down moves in DOOM, it detracts from the shooting experience especially when it's forced upon the player.
  3. RoyBatty

    Denuvo Losing War To Torrent Piracy?

    I prefer to buy my games, but I wish I wasn't treated like a criminal.
  4. E1M3 for me too, I always liked how you needed to do things in a certain order to get to the secret exit.
  5. RoyBatty

    GitHub now run by Maoists

    I like you! +10
  6. I prefer the music in 32X doom. *ducks*
  7. RoyBatty

    NetherRealm & WB Games say FU to PC

    I'm old enough to remember that piracy started because of the bullshit they tried to sell us for full price, and delivered a hunk of shit. This practice caused the great video game crash ffs, no one remembers at all. Things got better for awhile until a few years went by, then the shit started showing up again and it's only gotten worse since then. People think it's because of greenlight on steam, no no this shit has been sold by other sites for years and years like Bigfish games etc, hidden object and shitty casual games are nothing new. People will buy anything. I don't care how many weeks some jackass programmer spent making scripts in flash or using clip art they found on the net for free and assembled it into a polished turd, won't spend a dime on it... why do other people? Simple, because they have no idea of quality and only want quantity. They want something comfortable, that same pair of shoes as last year but with some shiny new gimmick attached. Regurgitated themes and games year after year after year, companies make billions on this model. Nothing is going to change.
  8. RoyBatty

    NetherRealm & WB Games say FU to PC

    Software industry is the only industry that treats their customers like criminals by default. OK, well Music and Movie industry do too... but not as bad. WB makes shit anyways, who cares.
  9. RoyBatty

    Some steam friend is gifting me random games

    sure, my friends send me games when they get something in a bundle they don't want or already have.
  10. RoyBatty

    Edgar Mitchell dead at 85

  11. It's a really bad year for musicians. :(
  12. RoyBatty

    Dave Mirra suicide

    He died back in 89
  13. Vomiting > Diarrhea > Death > Sandy Petersons maps