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  1. Suspended in Dusk. It might be getting on a bit now but it is a very impressive wad. It is one wad that everyone should play imo. Dave
  2. Phendrena

    BOSSDEATH for two Irrelevant bossess

    See this thread: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/61050-udmf-converter/ Dave
  3. Phendrena

    Where To Find The Command Line?

    Ahhhhhh kids these days. When I first bought my original PC I rather deliberately deleted my config.sys and autoexec.bat files. Cue a couple of days of faffing around. Gave me better understanding of how the PC handled drivers, load order and memory allocation. Everything is so much simpler now..... Not this has anything at all to do with the OP.... Dave
  4. Phendrena

    Tips For Editing

    New mappers need to make mistakes otherwise they won't learn anything about the mapping process, what works, what doesn't, the engine of choice and indeed the tools that they use. While some pointers can and do help I suggest that people are better mappers when they go in blind. Dave
  5. Phendrena

    GZdoom Builder Is Broken Now

    Uninstall GZDB and as Kappes Buur suggested download and install it again. I always do and have never had a problem. Dave
  6. Phendrena

    Is there any FPS easier to map for than Doom?

    First game (well, engine I suppose really) was the Freescape engine used in Driller - now that was a mind blowing game on the ZX Spectrum back in the day. The 3D Construction Kit was good fun to use and reasonably simple. I tried modding for UT but really didn't get into it at all. Doom... Started with DEU in the old DOS days and haven't looked back. I would've killed for an editor like DoomBuilder back then. Still once you got your head round how DEU wanted you to construct your spaces it was enjoyable. For me, Doom is the easiest game I've created levels for... Although creating custom courses for Jaguar XJ220 on the Amiga was simplicity but then its not an FPS! Dave
  7. Phendrena

    Do you use the same nickname ingame?

    When I first started out using BBS in the 80's I was known as MadDave and this carried forward into my first forays into the internet. When I started playing MMOs such Asheron's Call & Ultima Online I used Atlantiss a name I stuck with for a long time using it in games such as PlanetSide and Star Wars Galaxies. When I decided to start a second account in SWG I needed a name so I adapted my current and more unique name from Metroid Prime - The Phendrana Drifts. I really miss SWG but the NGE screwed the game and it just wasn't the same. Ho hum. So yes, I do use Phendrena as my forum name and also my in game name, but I'm stuck with Atlantiss as my Steam username :( Dave ** edit ** Phendrena seemed to suit my female Twi'lek tailor and sounds more feminine than Phendrana!
  8. Phendrena

    Playing Doom with just the keyboard

    I can't say I've ever played with only the keyboard and I really wouldn't like to try as I don't think I'd get the accuracy - its the same with a joypad - its just not as accurate. Dave
  9. Phendrena

    Doom Wiki should get a new name IMO

    The Real Doom wiki The Proper Doom wiki The Accurate Doom wiki Dave
  10. Phendrena

    Doomworld is dead, long live Doomworld

    Glad the move went smoothly and that doomworld will live on. The offer of financial help is still there if it is ever needed and I'm sure all the community that are able to would chip in if needed. Nicely done Ling :) Dave
  11. Phendrena

    So how much did you pay for doom when you first got it?

    Nothing! I borrowed Final Doom & Ultimate Doom off a friend, he moved away from the area so I still have it! I've considered it an extended loan :) Dave
  12. I am quite fond of giving some key items away for free, after all you worked hard to get there so you should be rewarded. Dave
  13. Phendrena

    Doomworld is dead, long live Doomworld

    It is good to hear from the guys at AG and to why they are shutting down. Valid reasons of course and I appreciate that as I'm sure we all do! Anyone contacted Bethesda/ID to see if they can help us out?? :) Dave Seriously though, if we need to start getting some cash together for stuff then setup a PayPal.
  14. Phendrena

    Doomworld is dead, long live Doomworld

    Something doesn't quite add up to me. As the other sites don't appear to scrambling to inform their community about the impending apocalypse are we the only folks being nudged out? If so, why and by whom? It is rather fishy. Dave
  15. Phendrena

    Doomworld is dead, long live Doomworld

    Can't argue with that! Have you had any thoughts about setting up a Paypal for any possible donations? I'd suggest not using a third party as they'd take a cut of anything raised. Dave
  16. Phendrena

    Doomworld is dead, long live Doomworld

    Had a poke around on CivFanatics & No Mutants Allowed - no news or forum posts about a looming shutdown..... Dave *Edit* Sticky Thread?
  17. Phendrena

    Doomworld is dead, long live Doomworld

    As long as it accepts Paypal! Dave
  18. Phendrena

    Doomworld is dead, long live Doomworld

    I would drop some ££££ in a heartbeat if it would help keep this place going. Dave
  19. Phendrena

    Warp House [GZDoom SP - Idgames Link Up]

    Whoa! This is looking highly impressive. I can't wait to -nomonsters so I can take in the amazing aesthetics at my leisure. Dave
  20. The way I've removed custom textures before is really easy and really quick - I did exactly what you did - chucked the entire cc4tex wad into my own wad an ended up with a massive file. Anyway.... Using DoomBuilder create a new wad, don't do anything with it and and save it as something like blank.wad Open your existing wad. In doombuilder there is an option 'Save map into' - use this and then click on your blank map. Your map will now be a clean texture free wad called blank.wad Try it and see :) Dave
  21. Phendrena

    Where did you get your WADs from back in the day?

    Got quite a few from the staff in a local computer shop. However I also had these: https://www.flickr.com/photos/90631521@N04/12756105053/ Three D!Zone CDs!! Woot woot woot!! Learnt to map using DEU. Now that was a proper editor, none of your new-fangled easy to use stuff like DoomBuilder!! Actually it was an utter pain the balls until you got the hang of it, even then....... Dave
  22. I'd recommend using a front-end launcher such as ZDL: http://www.zdoom.org/wiki/ZDL Easy enough to use and it make loading texture/resource wads simple. There are other launchers of course but ZDL is my personal preference. Dave
  23. Phendrena

    whats your mapping process.

    Urthar - that's just epic. I'll totally have rethink my mapping process! I tend to come up with a level name/theme and then just start to lay it out. I never plan anything before hand I just let it flow. Dave
  24. Phendrena

    jmickle66666666's dumb tools

    The Red Plain A Sewer in the Void The Necropolis on Steampunk Egypt A Craft A bright Superstructure The Non-euclidian Factory around Hyperspace A Triple Complex below Venus The Circus Several Grey Bases The Monstrous City in Egypt A Substructure around Ancient Void Bonkers!!! Dave