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  1. I apologise if this was said somewhere in the thread, but which map will hold the map 30 slot?
  2. i wonder if the later maps will be playable due the lag.
  3. ye map 27 and 28 lag a lot online. They are only playable in prboom or glboom sadly though because they seem lots of fun to play online.
  4. ye ik i don't have enough skill in english to explain what i mean. but when you enter the room the floors with chaingunners raise. can't you just put the chaingunners that they don't need to raise. like here i didn't cross the linedef but the chainers are already up there. http://img577.imageshack.us/img577/9079/screenshotdoom201302152.png do you understand now what i'm trying to explain?
  5. nah i'm good it's very easy to fix you just set the chaingunners on the floor that they need to be on eventually and you remove the tags from the linedefs.
  6. i have no idea in prboom and glboom it's all fine but for some odd reason it isn't in zandro
  7. there is a problem with map 30 in zandronum same goes for zdoom etc. here is the problem: http://img507.imageshack.us/img507/2113/screenshotdoom201302151.png could it be fixed in the next version because i really want to play that map in coop :)