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  1. tangoliber

    Has Doom aged well?

    I think Doom is mechanically perfect and has yet to be surpassed. For some reasons FPS have gone in the wrong direction...And the games with better gameplay, like Painkiller and Serious Sam usually come from smaller studios that can't afford to put much polish on them. However... Borderlands 2 is, in my opinion, one of the first FPS that has gunplay which stand on the same level as Doom and Quake. With the right builds it can be all about speed and dodging projectiles, and it can be very old school if you collect the right guns (I don't keep anything that requires me to aim down sights, unless its a sniper rifle.) (Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctrXGD8Hp-0) Also, this new indie game Paranautical Activity...which is an FPS with the structure of Binding of Issac...has really solid gunplay design..probably most similar to Heretic...but it isn't complete yet.
  2. tangoliber

    Oblige 4.28 released

    I've been using both version 357 and the new version 428. 428 allows for better/smoother gameplay, I think...especially with "hordes" of monsters. 357 is definitely more interesting in terms of the rooms, and feeling. My favorite thing to do is to find shortcuts through jumping... Since the random generation doesn't check for that sort of thing, it creates a cool dynamic in the levels where you can sometimes parkour your way past doors. Sometimes, its really easy, but sometimes it can be very tricky and satisfying. I like both, and I feel you should be able to select the older version when generating levels in current versions of Oblige.
  3. tangoliber

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Edit: It actually was Survive in Hell. I didn't realize that there were two Minecraft levels in that wad...and I was thinking of the secret one.
  4. tangoliber

    doom = human body allegory

    I'd like to imagine there is a weird wad in that link, but not about to click it.
  5. tangoliber

    Rage DLC "The Scorchers" incoming this Tuesday!

    If iron sights simply meant putting the gun in the middle bottom of the screen like in Doom then I would be 100% fine with it. What I don't like is 1) Making "hipfire" random and inaccurate so that "iron sighting" can be accurate 2) Forcing you to press an extra button (and slow down your movement speed in most cases) to get accuracy. The authority machine gun in Rage with the laser was great...it was like they specifically provided that gun for people like me who hate iron sighting. The crossbow, shotgun and rocket launcher were good too. However, the pistol was extremely inaccurate from the hip, as was the first assault rifle you get (even with upgrades). They are still effective from the hip, but the bullets fly all over the place. If Doom 4 has iron sights, and if we can't shoot while sprinting, I will be extremely disappointed.
  6. tangoliber

    Rage DLC "The Scorchers" incoming this Tuesday!

    I liked Rage, even though it has a lot of "modern FPS" problems, such as iron sights, overly linear level design. I really liked the AI. The level editor sounds like its coming soon. Carmack tweeted that the final issues with it should be resolved over Christmas break...so I'd guess it's a few months away. I'd really, really like to see some keycard-style level design in Rage. And hopefully a mod that removes iron sights and makes hipfire super accurate?
  7. tangoliber

    Doom Expanded Beta 8-5

    This is really nice. Improves the overall experience while staying true to the original style.
  8. tangoliber

    Mods for a roguelike experience...

    Thanks for the replies, guys. Reelism is really cool. I've been enjoying that. I'm looking forward to seeing that AEoD bestiary. My dream game would be to combine Oblige level generation, with Borderlands weapon and class mod generation, and the skill system from Dungeons of Dredmor. :)
  9. tangoliber

    Mods for a roguelike experience...

    Hey guys, I'm looking for recommendations. I've been trying to simulate a roguelike experience in Doom 2. Here is what I'm currently doing... -Oblige -Either AEoD or scalliano's 667 shuffle. I like how AEoD has items and spells, which adds to the roguelike feel. But I also like 667 shuffle because it is more thematically consistent. -AEoD Music Pack -Self-imposed permadeath rules. (Regenerate a new episode every time I die.) I have ManDoom, which is an awesome idea, but I don't usually use it because: 1) It seems to cancel any other mods whenever I use the randomize feature 2) Jumping is disabled, and in my opinion, jumping makes Oblige levels so much more interesting by providing opportunities for shortcuts and interesting maneuvering, even if it makes some levels much easier. Anyway, I'm already having a lot of fun, but I'm still looking for any other recommendations that might add to this experience or give me more options.