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  1. dethstriken

    Font File Won't Delete!

    This program will tell you if it is currently in use and allow you to kill that task to delete the file. URL http://www.snapfiles.com/get/freefile.html /URL It may help
  2. dethstriken

    A Mix of Doom Engine games?

    Still a little off topic, but is there an RPG edition of doom?
  3. dethstriken

    Do you modify/edit games other than DOOM?

    I've messed around with the unreal engine via the udk. Made a few diff levels/gameplay mods for gears of war, unreal. Tweaked Battleships forever, written an RPG engine for a custom game(still in progress). Written a few windows utilities, and messed around with one or two iPhone games. (a little off topic I know). just now starting with doom.
  4. dethstriken

    What does your username mean?

    Dethklok is awesome. Stricken is a pretty good disturbed song. Put together is pretty badass.
  5. I'm new around here and to forums in general, so don't take it too hard on me but in response to: Have you seen dark night rises? I mean the whole Christopher Nolan reboot of the batman is amazing. I don't want to turn this into a Nolan vs Burton debate, but I mean Nolan's reboot is fantastic. I also understand that the two movies are based on different story arks, but come on, Nolan has created an classic piece of cinema. But back on the alien vs prometheus topic, Aliens kicks ass. A modern reboot, in my opinion is needed for the whole franchise,.adding cannon to a story line is always well deserved and means that those that are making the kick ass movies out there don't forget about the people who really matter and those that make or break a movie, us, the fans.