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  1. BlueFireZ88

    Doom Expanded 2.0 [RELEASED]

    Sorry to resurrect a long dead thread here, but I recently updated the download links as the old ones were long since gone. Mod still works well with the newest versions of GZDoom, but if any issues arise, please let me know. Download it from the Google Drive link in the first post.
  2. Can I use your patch in my .zip of Perdition's Gate?

    1. dew


      Back to hell, witch!

  3. This is a level I started years ago, combining together elements of E1M4, E2M4, E3M4, and E4M4 into one map. While it is playable, it's ultimately unfinished. I'm putting it here to anyone who wants to use or build upon it for projects. It's tested through GZDoom using hardware and software renderers. It also requires texture resources from both Ultimate DOOM and DOOM 2. Set to MAP30 for reference. Screenshots NIGHTTERROR.zip
  4. This map acts as an alternative to the original Icon of Sin level from DOOM 2. Uses the original as an introduction, but wastes no time in jumping into a new battle arena. There is a trick to beating this level quickly, if you can find it, of course. Tested in GZDoom using hardware and software rendering. This is set to DOOM 2's MAP30. IoR.zip
  5. This was a level I started a long time ago. Technically the first map I ever worked on from scratch. I worked on it and improved on it over the years until I got this short, but sweet experience that I present to you today. Has two exits (one regular, one gated secret) and can be implemented how ever you want (if you wish to do so). This was tested in GZDoom primarily, although in both hardware and software rendering for sake of compatibility. Set to DOOM 2, MAP01. Enjoy! Screenshots BACK2BASICS.zip
  6. I'll keep this short: Here is a fan edit of the infamous E1M10 (by David Calvin & David Blanshine). Hopefully you find it at least a step up from the original. Went out of my way to add more detail, make it a tad more linear, and remove a lot of the unnecessary dead end areas that didn't add anything. I also replaced the Barons, Cacos, and Lost Souls to give the level a more proper Episode 1 feel. Map is E2M1, Please enjoy! Screenshots SEWERS-REDUX.zip
  7. BlueFireZ88

    Doom Expanded 2.0 [RELEASED]

    Post-Mortem Update: -Increased the firing rate o the Chainsaw and BFG as they weren't entirely accurate to the originals. And it annoyed me greatly!! Yes I'm still supporting this mod. Check it out!!
  8. BlueFireZ88

    Doom Expanded 2.0 [RELEASED]

    Last major update for Expanded: Blue Shadow's NC HUD is now updated and includes a patch for Doom Expanded which we both co-developed. Link to the official NC HUD thread is in the first post at the top. Nab it today! I just want to take a moment to say thank you all who have enjoyed and supported Expanded and that it's been a long journey to get to the point where I can finally say that it's finished. I will continue to support the mod a leave available to download for those who wish to play it. I don't expect a lot of activity on the Expanded threads going forward, but would hope that they would remain open for you all to continue leaving suggestions and reporting bugs if necessary. Please continue to enjoy Expanded and please continue to leave your support! Happy hunting!!
  9. BlueFireZ88

    Doom Expanded 2.0 [RELEASED]

    I must apologize for lack of updates on this thread, but as I promised: Expanded Lite is now included with the Expanded Extras. Simply download a fresh copy from the first post and check the Extras folder. Expanded Lite should hopefully give you a few extra trappings with some of your favorite Partial Conversions. Right now, the Expanded HUD is all that's left to wait for. And as I've said previously: I hope everyone has been enjoying Expanded, and please continue to leave your feedback and support!! Happy demon hunting!!
  10. BlueFireZ88

    Doom Expanded 2.0 [RELEASED]

    Recently finished play testing Plutonia and I can confirm that I have gotten through all commercially released DOOM levels (including Romero's Sigil) with no further issues with the current build of Expanded. With that being said, I have a couple of announcements for the mod: 1.An Expanded Patch is set to be bundled with the next release of Blue Shadow's NC HUD, meaning that those who have been waiting for a matching hud with Expanded will finally have it. Once I get the word on it's release, I will post the link in the thread. 2.Expanded Lite will be the last major extra I will work on for this mod pack. I know I have neglected partial conversion compatibility, and I want to address it with something that fits in with the rest of the content presented. I will give further updates on this extra soon. Please continue to leave your feedback, suggestions, and bug reports right here on the thread! Thank you all for your continued support of Expanded!!
  11. BlueFireZ88

    Doom Expanded 2.0 [RELEASED]

    Discovered an issue in Evilution MAP29 (River Styx) that made it impossible to finish the level without using "noclip". -Found that the blue torches that lined both sides of an archway in the temple of this level were too close together with Expanded active, blocking the path to proceed. However this wasn't the case when I checked the level again in normal Vanilla Doom. as the torches were found to be further apart. I discovered that the actor flag I was using on torches and tech lamps, FIXMAPTHINGPOS was the cause. With some additional testing, I found this flag to be the actual cause of the issue with the Master Levels Express Elevator's impassible last section. Therefore, I have removed this flag from all items containing it (Torches, Lamps, Boom Barrel), so this should no longer cause any impassible situations or visual glitches. This issue, per usual, has been addressed in both regular and CS versions of the mod, and the updated package can be downloaded from the first post. @Devalaous Also, one more thing, that hall from Evilution Map 30 (Last Call) should look like this screenshot with Expanded:
  12. BlueFireZ88

    Doom Expanded 2.0 [RELEASED]

    Yeah, in regards to the screenshot, I was going to say, you had it in software mode. But you already pieced that together. I do want to address a few things you mentioned, sorry for the delayed response. -I changed the berserk sound as since I included Doomgal, it didn't make much sense to have it anymore as it didn't fit at all. I'm sure certain things would have been different if I didn't opt for the female skin, but that's just how it is. Believe me, I liked the sound too. -The alt hud still exists, however, the main developer behind it, BlueShadow, is in the process of updating it. My patch for the hud is ready, it's whenever he decides to release his newer version, I'll link it on both Expanded threads for download. So it is coming. -I'm not %100 committed to the idea of an Expanded Lite this time around. But I'll be honest, your not the only one whose mentioned it. If I ultimately decide to do it, I want to be sure that regular/CS Expanded are as ironed out as they can be before starting Lite. Then we'll see. -To answer your question: Yes, Expanded has it's own lights, brightmaps, resources, etc. Short of the extras that came with it, you really don't need anything else to get these running with the base games.
  13. BlueFireZ88

    Doom Expanded 2.0 [RELEASED]

    Minor bug fix: -Lost Soul fire-less "Spawn" state was still giving off an GL lighting effect, even though there's obviously no light source. So I may a quick fix for that, and now it should work properly. Newest version is in the first post per usual.
  14. BlueFireZ88

    Doom Expanded 2.0 [RELEASED]

    Mod Update (download in the first post), funny enough, both dealing with issues with Master Levels TEETH.WAD (both Express Elevator to Hell and Bad Dream). -I changed the radius of both Techlamps and light Column from 16 to 8 as they were impossible to pass in the final hallway in Express Elevator (this wasn't the case in Vanilla). -Struck a balance in the blood issue by reducing the Blood actors down to flying blood and keeping Blood Spots for only 5 seconds instead of 15. This doesn't 100% fix the frame rate issue with Bad Dream, but performance is improved enough to get through it with not to much trouble. Demon gibs also disappear quicker as well (from 30 to 10 seconds) for sake of consistency and framerate. Please let me know of your opinions on the tweaks to the blood effects and if any issues arise. Thanks everyone!!
  15. BlueFireZ88

    Doom Expanded 2.0 [RELEASED]

    There's going to be an update here soon. But I need an opinion before I go forward with this. I found a serious issue while playing the Master Levels, specifically the level Bad Dream (TEETH.wad). I found that all those cyberdemons being crushed at the same time causes the frame rate to drop to the single digits while Expanded is loaded. Specifically, all of the blood sprites being generated by the damaged cybers seems to be the cause. I noticed that leaving only the flying blood effects and taking out the blood spot sprites (the blood sprites that remain on the ground for a time) seems to subside the issue enough for it to be playable. The blood now seems to work more akin to how it does in vanilla doom (shows up briefly. then disappears when hits the ground). I wanted to ask if it was ok if I made the blood behave more like vanilla, or should I try to look into replacing the blood spots with something like floor decals? Nashgore has a new version which has these effects, and I can ask permission to use it. The former isn't going to be as bloody as before, but it would help with framerate with those who experience issues with it.