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  1. What? No music for MAP34? It's certainly still there.
  2. Solved the problem with MAP81: Apparently, the area I described can only be accessed by Players 2 through 4 when they leave their starting area (Walk-Over trigger). This area can't be reached by Player 1 without cheats. Thus, these two enemies (Commando and Zombieman) can only be seen in multiplayer. Simply removing the singleplayer checkmark from their actor settings removes them from the level count. Fix Upload: Here With my full playthrough and patches (MAP52/MAP81) I have verified that all 90 levels of the TC can be finished with 100% completion.
  3. I've been attempting a 100% play-through of the TC and so far, everything has held together (not sure if the MAP52 fix I posted before was implemented into the main install). Reached a minor problem with MAP81 (Lunar Mining Project): In the large room on the other side of the courtyard (opposite the start point), there is a hatch room which opens when walking into one of the two smaller cylinder rooms in the center. This hatch room has shotgun guys and commandos. In the back of this hatch is a brown brick wall and if you notice on the map (cheat: iddt) that there are two other monsters behind the wall. The wall never seems to open even with a full exploration of the level. And the sector tag for the wall itself is 27, which is shared between three other wall sectors. I'm not sure what the exact problem is with these two stuck monsters, whether the wall was supposed to open or they were supposed to teleport out of the room. Could this be patched for future downloads? UPDATE: Just finished Final Doom, and besides the problem mentioned above, 100% is possible for every level. Hopefully this keeps with the Lost Levels.
  4. Here are my thoughts on it. Chainsaw seems fine to me, I didn't notice any real issues with the animation. There are sprites for the chainsaw in the original mod as well as in vanilla doom, so if your looking to perfect this, they're there. No Unmaker black gloves? IDKFA and hit 8 to see what your missing. Don't think you needed to copy the entire mod for this to work. Probably only needed the sprites to be replaced, otherwise it would work fine. Other than that, its pretty good addon for Expanded. Color me impressed, eh? Eh? Nevermind, bad pun.
  5. Yes, I am alive and well, and as Ragnor pointed out, busy as hell. But this mod ain't dead. I actually have been bug testing it in Feb, and I think it should improve on some aspects (like having fast demons in Nightmare! back). Doom Retro inspired me to try and get mirrored death animations in there and it's been taking a while to do. Some monsters are easy to do this for, others are not. The point being, I'm glad that people who've had a chance to play this enjoy it for what it is. If people want to make their own addons for Expanded, go for it. Honestly, I fell kinda honored. Once I get back into full swing development, I'll be sure to take into of the various issues brought up here (like with Expanded Lite, for example). Brewtal_Legend: The chainsaw idle sprites were ones used (with Z86's permission) from the Particle Enhancer mod. The fire animations were vanilla recreations of the ones from Brutal Doom. I hope this info can help.
  6. Know its been a while, but here's what I see, Line 12 in the base MAPINFO in Expanded is the basic Cast Call info. This was in there to fix the sequence at the end of Doom 2 (and the like) because I noticed there were sprite issues. I'm not sure if there's an equivalent in Zandronum in order for this fix to be kept.
  7. Are there any in-game graphics settings in GZDoom which make the game look and feel more like its console counterpart?
  8. I think what Job means is that what graphic settings in GZDoom would more make it feel like its PS1 counterpart.
  9. Does any get the feeling that the Pain Elemental is giving off a deranged teddy bear vibe?
  10. Someone on the ZDoom forums mentioned they're 7 inches tall. Decent size for a plush of this style.
  11. Has anyone noticed these on Bethesda's Store?
  12. On the subject of Doomsday, does anybody know if the 3D resources and hi-res packs are available for GZDoom, or at least, how to convert them over?
  13. I wold appreciate the help Ragnor if you can spare the time. I'm going to go over these levels for basic errors first and see where to go from there.
  14. I've finally found some time to fix this mod since I've been so busy with school. The fixed patch and a standalone Episode 4 pack is in the first post. Anyway, to address some comments. Megamur: I always use the default compatibility options in both ZDoom and GZDoom. Numbers (0, 0) Ragnor: Reworking the levels themselves is something I'm not going to have time for right now. But, this has still spurred the idea for a "JM3" which fixes those various issues. But in order for that to be successful, I need to know what aspects of the original (or even E4) levels to change for the better. You've made some suggestions for general purposes, but I would need specific feedback for each level.
  15. Most of the special effects are based in OpenGL. I'm not saying you can't use ZDoom, but it's best in GZDoom.